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2018-10-29 10:38 AM

My daughter passed away 5 years ago. She left behind three children who are now 12 10 and 9 years old. Their father has remarried and for the last 5 Years their lives have just been a living hell. They are taken away from me and not allowed to visit with me for months at a time they are mistreated and spoken to very cruelly. My oldest grandson is so very sad and so very depressed I'm afraid that he might do something to hurt himself. I have reached out for help to their schools and to our local child abuse advocate and even there I am meeting resistance. I don't understand! My daughter who is 27 and myself are overcome with grief and sadness we don't know what to do. Please pray that the Lord will protect Jaden Amber and Ava and give my daughter Jamie and myself strength to continue the battle to get these children to help they need. If anyone has any advice or can point us in a Direction that would be very helpful as well. May God bless you all! Love your sister in Christ Beth

2018-10-29 07:43 AM

I want to praise God for his provision and to thank you for your prayers. I have passed my driving test this morning and I give God all the glory.

2018-10-29 04:49 AM

say i have hydrocephalaus usualy they put a shunt it but they can t they say it wont i dont know from here..pray that is the only way God is the only one who can help or do anything

2018-10-28 08:15 AM

Word Of Praise Thank You On Line Church For Your Prayers Keep Praying For Me

2018-10-28 07:55 AM

Praying for Sierra Cyrulik to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

2018-10-28 07:50 AM

my son jimmie,daughjter jessica, coming grandson,loki little carlos and carlos willam and alyana

2018-10-28 06:40 AM

Please pray for me to find a new job. I travel 15 hours a week, then i'm sitting at a desk all day. I'm in so much pain I can't sleep at night. Please pray for a better job close to home, and a job where i'm moving more. Thank you so much!

2018-10-28 05:59 AM

My family members need salvation. My 19 yr old daughter came out transsexual. My 15 yr old son suffers w/ anxiety and won't go to school and now is truant. I'm battling an incurable cancer and 6 autoimmune diseases my husband Mike is suffering w/ severe back and leg pain due to his work as a mail carrier. We're in financial hardship because of my medical debt.Both Mike and I are born again believers. We pray everyday for our FATHERS help. I don't know what else to do. Any prayers or advice would be appreciated.♡

2018-10-28 03:48 AM

My dad went in for stomach pain and found out Colin cancer surgery went good but lots more to go play for him to get better. Only me and my 2 brother is all got to rake care of him we are so poor it's hard but our lord god will help me beat that old devil please pray. My dad name I Daniel chintz pray for people to help his go find me page . Thank you your in Christ

2018-10-28 03:24 AM

hello, I am a new born again Christian women married 1yr,but been together 10 yrs with 3 sons and stepson. im asking for pray for myself. I am a recovery addict 5yrs.due to an accident I was n at 15 I almost lost my life went throw a wind shield at 88mph.217 stiches from my right ear to left ear. that's how my life forever changed. Well to make along story short my youngest son had to live with his abusive father and its not a good place. After 5 yrs he is back n my life but a lot of damnage was done. Im working a very good job but phyisacly hard. I need the LORD to keep me close and help with daily duties I cant do alone and that my son is back in my home full time and gracefully heal your body mind souls and hearts. So if you could remember my family and I we really need it. There is a lot more to this story but I just tired to give u the cliff note version. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND FOR THE PRAYERS TO FOLLOW.

2018-10-27 11:57 AM

Please pray for Randy a member of our church, he is weary of everything going wrong at once, hrs cut, wife not allowing him to tithe. Son straying living in sin doing drugs. Wife watching real bad programs and says if he keeps supporting trump they should split up. Aunt and Uncle have cancer. Needs to be lifted to the throne room by the body of Christ. If I missed anything God knows his needs and heart. Lord open a good job for him in Jesus name.

2018-10-27 06:27 AM

Please pray that Yeshua heals me soon. I may end up at the ER today. I fear I may have severe bronchitis. Thank You & God Bless.

2018-10-26 09:26 AM

My fiance needs prayer he went to his moms and found her passed away this is also his birthday he's a mommas boy so it's hitting him hard please pray for him and his family in this sad time I know she is in heaven but we are selfish and still want her here, but praise God she's with out lord Jesus Christ, thank you

2018-10-26 08:53 AM

I am praying in faith that I will pass my driving test on the 29th October. Please standwith me in prayer for this answer to prayer.

2018-10-26 08:45 AM

I Would Like To Say Thank - You For All Who Prayed For As I Was Having My procedure(s) I Thought I Was Only Having 1 Procedure But I Ended Up Having 3 Procedures Done 1 colonostrophy 2 hemorrhoids tied 3 growth or tissue removed. The Groth Was Not cancerous I Am Doing Well And Glad Everything Fine. God Is Good!!! Again I Am Blessed And Grateful For All Your Prayers... Richard Swartz (A Bride For Christ)

2018-10-25 02:02 AM

I'm requesting prayers for my co workers son his name is Lucas he is 18 yrs old. He was rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon with jaundice vomiting and his limbs were drawn up. The doctors as of right now don't know what is wrong. There is a family history of some kind of liver disease and we're praying this is not what is wrong. The boy has been losing weight for the better part of 4 months. Would like a blanket or prayer cloth for him and please pray pray pray pray!

2018-10-24 12:32 PM

Please pray for provision while work is down for normal situations. I drive a water truck for a third party unto the oil field. I believe God can provide and I am asking for prayers to do this. I love the SALVATION STATION.

2018-10-24 10:44 AM

Family, I turn to you again to please help me ask God to bless us with a baby. We are meeting with a social worker Monday for the first home visit of the adoption process. I am very nervous because I fight the thoughts that God does not believe I deserve a child. Please help me ask Him to provide me with understanding and appreciation no matter what happens. I've made so many promises to Him that I've not kept but I hope He sees now how dedicated I am to Him and to loving all those around me. There will not be a day go by that my child doesn't hear and see how truly wonderful our Savior is. We will look for Him and love Him every day. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for saving me. And thank you for this church family. Amen

2018-10-24 06:25 AM

Hi pastor, wish for a prayer for my oldest daughter Krystal.. Today she started out with some kind of a rash, that is spreading on her face.. The ER has no clue yet what it is.. Please pray, that she is healed from this illness.

2018-10-24 01:42 AM

Have bronchitis mixed with a sinus infection. Feels like its turning into Pneumonia. Please pray that it doesn't get any worse. I'm weak and my body hurts. Thank You & God Bless

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