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2019-09-19 06:51 AM

I am requesting prayer for a young man Brandon M. who is addicted to cocaine. He has a wonderful wife and two lovely young daughters. May Jeshua ישוע intervene in taking back Brandon out of his addiction and may he be restored back to his family as he has been missing , but since has been located after crashing his car. Thank you Jeshua ישוע for your never failing help. Amen

2019-09-19 06:41 AM

Please agree with me in prayer for my longtime friend Brenda waiting in intensive care for a liver transplant. “Pray believing and with thanksgiving!”

2019-09-19 03:09 AM

I still have not been granted the Doctors permission to go back to Fraley and Schilling Trucking. After passing a dot physical at a different place and getting certified for a year I had to get a new dot physical at Fraley and Schilling's dot doctor. One hurdle after another. We face no cash and bills are out of our ability to pay and my father n law owns this property we are living on but he is mad and not calming down. He keeps making fun of us and wanting back rent and the money that we borrowed back. Also even minimum wage jobs don't hire me. Now what?

2019-09-19 01:36 AM

Today I went to a heart sergeant to try to get a not to get beck to work. My blood pressure is up again and he wants a echocardiogram to look at a heart murmur before he will write the note. Also my belly button hernia(the size of my fist is needing fixed soon. Anything else? I pray for complete healing no pills. No more doctors dirty looks! We need to make money. How much will family pay the bills? We may not have electric soon. It is 2 months behind September 19 and trash bill 3 months behind. Gas bill a month behind. Phone bill not any way to pay except God. I really need hope and fast. Almost 9 months out of work and the wife is mentally retarded so can't work. No income at all. Thanks

2019-09-18 11:51 AM

Blessings in Jesus name to you. Please pray for my husband, Rob Telligman, who was just taken from home by ambulance. He has Lynch syndrome and three different cancer surgeries, as well as heart oblation within the last year. He called for me, barely able to speak and so cold to the touch. He agreed to ems. I prayed aloud quickly in the name of Jesus and his heart rate did drop immediately. By the time the ems arrived his rate was all but perfect. Praise His Holy Name. Yet, want your prayers to come into agreement for continued improvement with no intervention necessary and I know that Jesus can change one's dna. thank you so, Pamela (ps i dont use telligman as nobody can pronounce or spell it. just fyi-) 9/18/19 @12:51

2019-09-18 10:13 AM

Please pray for my family to be deliver from all Evil and to come to Christ in Jesus name. Thank You and God Bless the Ministry

2019-09-18 07:41 AM

Please pray my ex who is very ungodly does not get custody of my child. Im am trying to raise him in a godly way. This is an urgent prayer request. Please post for 6 months to a year. Court soon. Thanks. Daniel Rozear

2019-09-18 01:40 AM

First I want to tell you that I did see two angels but they were angels with wings they were they looked like ordinary people and it may seem that I imagined it because I was in an operating room but that’s what I thought all along and now I’m sure they were angels for some reason nobody else was in the operating room and it was at before the operation began so I was I guess I was asleep and I woke up and there were two people sitting there a girl about 20 or so and a guy about the same age and they were dressed in street clothes and I thought that was very odd so I said who are you and they didn’t answer that but they just said how do you like the operating room and I really didn’t like it because it was small and I it didn’t have any instruments out and it had counters know everything was clean and nice and it had a great big light with kind of like dimples in it anyway we spoke I can’t remember what we said but we just spoke about the room and they told me that I should go to sleep now and that I wouldn’t remember anything and I told them oh yes I will I’ll remember and they shut their heads know and I said yes but that’s all I remember and they were nice anyway I tried to tell the Doctor Who wouldn’t listen after I woke up she said everyone sees the shows on television and thinks they know what an operating room looks like and I said I have never watched any of those shows because I don’t like medical things so I had no idea that that was the kind of light they had I never saw that kind of light before you know with the dimples and she wasn’t gonna listen to me she cut me off actually and didn’t wanna hear anymore about it but I saw angels my prayer request now is that my son Michael and my grandson Jack become reunited with me but first that they both find Jesus my son tells everyone that he’s an atheist and I don’t know how my grandson feels about Jesus I don’t know if he goes to church I don’t know anything about his life because they won’t let me get involved so I’m hoping that somehow my grandson Jacks has found Jesus but I know my son hasn’t he even wrote an article in the town paper making fun and mocking Jesus and he signed it hail Satan and I was so sad he’s going in the wrong direction I’m speaking this I’m not typing it so it may sound a little weird in places I can see it going buying it it’s not right but what it boils down to is I saw angels and I pray that my son and my grandson find Jesus and that we have a reunion it’s Ben 10 years now my grandson is 17 and I love him so much and I miss him so much and we only live 8 miles apart in a little town in Texas . God bless you

2019-09-18 01:38 AM

Please. I’m asking for emergency prayers. Please take away the pain from my mom fighting cancer. Please Jesus heal her. Please prayer warriors. Lift up my mom Barbra in healing prayer. Now. I’m begging you. In Jesus Name Amen

2019-09-17 03:00 AM

God Bless This Ministry. I recently received notification from the revenue department that I owed them over $10,000 dollars in past income tax. I am a retiree with a limited income. What the revenue department decided to do is take my company pension to pay the tax due. I would like to pay the amount off but am having great difficulty in doing so. Please pray that this financial tax mess that I am in be taken away forever. I Ask This In Jesus Name Amen and Amen. Thank You Jesus Thank You Amen.

2019-09-16 11:47 AM

Please pray for my wife Lisa, she has stage 4 cervical cancer and is in tremendous pain. We are believing for a total and complete healing. Thank you Jesus!

2019-09-16 11:44 AM

Hello Pastor. Urgent prayer requests x 2 My husband has a blood disorder that has immature red blood cells and is now worsened to where he maybe developing aplastic anaemia. He is not a believer and is very resistant. I am praying that God would heal him as a witness that would really reach him. Secondly my grandson is being emotionally abused by his step father and I am so close to having to report it. Again they are not believers, but I have been talking to my grandson about Jesus. He hears pastors broadcasts. This is breaking my heart and I need urgent prayer for a resolution. Please God show me what to do, protect Jacob and bring him healing. I don’t want to break up a family but it has to stop, his stepfather is just so angry all the time. Please could I have some urgent prayer. Thank you

2019-09-16 11:23 AM

Please Pray For Me.And My Family To Be Delivered From ALL Evil And From Them To Turn to Christ. In Jesus Name. For Our Lives to Be Restored From all the enemy a has taken From Us. In Jesus Name.

2019-09-16 06:33 AM

Please pray for me . I have been living in bondage with alcohol I would blame it on coping with my divorce, but I know better. I ask for guidance and wisdom in finding a home and a job. I need financial blessings sent my way and the ability to provide for myself. I have only a year to get on my feet due to my settlement. I am a hairdresser and am older so I would need a miracle to rebuild my clientele and be able to have a decent biz. I ask also wisdom to be lead to a knew career and a job that I am not on my feet as well that uses my talents in customer service and sales in addition to the hair biz or substitute. I am starting over because my divorce and ask for your prayers. I have been living in limbo for a while trying to rebuild but have been convicted that I have been trying to build my life on my own and not by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Please pray that I walk continuously with the Holy Spirit. I for the first time in years have been obedient with my tithe with your ministry. I have decided you are my pastor and I have no choice but to be obedient for Gods blessings.. I am utterly grateful for your leadership with you and Heidi and you have no idea how you have effected my life and walk with Jesus Christ! In Christ Suzy

2019-09-15 09:28 AM

Please pray for Tiffany. she is a mid 30s young wife and mother of two young girls and is pregnant with her third child. SHe has been diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer that has spread. because she is pregnant they cant do a CT or PET scan to see how far it has spread. She had most of her thyroid, and several lymph nodes surgically removed and now must wait for the baby to be born sometime in February 2020. Pray for her and the health of the baby. Pray for wisdom for the medical staff treating and monitoring her.

2019-09-15 08:51 AM

I need prayer for to bounce back who what I am going through and draw closer to Christ @Richard stay in the word of God, pray! daily that's the only way to stay close

2019-09-15 03:22 AM

Hi everyone. God bless you all. Me and my 5 year old son are having a really hard time right now. I am asking that if anyone can please help me with just a few dollars for gas. I start my new job at the Beef A Roo on Thursday. I am workung with my landlord for Renault payments because im 2 months behind. My car payments are being amended to be due the day after my first paycheck. I just need gas to get to and from work for the next 2 week's and my son to school. Please help us. Our paypal address is dghost42277@gmail.comI pray this reaches someone tonight because we sincerely need help. Im trying to make some headway and get back on My feet so I can start giving and helping rather than needing help but right now I need help. God bless you all

2019-09-14 06:59 AM

Please pray that Jesus will continue to strengthen my family and I financially and also heal us of our health issues. That he will continue to provide for us and guide us through each day. That he will bless the rest of this year for us especially during the holiday season.

2019-09-11 07:28 AM

My daughter Angie was just taken to hospital with head/neck injury. Slurd speech, dizzy, pain. I know that our head physician, Dr Jesus, can heal her. She just became a christian just a few weeks ago and has been attacked by satan ever since. Thank you for your love n support.

2019-09-11 01:04 AM

I’m in need of prayer. I’ve been on oxycodone for more than 10 years due to chronic pain I’ve have since I was 15 years old. The doctors diagnosed me with Lupus, arthritis, degenerate disc disease, and many different diseases they claim I have. In Jesus name I DO NOT CLAIM any of it! I am healed in Jesus name. But since then I’ve struggled getting off of oxycodone bc the withdrawal symptoms are so horrible. I don’t call myself addicted to them bc I want nothing of it. I don’t crave them or take more than I should, I’m honestly trying to wean myself off, so I’m taking less than prescribed. I have better days than bad..all glory to God. I always pray that the Lord allows to this to be taken (my body being “dependent” on oxy) completely away. I claim healing, I claim victory in Jesus mighty name..just more prayers would be helpful & very much appreciated. (I’ve been trying to get off for 10 years)

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