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2021-09-26 11:43 AM

I suffer from MS and fibermyalgia. I am in pain most of the day. I ask for prayers for ease of my pain. I also ask for financial breakthrough for my husband and I. We struggle every month on disability. God provides. Jesus will come again! @June prayers in Christ name! we will place you for a prayer blanket give it a month to arrive.

2021-09-26 05:13 AM

I would love to receive some chemo caps please. I am starting chemo next week and not prepared. I am 58yr old single mom with 2 young teenage boys. Please pray for me...I have bladder cancer. I will have 2 months of chemo then partial removal of my bladder surgery 5 weeks after that and then move chemo. I need your prayers, I have been a daily listener for over 10yrs since you posted about the dead birds. I love Pastor Paul and Heidi and don't know what I would do without your updates. Sending love and I am patreon member too. @Michelle we will place you for three chemo caps prayers of healing in Christ name amen! (give it 2-3 weeks to arrive

2021-09-25 05:42 AM

Please my request is for my friend and stepmom to my boyfriend. She is 73 years old and really needs lots of prayers. We just found out she has cancer in her kidney and her Brain. The dr plans to start radiation treatment within the next week. She has been in the hospital now since last week. All of this is on top of the diagnosis she got three months ago that she also has Abdominal aneurisms. So please really need love and prayers @Michelle we got your info and will place you for a few prayer cloths as well in Christ name we are healed

2021-09-24 06:48 AM

Please pray for a co-worker,Susan R.;she is ill and in the ER. Thanks.

2021-09-22 11:40 AM

Please pray that I may receive the protection from evil @Kathleen grab a bible! learn/read daily Psa. 23 and Psa 91

2021-09-22 10:22 AM

Please pray for my friend who is currently sick, waiting on testing and results, and is a mother and helper to many. May she be healed and others around her not get sick as well. Pray that her mind will remain calm for prayer and meditation with the Lord. We also ask for prayers for everyone in the World who may be sick or recovering from sickness. Please pray for everyone else's prayers that have posted on this Prayer Wall. God Bless you all.

2021-09-22 08:18 AM

I need prayers for my daughter , she has depression and anxiety and is having a very hard time with life. She was saved a long time ago but she says she doesn’t feel him or that her prayers are answered . Thank you

2021-09-22 07:32 AM

I come humbly to You, In prayer, Jesus~{with my Radiant Church Family}~ To Request Complete Healing For my Eldest Son, Mason. ~While he {selflessly}~ volunteering his "Front Line Essential" Svc's. To Guard the saved & yet to be saved, Inmates {Mason works in a Maxx Sec. Prison}~Volunteering In the wing that housed the [Positive Inmates w/Covid] ~Now, Mason HAS Tested Positive As Well.~~My Son IS A Respecter of Authority & Persons...He Has A Giving and Loving Heart, LORD...Please, as his mother, and as he is the first, of my fruits... I Place the Blood of the Lamb Of GOD, Over the Doorpost & Entrance to My~{Your}~Dwelling, FATHER and As For Me and My House, We Will~~{continue to}~~Serve the LORD. ~Glory! ~amen. Beautiful Church Family~Today is 9/22/21. I am writing today to Request Prayer for my Dad (Friday N.)...Today we had to take him to the Hospital (he tested positive for CV19 2 days ago. My mom or myself, Are Not Allowed to go to his bedside. (Dad will be 74 yrs. old next week) But, I Have Never Seen Him So Weak...Like the Flu, x's 100 !!! BUT, I Know my Redeemer, Jesus, Works Miracles! I Pray for Daddy's Healing ~ And for my Mom to have The Peace of the Holy Spirit Calm Her and Reassure Her that GOD Is In Control...Thank you, Prayer Warriors!...Amen

2021-09-21 09:19 AM

I HAVE HAD MULTIPLE BRAININJURIES AND SEIZURES...AM A JEWISH BELIEVER AND MY WALK HAS BEEN VERY VERY DIFFUCULT. NEVER TAKING MY EYES OFF THE LORD....NOW SPECIAL TEST AGAIN TO SEE why/ also salvation for my son eric siegel jewish young man of 45...praying 30 years for him for him to accept jesus...needs such help..thank u all...

2021-09-21 07:50 AM

Please pray for my mom. Her name is Marie, she's 97 years old, she has dementia, and she's not saved. Thanks very much and God bless you! @Bob tell your mom about Christ sit & pray with her the prayer of salvation accepting Christ as her lord and savior.

2021-09-21 06:31 AM

Need prayer for a job in accounts payable close to my home with the best of salary/benefits.Also need prayer for my brother Steve out of work for over a year.

2021-09-21 05:51 AM

My father is 58 years old and in a coma a day after my sister's birth date we have been praying like never before my mother was at his bedside praying over him the doctors thought she was there to let him go she said no we never gave you permission but the only way you can come in it's just say goodbye it's a miracle my mother was there please please spread the news we believe our God is the god of Miracles we rebuke everything they tell us when I call every day at 11 a.m. we Proclaim life over my father We Believe God is intervening and the Miracle is on its way our God will Deliver Us he knows we can't be there because of restrictions oh God have mercy on the sick people please work a miracle through the atheist doctors show them the impossible with them is possible with you you are our strength and our only hope we trust you my father needs to prepare some more this battle it's hard we know every soul is precious to you Lord we have been fighting non-stop for him he didn't know there was a problem please God have mercy we have not stopped praying we just want more prayer more power weather to be an intervention of the most high we are holding on to you dear Lord even though I have such an old phone and it takes me longer to get the messages out but I need to share so we have more healing power! thank you and God bless each and everyone of you!

2021-09-19 08:47 AM

For my daughters in the death of their Father. For my cousin Anthony as he has an neurologist appointment tomorrow and needs surgery

2021-09-19 07:03 AM

Can I please get prayer for my aunt Sam who has stage 4 cancer. Is there a way I can please get a healing blanket for her??? @Dan we sent you a email we need full address/name

2021-09-18 06:37 AM

please pray for my great nephew Kyle who is having a cat scan

2021-09-17 10:49 AM

My prayers are too long to list so I will try to keep it brief. I've been under a lot of attack over money, personal property and it's been a supernatural experience because I have witness a real ugly side of people. I need prayer to not become consumed by it. I need the Lord's guidance and protection. Please pray for James and Ben as they need help (unspoken) in their own personal matters, along with my family relationships and neighbors who are celebrating Halloween already. We need encouragement mostly going through this wicked time of year. Thank You for lifting up these concerns.

2021-09-17 03:24 AM

Please pray for my Uncle Steve he is dying of cancer. He is a lot of pain all the time. He also has a staph infection that the doctors say will not heal at this point. Please join me in praying for the Lord Jesus to take his pain & suffering away, to heal him and give him peace, grace & mercy. In Jesus name Amen!

2021-09-17 01:41 AM

Prayer for my Children Cody, Amber, and Emily to be lead by the Lord. Salvation for them as well.

2021-09-15 05:59 AM

Hello, my name is Kevin and I was told to reach out to you for some prayer and a word I was you're great at giving a word! I'm so discouraged and am having oppressive thoughts and not sure if I'm being convicted by the holy spirit or self condemnation or being chastised or what but I'm definitely going through a series of feeling defeated and spiritually oppressed! Will it be ok to contact you somehow and chat via phone? I true my appreciate the time and effort taken in giving the matters Thank you @Kelvin we pray in Christ name healing and restoration read/learn Psa. 23, 91

2021-09-14 12:35 PM

The situation is dire. My 13 year old stepson is living with a neighbor and they neighbor is abusing him. Their withholding food from him too. I have no address to report it to the police either. Please pray for intervention.

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