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2019-04-21 09:00 AM

Please pray for my mother to be healed. She was taken to the er and is still unresponsive. Please Lord Jesus heal my mother! Amen!

2019-04-21 07:05 AM

Please pray after my daughters were taken by MN corrupt CPS I haven't seen since 2012. Don't know if there dead or alive I love them completely I didn't do anything wrong.

2019-04-21 05:38 AM

7 Blessings of the Passover 1. Complete healing of mind and body 2. Strength to resist and devine protection against sins of the flesh 3. Devine protection over Jacob 4. Positive outcome in court 5. Victory of reinstatement of Social Security 6. Bless my business 7. The courage and strength to do and seek all things through Christ Jesus

2019-04-21 04:24 AM

Please pray The Lord deliveres me from smoking! Please pray The cravings will go thank you all so much thank you pastor paul begley God bless you all in Jesus mighty name

2019-04-21 01:26 AM

Please lord I have submitted my offering for Passover. I ask for the provision of a home that I can call mine.. I pray that our landlord would be prepared to sell to us for a reasonable price and that we would get the mortgage we need. I pray for restoration in my walk with you and for salvation for my family.

2019-04-20 12:47 PM

Please pray for me I have a broken and very abscessed tooth. I have no money and no dental insurance and no one will give me credit to pay for the help I need as I'm disabled. I'm scared and don't know what to do but trust God I started a go fund me page but no ones helped at all. If any one knows what I can do please email me I'm feeling very sick and afraid Ill die from it. Here's my email

2019-04-20 12:35 PM

Pastor Paul I am asking for prayers for my health to be restorrd. For my broken family to be restored and for my finances to be restored.

2019-04-20 09:44 AM

I need prayers and support : I just was forced to quit my job and have no income right now. I am having medical issues with my leg and can not hardly walk. I need quick healing and a better job fast and that I can cover my rent. This has been a very bad month for me. Please pray the right doors will be open and can find the right people to guide me... So all the prayers and good wishes would be appreciated. Thank you all.

2019-04-20 09:44 AM

Yes with my offering and the 7 blessing of Passover is 1-Healing with MS 2- To be stronger in my body & Spirit 3-To see Blake talk & walk 4-protection in my home 5-Prosperity 5-2 Sisters to repent of their sins 6- Niece to be save Nephews 7- my family to read and love the bible 7-

2019-04-20 07:49 AM

Dear Pastor Paul I sent my offering you are a blessing through Jesus Christ . Please help me pray with my offering for complete healing of severe back and leg pain, for my sons return home Nicholas Christopher and washed of his oppression , bless my grandsons I can’t see because their mother refuses to let both grandparents see them my heart suffers Lord lay your hands on her her name is Brandi, Lord I pray for a new wonderful job and home in a new place, delivery my dad from spiritual oppression he refuses to believe I have tried so many ways over the years now he blasphemies Jesus my heart hurts I need to leave watching over him as my mom is gone. And Lord please bless my beautiful Bailey puppy that has a bladder tumor please deliver her to health completely. I ask for prosperity and a home where I can have a loving Godly life for friends and family to come, and please give saftey and blesssing for all Christians across the earth and let millions more come to Christ. In the blood of Jesus let us be washed and in his name I pray with my heart, soul and body . In Jesus Name I pray Amen. Thank you every prayer warrior I ask if as many as possible can pray I am humbled in the name of Jesus and offer help and love in every day I walk this life and touch others. I sure would love to go to Israel I hope I get a new job really soon so I can go. Thank you and God bless you all and your families .

2019-04-20 06:41 AM

I am requesting Salvation for my children Michelle Knight, Will Knight, Luis Ralph Rivera, Taylor Knight, Caleb Leskrinsky,Madison Leskrinsky.

2019-04-20 03:37 AM

Passover offering I am praying for health for my dad brothers and myself I am praying for happiness love and joy for my family and I also praying for a lovely house where we will be happy praying for all we need and The Lord to be with us all please pray everything will go well for us thank you so much Pastor Paul Begley and all those who pray for us God bless each and everyone of you have a blessed Easter praise The Lord He is good amen!

2019-04-19 12:14 PM

I donated my Passover donation. I pray for protection of my family, prayers that all 7 kids will know they are saved, I pray for financial intervention, I pray for my marriage, protection from illnesses and cancers, I pray for increased knowledge and faithfulness in the Lord. Prayers for surrounding angels of my protection and my family

2019-04-19 10:10 AM

Please pray for my girls dad,Larry, he has a mental illness (paranoia) and is also an alcoholic and will not seek treatment.

2019-04-19 09:56 AM

Passover offering: 1 success at new Job2 protect my son Josh who still will talk to me3 the courage to witness more boldly4. My giving will increase5 My strength will return for new Job6 My children and grandchildren will increase in Love for Jesus7 for America and Isreal

2019-04-19 08:30 AM

I am asking for prayer for peace for me and between my friend Lakota that we had a falling out months ago. I asking for prayer for increase in income for me and my brother as well. I am asking prayer that my brother overcome his sickness and that I over come and beat this dark time that I am about to face in a couple months and last but not least I am asking for prayer for my entire family and as well as everyone around the world that they may overcome any suffering that they are facing now or in the future.

2019-04-19 07:41 AM

Passover offering/thank you pastor please say a prayer for husband destroy cancer and to hea; son nerve damage.i pray all mankind will return to god and jesus .

2019-04-19 07:20 AM

Dear God in the blood of Jesus give us a righteous Godly leader for our country like Donald J Trump

2019-04-19 06:45 AM

I am ask for prayer of financial stability, a prayer for my 2 nephews and my brother, I am asking for strength in the knowledge of the word god, i am asking for prayer to protect me from qll my enemies and to overcome 5his bad situation i am about to face in the coming months and I am asking for heal from my affliction mind body and soul and for all whovare struggling with any bad situation of there own, i also like to add that i donated 10 dollars that is as much as i can afford at the money but I set up a automatic withdrawal for tides as well.

2019-04-19 05:55 AM

I just sent my Passover offering i didn't know how to mark it Passover offering I'm sure God Knows. My prayers for Salvation to all the grandchildren, rededication through out the blood line, health an wholeness. Open doors to create finances. Break all curses health, family, Finances an we declare Freedom over anger an bitterness in Jesus Name @Hazel we sent a email for full address if you want prayer cloths

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