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2020-10-19 01:13 AM

Please pray for our son Joshua. He is in jail and beginning recovery from addiction. Christian rehab program to attend for 12 months when released. He has lost his wife, custody of his children, job, car and almost lost his life. Please pray for him, his wife and children. She has filed for divorce but please pray Gods will be done over their lives. I ask for prayers of salvation, protection, healing, recovery, and if its Gods will, saving their marriage. They have 3 beautiful children and have been together since high school. They are 37 yrs old. 10 years married. Please pray for the complete healing over this family. The devil tried to use addiction to destroy this family but God wins the battle. Please pray for reconciliation of this family and Gods purpose for my son to be fulfilled. God Bless You All. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

2020-10-18 04:40 AM

Pastor, I respectfully request prayer for the salvation, deliverance, and healing (physical, emotional, and psychological) of 6 people who are very close enemies. They have and do continue with all manner of horrific attacks against me. The truth is that I have prayed time and time again for God to punish them for the evil they continually inflict upon me but apparently that's not what God wants because recently He has shown me that He wants me to pray for them out of love. So here i am asking first for agreement in prayer for each of them to be saved before its to late (maybe via individualized damascus road experiences) and secondly, healing from cancer for the oldest individual. I must say that praying for them out of love sure lifts a lot of weight off my heart. Thank you so very much and God bless you and your family Pastor.

2020-10-17 08:05 AM

Please pray that I will continue to keep my son. I'm tired of the attacks from my ex and the illegal means and deceitful tactics she uses. Please pray God would settle this issue once and for all. Thanks. @Daniel place all prayer request on one form not 7 different ones

2020-10-17 03:12 AM

Please pray in agreement with me that the test results on my cancer cells indicate that chemo is NOT required. Thank you, Lara

2020-10-14 06:59 AM

I just got word a family member CHIP DUGGER was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider on his hand and now is in danger of losing his hand so I'm requesting prayer for him. Thank You and Blessings to you all.

2020-10-14 04:34 AM

Healing for intestinal blockage/infection or something dire. Scared for me and my 9 year old autistic grandson I am raising. These young ones don't understand, especially the autistic. They are so pure in heart. This makes me cry more than anything. Jerry W.

2020-10-14 03:20 AM

My prayer is for my sister’s granddaughter Megan who is about 4 months pregnant; she was just diagnosed with Covid-19. My prayer is not only for Megan’s health but also the health of her unborn baby. Also, for her mother who is very stressed out over this news. As well as Megan’s husband who had Covid-19 but was asymptomatic and as soon as he found out he isolated himself from all family. I ask our God to heal Megan and for complete protection from Covid 19 or any health issues for her unborn baby. I also ask for prayer for unsaved family members who may not know Jesus Christ as their Savior or those who may have lost their way and need to turn back to God. My younger sister Terry. needs prayer as well, she has type 2 diabetes, she is almost blind, she has many medical problems. Right now, she needs prayer for healing of the fibula bone she broke; not realizing she broke it she didn’t seek treatment, so she went over a month without any treatment of her leg. Was surprised when the doctor told her she broke it and it hadn’t started to heal. Pray for her leg to heal. Thank you for all of you who are praying!

2020-10-13 11:05 AM

Please pray for Cheri and David Mercier. Husband and father Stan was killed today in a MVA. Also please pray for my son Damond because of this incident. There are alot of worries because of losing Stan, from financial, emotional, and more.

2020-10-12 11:40 AM

I go over these pages of prayer requests and there's so much pain and sorrow, This shouldn't be. Pray the Lord comes back soon and sets everything right again.

2020-10-12 11:33 AM

Please pray for my dear friend Bob who just had triple bypass and a valve replacement and isnt doing well. Also for his daughter Lauren, who has an undiagnosed liver problem thats very serious. Thank you all !!

2020-10-12 01:45 AM

Please pray that I would be freed from depression medicine, anxiety medicine and methadone especially. I am 68 and withdrawing from all these is daunting. Thank you, And pray the Lord returns soon so all of us on this wall will be healed!!

2020-10-11 11:16 AM

Please Pray for healing for my father to heal him form cancer Thank you.

2020-10-11 02:30 AM

Urgent prayer needed for our pastor's wife, Janet, her lungs are filling up and she is losing ground. Thank you

2020-10-10 01:25 AM

Requesting prayer for a broken relationship. Praying for reconciliation with the love of my life John C. Praying if he sees me in person that his love will come flooding back and we will be together. @Jamie grab a bible read But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Mat 6:33

2020-10-09 01:28 AM

My life is critical because I am sleeping on a Bed of Thorns and everything in my life seems to be very bad without establishment .I am really in need of Prayers so that God would bring changes in my life. Pray for the Prayer Requests noted here.Removal of all Curses and turn it into unlimited Grace by turning all the sorrows into Joy, Happiness, Success, Firm Establishment etc. May God grant Financial Overflowing to come upon me for God’s Kingdom expansion., Healing of my diabetes problem, Protection against all evil plans , Peace of mind and success in all good things, Transformation & Healing of Joseph that God would change his heart and make him to hear God’s voice for repentance and stay away from all addictions. Recovery of the lost mobile phone of Joseph Haokip with the help of some agencies, God’s protection to come upon my House plots in Kangpokpi against all evils. Above all, May God controls us, guides us to the right direction by sending us His Holy Angel and Holy Spirit to live with us always to restore the lost love between Joseph Haokip and his mother, Ruth Haokip and to receive all the Blessings from God.

2020-10-06 08:22 AM

Please pray that the builder will turn over the unit we have purchased. It is fully paid. Since the property is in the name of my son who is 9 years old, the builder wants to wait until my son is of legal age. My lawyer says they can put the title in the name of my wife and my son and satisfy the legal requirement. Please pray this will be done. Thanks

2020-10-05 07:20 AM

Please pray for Elisha she is sick. In Jesus name

2020-10-05 06:31 AM

I praying for healing my brain I have MS and my muscles are bing destroy. I need prayers to quit smoking it is not helping my MS I need the sweet Lords help.

2020-10-04 11:14 AM

Would like to request a prayer cloth for my son Joshua. He is on meth and an addict. Please pray for his salvation safety and family. Thank you and God Bless You all @Tina we will place you for more prayer cloths we also sent you an email

2020-10-04 10:49 AM

Hi pastor, I'm requesting a prayer blanket for My aunty who is in ER hospital, she had a severe asthma attack and was meant to get better within 3 days but now has a infection which has made things worse and so we don't know when she will recover now Thankyou Gillian Hi @Gillian I sent you an email need to know where to send the prayer blanket

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