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2018-06-19 12:20 PM

I have a job interview on monday and I would really appreciate some prayer because this position would be huge for my family. We are struggling to pay our bills and I am also working on dealing with some anger issues and other areas that I need deliverance in. Also my aunt Patty's parents have cancer and alzheimers. Please pray for their healing, deliverance and salvation. God bless you and thank you.

2018-06-19 10:11 AM

Pastor please pray for healing . Iv been through a lot of trauma in my life my whole life . I need God to heal my mind and my heart .

2018-06-19 06:14 AM

Please pray for the family of Allen Paige, he was called up to be worth the father yesterday. Thank you so much for the chemo cap and cross you sent him. He was wearing it and holding the cross when he passed yesterday

2018-06-18 10:31 AM

Pastor, please pray that I get funding to continue My ministries, and move to a new location, where GOD'S work will be more effective.JESUS said prophets were lived everywhere but there Home country.Please pray.

2018-06-18 10:05 AM

I am not seeing all this talk of a great economy and all the jobs. I am down in Livingston texas and I am a cabinetmaker with a business. I have not had a call for work in over 3 months. As you would imagine, things are past getting bad with the utility bills. I am at the proverbial make or break week and am asking for my church to pray that a job comes in to the shop this week. Thank you, Michael L.

2018-06-18 09:49 AM

Dear pastor Paul, I am experiencing intense severe pain in the place where I previously had cancer 4 years ago, No drugs help with the pain. I am concerned the devil is trying to attach sickness to my body again. I am going for an MRI next week as the doctor thinks I might also have MS, and a CAT scan this September to ensure the cancer has not returned, please pray these scans are clear and disease free! Praise Jesus and God bless you!

2018-06-17 12:06 PM

This is a very delicate situation, that involved a family with children, alcohol, death Metal music, the family is breaking down and the children are sad and confused. The parents need to get saved they are not married, they were just living together. The Father (I'm related to them, closely I don't want to mention names or who they are God knows) has been drinking and more, Mum and kids were away for 10 days, and when they came back, they had a massive fight, she had to leave the house with 3 children one only 19 months old. I know he is been tormented by demons, because he is not saved, and the death Metal music is full of them. We don't want him to commit suicide, he suffers from mental illness, depression and anxiety but he doesn't treat it properly. His partner told me, I am also at fault. We need God's intervention here, I'm so sad for the children and also the adults. the devil is having his way in that family, I will appreciate your prayers. God bless you

2018-06-17 06:04 AM

Please pray for me and my other half, we both have health issues that are getting worse by the day, we are young only 31 and 34, we want to have a family one day and we are struggling so very hard with our health, finances, family members, and we want to be closer to our Lord Jesus Christ but Satan keeps trying his best to intervene. We have prayer cloths and we so love them and appreciate them greatly! We need a miracle and we beleive and we receive in Jesus holy name! Thank you so much for your prayers and God Bless!

2018-06-17 05:24 AM

I need prayer. I am completely out of money and cannot pay the rest of my bills this month. God has been silent for so long. Please pray He will provide for us. Thanks

2018-06-17 03:58 AM

LORD, i need you! Its getting difficult waiting for you. Please forgive ALL my sins and keep me in YOUR will so i dont drift away. Please Lord help me ....RachelSara

2018-06-16 05:22 AM

I need prayer from my church family. I am so alone I have lost the will to go on except for the love of my Jesus. I cant find relief and cry a lot. I need some one in my life . I cant go on .please help me

2018-06-15 10:28 AM

Please pray for me and my wife's safety and healing and protection from evil spirits. We suffer from various illnesses and we are poor and needy but we trust the Lord Jesus Christ to provide. My brother in south America is recovering from drug abuse and is needing a job so please pray for him as well both our families are mostly unsaved and in bad situations - deep in sin they need deep prayer! We pray for a lot of people and run into some rough crowds online needing special attention.

2018-06-15 05:53 AM

I've run out of strength spiritually and physically. All I seem to be able to do is Cry.... Can't find any support, fellowship, help: either Spiritual or physical. Can't find help with repair of condo or car or medical or dental or emotional or legal/financial. All calls and searches dead-end. The stress, ongoing trauma/abuse, helplessness and loneliness have just depleted my heart and soul. I study the Word and cry to The Lord daily and don't know how to stop or get out of this nightmare. Please pray for me. Thank you, Lynn

2018-06-15 05:50 AM

Please pray for Yeshua's protection for Don and me from his father's wrongful accusations, legal entanglements and any litigation from being brought against us. We need a miracle change of heart to take place in his father.

2018-06-14 10:43 AM

PLEASE pray for Father God to provide me a way to Summer Fire with lodging. I have no car and live off of disability. I really need this in my life right now and want to meet Pastor Paul and Mrs Heidi along with my church members. Please pray for this, and I'll keep on praying lifting it up to God the Father and trusting in Jesus for his perfect will in Jesus's name Amen!!!

2018-06-13 12:34 PM

My Hip hurts and I'M also unnerved please pray for me. @Danny be thou healed in Christ name we will place you for a few prayer cloths

2018-06-13 02:03 AM

I need, Elijah (My son) age 18 1/2 to come back to Jesus. I need the item we sent you a email @avva

2018-06-12 10:36 AM

I ask that prayer warriors join me in prayer that my husband and I find some small financial relief. We have been hit with a wage garnishment for almost $1200 a/month..for a bill we didn't even know we owed from years ago...It's putting us behind in our house payments and now, our air conditioner is going out, and it's typical here in So. Utah to have 104 degree days..My husband works in the heat all day, comes home like Jello, he's so over heated, and now no relief, with our $3000 air conditioner issue..We do not have anyway to buy a new one with this garnishment. I know the Lord will provide relief in His way, but I'm praying this situation turns around before the real heat of summer starts here...Thanks so much for your dedication to prayer and to our Lord in Heaven...Debra...You may use my first name...

2018-06-12 10:24 AM

I want you please to pray for me to know really what is God's calling to my life, my heart desire is to serve him but i have lack in confidence and i dont how to do that anymore. would you please pray for me ... God bless you all

2018-06-12 09:58 AM

Had to turn in a neighbor to the Police. They are mad. Please pray a hedge of protection over me. Thank You

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