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2021-06-18 07:29 AM

My husband Allan is in ICU with COVID pneumonia. @Barb we all stand in agreement for healing for your husband in Christ name! amen

2021-06-14 08:38 AM

Please pray for my son Cole . A group of four boys posted videos of them all with assault weapons and pistols as they traveled to my home with threats to shot my son and our whole house up. This was months ago. But they are still harassing him and his girlfriend. Please pray for mighty protection over my son and his girlfriend. And that God will deal with these boys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to anyone who sees this and prays! My son is 20 and has a heart big as Texas. The thought of the enemy seeking to destroy him is so hurtful to me! And I know we do not fighting against flesh and blood. The enemy can’t have my son in Jesus Christ name!!!! @Lisa we pray in the mighty Name of Christ in agreement with you that NO Weapon that's formed against you all will NOT prosper! get a restraining order! in Christ name!

2021-06-13 12:14 PM

Pastor and Heidi! Please pray for my son on Jake (and our family) who's batteling addiction. He is in very bad shape. He has a 6 yr old son who loves and needs his dad back. He has been saved and baptized at one time. He's batteling depression and loneliness in his life as well. He has been held down in bed, seen creatures, and many other supernatural things as well. He has been prayed over. We had to have him move from my house because we have other grandchildren live here and I can't risk them, so it's been draining on me and my husband as well. Pray that God may restore him to his Right mind and break satans bond on him. I KNOW JESUS is stronger than any fallen angel and as the Son of God, he can do anything! We're afraid of loosing him. He has OD'd several times and people including police gave him Narcan. Also, JESUS please touch the lives and answer the prayers of our church family who also are in desperate need of you as well! in JESUS' Precious NAME! Could you possibly send him a prayer cloth, and if you have extra or if you feel appropriate a healing blanket. Thank You. Pam and Ron @Pam we got your request prayers in Christ name! we will send out several prayer cloths and prayer blanket

2021-06-13 09:36 AM

Please send me a prayer cloth. I am going through a hard time trying to refinance my home but there are barriers every where trying to block me. @Bernice we sent you an email

2021-06-12 12:40 PM

Please pray that Lord will provide wisdom, knowledge and understanding as my family attempts to move out of the state of California. That the Lord will provide for us to be able to purchase a house and to provide safety and protection. Pray that Lord will reveal His will to me and my wife.

2021-06-12 04:40 AM

please help us pray for my cousin, Ricky, who has a history of drugs and broken relationships. He needs to get back to God and make Him Lord in his life. Thank you.

2021-06-11 06:27 AM

Dear Paul and Heidi. Our family immediately needs a good working water well and an abundance of pure water to the end of time on our land. Thank You !

2021-06-11 05:31 AM

Please pray for my mother Nora she fell & fractured her hip & arrived home from hospital with a large pressure ulcer on her heel Mam has memory problems also. Thank you & God Bess Mary Kelly

2021-06-09 12:22 PM

I need a bible in order to make sure I can keep growing my faith in my god and I know the Bible app is gonna be censored soon I know it’s coming closer so please send me a Bible when you can thank you @Javier we got your request we will place you for a bible .....

2021-06-09 12:19 PM

Good evening everyone pray that I overcome what is left of my demons god has made me make good strength turned a sin day to a holy day and I need the strength and guidance the wisdom of are lord and savor Jesus Christ I have gotten baptized recently and went to the Bible study and the watchmen zoom right after this Tuesday night thanks to god telling me. But I know I gonna need all my strength and his guidance to keep going on this path and please pray I can fully repent and finally make some great loyal friends who are there for me in Jesus name amen

2021-06-09 05:04 AM

Please pray for my mother Eula. She is 82 yrs old. She was showing signs of Hypoxia caused by pneumonia and complaining of pain when she breathes. I checked her vitals which showed her O2 levels were between 82 to 89 with low grade fever. I am waiting for her doctor to call me.

2021-06-09 05:03 AM

pastor Paul can you pray for me and my family we lost my dad today from a massive heart attack my dad is named Larry Garcia I’ve been crying all day and my anxiety is bad thanks god bless

2021-06-08 11:25 AM

Pastor Paul please pray for me my dad is dying please pray for him to go peaceful or a miracle

2021-06-08 08:02 AM

hi this is Steven Garcia my dad is really sick he’s in a coma something really bad happened to him my anxiety is through the roof and I have high blood pressure as well I need plus my mom and family are taking it really hard my mom is named terry pedraza thank you

2021-06-08 02:16 AM

Please pray for my dad, Edwin, we found out today his cancer spread to the lymph nodes. Please pray for my mother Olga who suffered a stroke about a month ago. Staying strong for my dad while battling her own health issues is taking a toll. Please pray for my husband Shawn May God guide his path. Please pray for my daughter Kaylee that she always keeps God first and isn’t influenced by the ways of this world and lastly pray for me and my siblings that we have the strength to endure.

2021-06-07 01:08 AM

Dear Pastor Paul, I was saved during a live broadcast, October 27th 2013, the day my Mother was buried. I am requesting a prayer blanket for myself, due to a hip injury that has been on going almost 90 days. I spend most of days on my bed. I have possible hip surgery coming up and back surgery after for spinal stenosis. I listen to you and Heidi all the time. I tried to get on tonight ,June 6, 2021 to request a rededication for Salvation. I love you all for all that you do for the world. I am 67 years old. Please keep me in your daily prayers. @Mary Prayers!! in Christ name! we got your request check your email we need full address w/zip

2021-06-05 12:31 PM

Please pray for my daughter Lauren who is under severe spiritual and demonic attacks. I can't even speak to her without her screaming and cussing. My heart is breaking because I know time is short. She's been battling addiction for a very long time. Thank you and God bless you all

2021-06-02 12:40 PM

Asking for prayers for my oldest daughter Leah (20) for salvation and an awakening. Prayers for my middle child Hannah (17) for assurance of salvation and safety as there has been someone trying to break into her shed where she sleeps on my mom's property. Prayers for my son Josiah (13) for assurance of salvation and an awakening in his spirit to hear God's voice so that he will become a great man of God.

2021-06-02 11:46 AM

Thank you all, and God bless. May I please ask for prayer for my ear infection? I am already hard of hearing, and I am worried about further damage to my hearing.

2021-05-30 10:47 AM

Good Evening Pastor Paul, Apparently your website has been updated since the last time because I cannot find the "Praise Report" option on the "Prayer Wall". So I don't know if you will ever see this message but I have a Praise report and a Prayer Request.  I had a colonoscopy a few days ago and the specialist said that he didn't find any internal hemorrhoids at all. So much so that I believe I didn't believe that the specialist didn't do his job correctly because my last Doctor told me that there were many more hemorrhoids further up that he couldn't get to.  I eventually came around that I was a miracle from God just as we prayed back in the Zoom meeting a few weeks ago. I still have one external hemorrhoid that bleeds and since the colonoscopy... it hasn't stopped bleeding. When I go to the bathroom, I lose so much blood that the bowl is dark red. The specialist told me when I woke up that I needed surgery but my last doctor told me that was a bad idea and may cause me more problems than solutions. I am asking for pray further that this hemorrhoid stops bleeding and disappears entirely.  As for our family friend Danny (Daniel), he is not doing all that well. He says that his cancer is still about the same. I figured much because God may heal him when we least expect it, God willing. However, this morning he threw-up and needed to be taken home. He has thrown-up before and I believe that it was due to either the cancer or the medication that he is taking to help with his pain.  I am asking that God please heal Daniel and I also ask that he please not take him now but if it is time... that God help open his heart to him so that Daniel may be saved by accepting Jesus. Please pray for these things Pastor Paul.  Sincerely, Joel.

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