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2021-04-08 09:06 AM

Please may you lift my dear friend A breast cancer stage 1? Thank you prayers daily for Begley entire family!

2021-04-08 08:57 AM

This is a praise report regarding Veronica Seals of Fountain, CO. I requested healing prayer for her a couple of weeks ago as she had come down with COVID-19. She has since recovered and has now tested negative. PRAISE GOD!!!

2021-04-08 07:39 AM

Please pray for my son Kael Bryant that he is healed from eczema.

2021-04-08 07:03 AM

Please pray for my brother Doug; he is ill due to Covid 19 and a reaction to the CV19 vaccine.Please pray for healing.Thanks.

2021-04-07 12:10 PM

Please pray for my dad. He is supposed to have surgery on wed April 7 2021 for an anyorism of the heart. i Have already been praying for God to disolve (Fix it) before any surgery is needed. Thank you and God bless you all

2021-04-07 09:37 AM

I would like to pray for my cousin who is having complications with COVID-19 please pray for her well being and everyone fighting this battle.

2021-04-05 08:33 AM

I am asking for prayer for my husband Car.He has melanoma on his left arm. He has had three surgeries to remove the cancer. Last Tuesday was his 3rd surgery and Not all the cancer was removed. There could be. Fourth surgery.In the meantime he starts auto-immune therapy infusion in two weeks.

2021-04-05 01:56 AM

Passover Blessing ! For Jonny to come back to me and to love me for my family to be healthy happy and saved for us to have money to purchase all our needs to be happy loved accepted and forgiven in Jesus name amen

2021-04-05 01:41 AM

Please pray The Lord brings Jonny back to me and that he forgives me and will love me again please pray He tells me that he loves me thank you God bless @Kathleen prayers but understand that God can remove things out of our way so pray/seek his will

2021-04-03 06:39 AM

Please pray for Jonathan Shumaker of Colorado Springs. He is a very troubled 11 year boy who I suspect of being under demonic influence.

2021-04-03 06:11 AM

There are people in my family that took the vaccine because they believe everything they hear in the media please pray for healing and that no harm comes into their bodies.

2021-03-31 11:41 AM

I have been afflicted with high blood pressure and osteoarthritis. Please pray for me that I will be healed in the name of Jesus Christ the son of God amen

2021-03-31 09:14 AM

I have serious health problems. Please pray for me. Thank You Jesus

2021-03-31 05:09 AM

We would like to leave prayers for the healing of this country that it can get back to God. Also I need God’s healing for my back and joint pain.We also need God to please help us financially so that we will be able to move to a better and safer area than we are in now. Thank you Jesus for all of your many blessings that you have provided us with in our daily lives. Amen We are sending our passover offering through paypal today.

2021-03-31 01:44 AM

Daughter n son in law tested positive tonight.I’m going to be tested also in the morning.God is in control.Thank you I feel better knowing your praying for us. Love you. Cindy

2021-03-30 08:31 AM

I need a home and money divine justice ,I have no family and all my friends or deceased. I need a miracle in the next three days

2021-03-29 12:57 PM

Please pray for my 16 year old son. He has to go in for an MRI angiogram on April13th to rule out aneurysm . He has pulsating headaches that last about 20 minutes but have become more frequent lately. He is afraid since he saw the neurologist and got this report and has to take this test. Also please pray for my two daughters Ariana-20 and Carina-18 they have depression and Carina has anger issues since this covid happened. My husband has suffered with depression and sickness for 20 years . I feel like I’m alone in this household and I can’t stand it anymore! I have no one to help me I have no church . I just need deliverance of depression in this family and LOVE to be in my children !

2021-03-29 12:47 PM

Please can you pray that my husband comes back to the Lord as he is so lost & is full of evil spirts.

2021-03-29 12:40 PM

Healing of kidneys for Richard

2021-03-29 12:39 PM

can you please say prayers for my grandmother who has been diagnosed with diabetes and is depressed and still misses my grandfather who passed away back in July of last year due to cancer

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