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2019-03-16 12:32 PM

I am asking for help/prayer/exposure to help free an AMERICAN Christian framed by the corrupt FBI, held in American prison Little Gitmo. You can read his story@ He has been there 8 years. Can you help bring exposure to this? He is in a prison full of Muslim religion, and they are literally trying to kill him because he won't convert. He is a child of Jesus Christ. Please help. We can all agree in unity to pray for Him.

2019-03-16 12:11 PM

Prayer needed for my son Dwight. He has a court date in March 20. He has DWI case. Pray God delivers him from alcohol addicition. I pray God will give him peace and guidance in court on March 20. Thank you.

2019-03-16 01:55 AM

Please pray for Teodoro C. who is suffering from stage 4 cancer and also for his family.

2019-03-16 01:49 AM

Please pray Jesus will restore my urinary system function. I've had surgery for enlarged prostate. Since my surgery, I have been unable to empty my bladder. I wear a Foley catheter and leg bag 24/7. I'm active in teaching and service for Jesus, and I'm reaching out for HIS healing power. Thank you, Jesus!!!

2019-03-15 12:45 PM

Asking for prayer for my friend Diane Magnarelli, for salvation and also for healing of her kidneys and liver. Diane's blood work shows signs of kidney damage and she also was recently diagnosed diabetic and has to take insulin now. she has a blockage between her kidney and bladder, please lift her up in prayer. thank you!!

2019-03-14 10:15 AM

I would like to pray for the eyes of the wheat to come open that they would discern the times we are in and going into. And I would like to pray for remittance of sins for them who's hearts do not yet belong to Jesus Christ. Thank you Paul

2019-03-14 03:19 AM

Urgent prayers needed for Cheryl S. & family, Cheryl is a Christian who's been in an abusive marriage with an atheist, she now has had a breakdown and has been put in state custody after daughter's & friends begged to her help ( 3 trips to hospital after wellness check & APS called within 4 days) daughter lost medical POA because of this now & fears with mom's already diagnosed kidney & lung failure that there are medical reasons for her condition along with mental that are NOT being addressed or overlooked. I ask Father to be with Cheryl & her loved one's, to place his healing hands upon her & to remove all & any evil or negative from her in all areas, I ask you to give her your Strength, Mercy & Peace Father, to be with her lived one's to guide & strengthen them Father. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ by the power of his Blood Amen

2019-03-13 10:16 AM

We really need financial help for our son and his wife and also a home for them and my other son who lives on SSI. Also we need guidance for what to do for God to move me and my youngest son.. Please also pray for my ex that he will be healed of cancer. For his job also to allow for an easy place for him to work with overtime to recover from our losses. Almost think we need a go fund me page as we have some real financial needs!!

2019-03-13 07:11 AM

I’m boldly praying for revival here in penslevania!!!! Praise jesus

2019-03-12 09:49 AM

My prayer is for Pastor Paul, Heidi and Heidi's mom. May God put his arms around them for comfort, Love, and his peace.

2019-03-12 06:48 AM

nancy oence my husband cousin is in the hospital i elyria on life support

2019-03-12 01:15 AM

Please agree with me in prayer for cousin Anna to be healed of liver cancer, in Jesus’ name.

2019-03-11 11:07 AM

I've just had prostate surgery. Please Jesus, help me to urinate.

2019-03-11 08:50 AM

My wife Debra, whom you baptized at the 4 days of glory event a few years ago, has been suddenly diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, which has metastasized into other parts of her body. The first sign of trouble was a tumor in her tailbone, which has been removed, but they found many others, which aren't bothering her yet, the mother tumor being in her right lung. We are treating her with God's Medicine as found in the Apricot Seed Cure (Vitamin B17/Amigdalyn;, according to Genesis 1:29 and a enzyme & b17 rich diet. Having full faith and confidence in the power of God's engineering for our health and well being, we are requesting prayer for her as well from you and the brethren. We pray for her speedy healing to the glory of God the Father, through Jesus Christ!

2019-03-11 06:32 AM

Please pray for my protection and for reconciliation with my next door neighbor in Philippines. We have barangi meeting Thursday this week. If issues not resolved, this goes to court. They have asked for a hugh sum of money for a an incident over 2 years ago which cant even be verified and quantified and which is pure speculation. Please pray God will protect me from this nonsense and obvious corruption.

2019-03-11 05:01 AM

husband cousin nansy on life suppostt

2019-03-11 02:16 AM

Please pray that God sends me direct clear wisdom on what to do, where to go. I’m weary of moving, trapped , been asking for a breakthrough to no avail. People have betrayed me deeply, and I want so much to have the Lords wisdom abt what to do.. even if I had a good Christian friend ... Hoppping the Lord comes soon! Thank you for your prayers! God bless!

2019-03-10 12:07 PM

Please pray that we can find a local church to attend.Thanks,

2019-03-10 09:23 AM

Just prayer for my trigeminal neuralgia,aka suicide disease. Earache n sore throat for 3 yrs. Infected salivary glands and inflamation at jaw joint and under tongue....headaches. It is getting worse and won't give me more than 2 pain pills a day. Not enough. Undeerstand the nickname suicide disease,,,,screaming pain @Mark give it all to Jesus!

2019-03-10 08:50 AM

Please pray for me, I'm trying to get a new as a monitor in a Christian men's shelter, I really want/need to do this I fear my age may stop them from offering me the position because it is over night. I know I can make a difference at the shelter if given the chance. thank you, please pray for all the homeless all over the world

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