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2019-04-16 02:22 AM

Please pray my son gets saved & that we can rebuild our relationship in Jesus's name!

2019-04-15 12:53 PM

i sent the passover offering last wee k i didnot list any thing i wantfrom it GOD knows,,I need an aide for my autistic son badlyG0dtakes care

2019-04-15 12:49 PM

Please pray for my grandson oliver he's been sick for a week now with uncontrollable tempture. Could be the Flu. He's only 2ys old

2019-04-15 12:47 PM

Desperately needing more income.

2019-04-15 12:37 PM

Please Pray For Reconciliation With My Daughter Thank You In Jesus Name!

2019-04-15 11:33 AM

Please continue to pray for the 5-year-old boy Landon who was thrown from the third floor of the Mall of America, he remains in critical condition-per Bloomington, MN Police. Doctors removed the child's spleen,multiple fractures on the face, arm and leg. He is facing many more surgeries. The family are believers. Thank you!

2019-04-15 10:39 AM

I was just reading some posts and thought people worried about people with cancer might want to do some research online on raw foods, changing levels of growth hormone (which helps tumours in larger amounts) with intermittent fasting and Gerson who seems to have had some success using diet to reduce tumours. I can't vouch personally sorry but have been researching diet and came across these things. Greger has a website that lists latest diet research findings for free too. Love to you all and may God help you Amen xxxxxxx

2019-04-15 09:07 AM

My niece Kristen who has twins the age of 2 and two more children has found out that she has cancer in the mouth and now in the head. I humbly ask for everyone to be in agreement that the Cancer be thou removed and cast upon the sea. Thank you so much for everything this Ministry does for the sick. From Pastor Paul and Sister Heidi, Prayer Warriors to the ones who work behind the scene.. God sees all and May He bless each and every one. May I have a Prayer Cloth @Kristen healing in Christ Holy name! also we got your info you post here and will send out a few prayer cloths!

2019-04-13 07:16 AM

pray fonrmy daughter who just had her third baby a week ago she now having a fever and some brusing thatsall i k now .so far...thanks

2019-04-13 05:09 AM

Please pray for me. I was in a bad car accident 4 weeks ago, the other driver ran a red light and hit me in the intersection. I sustained neck and back injuries as well as injuries to my left arm. I also sustained a pretty bad concussion that has been causing me all sorts of issues and making it hard to function day to day let alone care for my daughter. I am asking for pray not only for complete healing of my body but also for a quick and fair settlement with the other party’s insurance as it’s very stressful to deal with in my current state. I’m having lots of anxiety and inability to deal with complex or stressful situations due to the concussion and I just need the Lords comfort. May His will be done and He be glorified through this trying time.

2019-04-12 08:32 AM

Please please pray for my family and my kids and me I don’t want to lose them I love them. I need God’s intervention and grace and mercy on our family union. I don’t want a divorce or not be a part of my kids lives I need him to intervene and take control of my situation and life people who pray please pray for me thankyou

2019-04-11 09:21 AM

I am requesting prayers for healing, peace, and comfort for my Uncle Chester and Aunt Dafora Burnett. Most recently my Uncle Chester lost his daughter and he is not coping well. He is taking it very hard. He is in his eighties and has health issues. With the passing of his daughter he is heartbroken and it's starting to effect his health even more. My Aunt Dafora has been under a lot of stress with the loss and is trying to keep her husband in good spirits. She is developing stomach issues and needs healing as well. These people go above and beyond for their family and friends. They have been there for us for with my mom's health issues and the passing of my dad. They do so much and ask for nothing. Please pray for their health to be restored and though I know they will always miss their daughter/step-daughter I pray for the comforting and healing of their hearts. Thanks!

2019-04-11 09:09 AM

My mom Linda Clemons went in for her cancer consultation regarding radiation treatment. Yesterday I posted a prayer for her health. Our next step is for her to have a PET scan Saturday, April 13 so they can see how much area the cancer effects and if it has spread internally. My family and I would like prayers for miraculous healing. We would like prayer for the PET test to come back showing no cancer. If she has to have treatment we are praying the sessions are not long in her case and if they find any cancer that it is very minimal. We need a miracle. Thank you!

2019-04-10 11:57 AM

Still praying for disability income which takes a long time anyway. I was tested for what damage was done from my stroke Monday and it is bad. My brain goes blank when I try to think. Also the insurance didn't pay me my coverage settlement yet and still the run around. Please you praying is needed. Thanks

2019-04-10 08:43 AM

I'm sure all of Pastor Paul and Sister Heidi's partners and church members are already praying for Pastor Paul and Sister Heidi, but I'd like to add a prayer request for healing and comfort for Sister Heidi as her mother has passed. I know her mom fought hard and it's so hard losing someone you love so much. I know this loss has been hard on both Pastor Paul and Sister Heidi and their families. I pray for peace and comfort for them during their time of need. I'd also like to pray for complete restoration and healing for Pastor Paul's father. My family and I met him a couple years ago at Summer Fire and he is such a wonderful person. I pray the Lord heals him completely and gives him strength should he have to undergo any procedure or treatment. Thank you!

2019-04-10 08:33 AM

I'd like to put in a prayer request for my cousin Kriesta Watson. My cousin has cancer in her face. She has battled with it for a while and it has affected her eye in the past. In January she went under a life threatening procedure that required the surgeon to remove her face to remove the cancer located behind her eye. She explained to my mom that while she was under she remembers calling for her mother and my mom Linda Clemons. She knows my mom is a warrior for God and is strong in faith. She came through her surgery, but ever since her experience she has felt near death. She has asked my family and I to keep praying for her as everyday she is fighting to stay here. She has a daughter she is trying to stay here for and most recently her doctors have put her on radiation to prevent the cancer from growing back, but the radiation has caused swelling in her skin graphs that is causing her to look a bit disfigured. She is weak and is fighting and feels she won't be here for too long. Please pray for healing and restoration for her health so that she can continue to be with her daughter as she grows. Thank you!

2019-04-10 08:14 AM

I'd like to add a prayer for my mother Linda Clemons. My mom has been through a lot in life. Twelve years ago she received a kidney transplant that has been very successful and healthy. From the anti-rejection medication she developed squamous cell skin cancer on her back side. This was a side effect of the medication. Last year she under went a removal surgery to remove the large mass and then reconstructive surgery. She was in the hospital for a month. It has been a long battle and before the surgery the doctor wasn't sure she would make it through it, but the Lord brought her through it without pain. My sister and I were so hoping that after removal she would not have to go through anymore evasive procedures. After her first post-operation visit she was declared cancer-free, but after her second visitation the doctor found pre-cancerous cell growth. Last year was hard and on top of this news for this year we lost my father to stage 4 cancer. It was unexpected. Tomorrow, April 11, we are going to visit with the doctor so he can consult with us on the plan for external radiation. We are concerned this could affect her kidney transplant or cause other complications. We pray that if we do radiation that this removes the cancer and stops it from coming back and that it doesn't have a negative effect on her in any way. Please pray for my mom's complete healing and restoration of health. The Lord has brought my mother through every battle she has had to face and we pray He will bring her through this one too. Thank you!

2019-04-10 01:31 AM

Yes, Pastor Paul my sister Peggy has cancer in her liver now and very sick and I told her that I would write you to get a cap for her so I pay my titles to you on the 20th of every month so please send me a cap for her to be healed for her to be not be so sick cause she 77 years old and had cancer for 17 years. Thank you so very much and God bless you and your family. @Pamela we sent you an email....

2019-04-09 12:06 PM

Good Morning Pastor Paul, Sister Heidi and Prayer Partners. I am requesting prayer for my Mother-in-law’s healing, in Jesus’ name. She went to the ER a few weeks ago & ended up having emergency surgery for a bowel blockage which ended up being a large cancerous tumor. They removed all her lymph nodes, which were also all cancerous. It has also spread to her liver. She lives alone out-of-state so it has been a hardship for my husband to go there. He is almost out of vacation days to stay with her. I can’t go, as our adult son is very disabled 24/7 care. She is not faring well after surgery & has given up. She is supposed to start chemo anytime now. We are trying to figure out how to move her down to our home as soon as possible (health insurance, sell her house, stabilize her for long drive, etc.) My husband is back there with her again in Cincinnati for another week trying to get things worked out. I would also like to request a healing blanket for her. I will give you her name/address for that. Thank you so much for praying for her need! @Susan we got your request and sending prayers.....

2019-04-09 10:52 AM

Dear Prayer Warriors, Sometimes the needs and sorrows of loved ones is so overwhelming, that I am reaching out to you to lift these prayer burdens to the Lord today. My dear cousin Sue and sister in the Lord had scoliosis, car accident, and many injuries to her back and spine. She faces yet another surgery after a life time of intervention. The surgeon goes over her options April 15. Her pain is beyond belief. My husband Tim would like to retire. He works from home at his Africa and India "command post" for 60 hours/week at night which is their day time. Praise that Ghana State Department shut the door as he would need all new documents to visit there. India still wants him to come for a month during monsoon season. Golder needs to hire 3 people, but are not offering competitive salaries for engineers; please pray they change this policy. For me, Myra, I need a miracle. I have always been hypo on the endocrine system in all aspects. Now the thyroid is so low that I am nearly bedridden and it affects heart, diabetes, black outs... No strength for baths or cooking. My synthroid keeps getting adjusted, but I am worse than ever. We moved here from Virginia in 2004. My dear sister in the Lord back there in our small farming region and a church of about 60 men, women, children has lost 6 or 8 people this January to March (her note was unclear). This is what broke my heart: Thanks, for the update, Myra. We are agreeing with you and praying for you that the Lord will touch you with His healing hand and for wisdom for Tim as he retires. We have had a lot to deal with the past three months. I can hardly believe it's April already, but at the same time it feels like it's been a looong year. One of the young brothers in our church (I say young - he's a year older than Sean ?38-40?), married, with two teenagers, went missing January 17th. He and his wife always spoke via telephone several times a day. When she hadn't heard from him by 2:00 in the afternoon she began to get concerned. Neither of his brothers nor his mother (she also is a member of the church and also works with me) had heard from him. Gloria went out to spend the evening with Briana and ended up spending the night. They kept calling his cell phone but he never picked up. Finally Friday evening the police were able to get Onstar to locate his truck for them. Keith had gone up to Northern VA and into Maryland on some errands for his boss. In Maryland, he must have felt something was wrong because he pulled his truck into a parking lot, but he didn't park it straight, which he was usually careful to do. Police found him deceased in his truck. They said he died of "natural" causes, which was a relief to all of us -- no foul play, etc. So that was quite a blow to our little assembly. We had a memorial service for him January 28th at Mechanicsville Christian Center. Then February 12th Pastor Mike passed away at his desk preparing his sermon for the next evening. The memorial service for him was held February 18th, also at MCC. It has hit his daughter Stacy especially hard - first her brother-in-law Keith, then her father. About two weeks after that, one of the young couples in the Assembly lost their unborn daughter at 6 months. Two weeks ago the father of one of the men in the Assembly passed away. Marty was a Jew and never vocally confessed Yeshua as Messiah, but his son and daughter both spoke Yeshua to him as he lay in a coma. We are trusting he was able to make a decision before he passed. One of Marty's grandsons, a 10 year old, has been heavily impacted as his family was close to Keith and Briana's kids. Then his pastor was taken. Now last week his school teacher and her husband were killed in Nags Head while walking on the side of the road with the parents of one of them and their two children. One child was taken to hospital but is fine. Then yesterday Marty's wife (the 10 year old's step-Grandma) had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. :( So much for a 10 year old to have to endure. :( We are so thankful that we serve a faithful God. So looking forward to seeing Him soon!! @Myra prayers in Christ name please post shorter so others can post as well

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