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2019-09-04 07:33 AM

I fell an broke my left upper arm and in alot of pain. (do not want to take any meds.) putting my trust in our. [Cherish your prayers}. Thank you

2019-09-04 06:00 AM

2770 49th Avenue, Vero Beach, Florida. Long story short I just came through Hurricane Dorian. One day we were ground zero and then we were not. Everyone knows how its playing out as I write this but PRAISES TO MY KING, MY PRECIOUS LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. We are still feeling the winds as I write this on 9/4/19 @ 6:40pm. I was so calm, never stressed out because I KNEW JESUS was protecting me and my household. I say all this to say I have a nagging need to write where my writing will be seen. GET SAVED PEOPLE, TIME IS RUNNING OUT, THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS. Because of prophecy, I am more than prepared for hurricanes and other disasters. The just suffer with the unjust. LOOK AT The Bahamas!! That should have been me living in Vero Beach, I was so calm ans believe so much in MY KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS--I NEVER filled up my car with gas. As a matter of fact as of 8/26/19 my mother had NO money, my father had $30, and I was NEGATIVE $67.15 in my banking account. We were looking at a Cat 5, 185mph with NOTHING except hurricane shutters. We had no money to evacuate, get food, water, gas, batteries, flashlights etc. BUT I BELIEVED IN JESUS CHRIST!!!! I wondered WHAT will the world see when the bible says "Mens hearts will fail them for things coming up upon the earth...the sea and waves roaring...…..As it were my disability check and my food stamp money got released early. I take care of my elderly parents (dad 70, mom 83-both disabled) I WAS able to obtain all the essential items to secure our lives, but......PEOPLE TIME IS UP-GET SAVED!!!!! what if ALL hurricanes from here on out are Cat 5 with OVER 185??? JESUS HEAL THE BAHAMAS, send them men who can supply their needs while hearing YOUR WORD!!!! Think about it??? Look at where we are in this world!!!! LORD, Bless Sister Heidi, Pastor Paul, Brock, all the kids and grandkids.....THANK YOU PRARYER TEAM/INTERSESSORS!!!! I was saved & protected by "NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS " when I am in danger such as this I always hear in my spirit, and sing this song along with the line, "There is POWER, POWER. wonder working POWER in the BLOOD OF THE LAMB"...……..get saved...bad days are coming, this is a warning from GOD of what is on its way....cover the Bahamas with your spirit LORD!!! RESTORE EVERYTHING LOST.

2019-09-02 01:24 AM

Can u please send me a prayer cloth. I have been turned upside down with injury, death and finnainlail ruin because of health. My girl whom I love so much, I need to get her a prayer cloth so she does not lose hope. I know sounds crazy but my faith is stronger then my girls. Thank you pastor Paul and dear sister Heidi! @Troy we sent you an email

2019-09-01 07:26 AM

PLEASE pray that my children will stop drinking and get back on the right path with the Lord. Thank you so much!

2019-09-01 07:14 AM

My husband took a new job and we're losing a significant amount of income a month, which leaves us 1 month from losing or home with no where to go. I tithed $200 to God and am trusting God will provide. I am under spiritual attack and need prayer that all or needs are met, my husbands health improves, and that satan will stop trying to make me afraid.

2019-08-30 12:48 PM

I need prayers for guidance and wisdom to help led me in the path of the Lord. I strayed away from him but now that i got saved again Sunday i want to get by on the path to heaven @Tanya prayers! read/study the bible the path to heaven is there!

2019-08-30 09:55 AM

Please JESUS help us find Chris. Thank you.

2019-08-30 09:37 AM

Today I seem to still have trouble finding work. I have been praying but some things you just can't put into just one category. The bible book of Job is much like what I have been going through most of my adult life. How much longer until good happens? Been a bad life with no legacy no esteem and no respect. Rodney Dangerfield sentiments but not his mortals on a side note. Is this to prepare me for something big or just why so much pain. Ps a friend from school of mine also age 47 is dying of cancer her name is Christina. Please also pray for her to know Jesus and healing. Amen @Kevin prayers! get to Christina and let her know about Christ!..... trust Christ! and why are you trying to figure it out? God already worked it out! amen

2019-08-30 09:27 AM

Please pray for my us. There is a weird energy here at our home! Just awful things keep happening and At first I thought it was just something to shrug off .... but no. It’s been just one thing after another in constant succession. Also please pray that nothing or no one can harm us in the name of Jesus. It’s just weird stuff. @Michelle remember every demon is subject to the name of Christ Jesus! call on Christ!

2019-08-30 08:25 AM

Please pray for my wife Barbara ; there is an issue that she needs to deal with. Thanks.

2019-08-30 05:27 AM

I have been looking for work for over 6 years now. I quit my great job with WA state to care for my parents who both ended up with cancer, and relocated to Idaho. I started looking for work in the area prior to leaving my job. I relocated in 2014. I have had 2 positions that lasted a year each. The first they man was very dihonest and asked me to break the law. I would not so he fired me. The second needed more money available to increase the pay of another employee, so they deleted my position. I have been unemployed for almost a year this time around but I have never stopped looking since over 6 years ago. I moved for the right reason and let's just say God made sure I moved here. Now, I am unable to find work, I have a BA in Business, worked as an analyst for 10 years, have some of my MBA, an associates in Mechanical Engineering and was employed many years ago as a Mechanical Engineer and Quality Engineer. Yet I cannot find work. Right now we are borderline on if we are going to be able to make the mortgage payment. I am in tears all the time, my new husband is working 6-7 days a week 10-12 hour days to pay the bills. He is close to 60 and his work is very physical. On top of which he could end up blowing up the ammo plant if he makes a mistake. I am stressed all the time except when we feed the fish. If we loose our home I don't know what we are going to do because rent is as much as our house payment. So far God has provided and I thank him for it, but we are always living on the edge of financial ruin. We owe both Federal and State taxes and the state is taking $25 out of each check to pay off our bill with them. I have not been able to contact the Feds on the taxes I got pneumonia / bronchitis at the end of July and could not get an appointment to see my doc and the urgent care clinics would not take payments. They wanted $300 up front. We no longer have that kind of money, and were told to go to the local hospital of which now we owe $2,000 on top of the $3,200 we have been trying to pay off. I cry out to God every day for help and cry constantly. Please pray for us.

2019-08-28 09:39 AM

I need prayers of guidance, having trouble with a new job. Many issues with gossip and people who are mean. I have not done well with dealing with the situation. Need God’s help.

2019-08-27 09:36 AM

Please pray for me and my wife. My wife is having some medical issues. Medical bills are piling up. Our financial situation is worsening and I am feeling very depressed and feel like giving up... Not sure how much longer I can hold up. I have Faith and Hope in the Lord Jesus but I am not sure whether that is going to be enough. I have fought depression most of my life and I'm tired.

2019-08-27 08:53 AM

Today I passed my DOT physical. I was praying for a 2 year physical but only 1 year was possible because of health conditions. I still pray for healing but most needed is a job. Where does God want for me to work? Praying for direction. Need money fast. AMEN Now that my aortic aneurysm was healed with no scars and no showing of ever being there with the proof of 2 tests I am about to take a DOT physical and praying to be given a 2 year physical result. Also prayer for money. So broke and in need. Even need pet food. The food stamps will run out 2 weeks before next time. Without money I am sharing food with my dogs and they eat eat eat. We are so broke. Ps also praying for a new motor cycle. Big God not small God. Also for a farm and all the fixing. AMEN

2019-08-26 11:55 AM

Would appreciate prayers for my believing friend Karen. Her boyfriend Dennis has broken up with her and she is asking for our Lord's loving peace and comfort. He has PTSD and other issues that Jesus is working on. Thank you all for your prayers of agreement.

2019-08-26 09:27 AM

Please pray for the brave men and women of the USAF... Just found out that sadly... there have been another 2 unconfirmed suicides with in the USAF on two different bases. Bringing the current total to 86 this year alone... There is something wrong within their ranks... Pray for the Brass on down to the newly enlisted Airmen. I don't know what is going on but something needs to happen... God, please send guidance, wisdom, and healing to our men and women in uniform. Something is wrong, we don't know what it is, and it breaks my heart. Lord, please help them, protect them, give them hope. This is just beyond words.

2019-08-26 07:30 AM

Hi i sent a pray request a long time ago am still not doing well still struggling stilĺ feeling alone am trying all i can to repent and to understand stuff spirtual and make new freinds am looking for a second job and need help finding it and i gudiecene with my family issues and honestly everything i feel so alone what should i do am tryint to take his world i have a bible on my phone i need help getting out of this hopeless suitation

2019-08-26 07:24 AM

Please pray my ex will not alter divorce decree in anyway and that court will be favorable on Sept 26 2019. Pray for Gods protection. Pray God will protect me from nextdoor neighbor sueing and that it will not interfere with wedding and that God will provide money for our wedding. Also pray for God to save my soul if im not saved. I dont think I am. Thanks

2019-08-25 09:08 AM

Please pray for my mom, Barbra diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 4. We are going about this holistically. Jesus can heal and we are believing for that. Please join me in a miracle prayer for her. Please Lord hear this prayer Request no more pain stop All cancer cells from metastasis. Jesus . Thank you Jesus

2019-08-25 07:17 AM

Please pray that my family will realize we are in the last days and come back to the Lord. Thank you very much!

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