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2020-03-24 07:55 AM

Please pray for a a healing for a co-worker ,Debbie L.; she may have contracted the Corona virus.Thanks.RCC.

2020-03-24 05:16 AM

Please Pray for my father he is having abdomenal pain and rib pain for unkown reasons. Please pray for healing. Thank you and God bless you .

2020-03-23 09:20 AM

Prayer request for little Violet she’s in hospital with severe phenomena tested negative for covid19

2020-03-23 05:37 AM

Please pray God will provide money for us to pay our sss loan and our land taxes. Times are really hard now. Thanks and God Bless.

2020-03-22 07:56 AM

I need a place to live I'm out May 1st and work in Schaumburg Illinois. Please pray I find an apartment within 2 weeks

2020-03-21 11:18 AM

this is for a young mother of 3..her baby is very ill 3month old need s healing..Arron is her name

2020-03-21 01:31 AM

Prayer for my brother who is being wrongfully convicted of something he didn't do

2020-03-20 03:45 AM

Please pray for deliverance from financial difficulties caused by my wife’s illness.

2020-03-18 10:41 AM

I recently lost my husband at only 32, leaving me with a toddler and a massive amount of debt. We also lost his income and I reached out to so many churches in desperation and no one helped us, which broke my heart even more. My small company just went under from all the chaos in the financial markets and I have no income now. Please pray for safety for me and my son and provision. I have no idea what we are going to do all alone.

2020-03-18 09:09 AM

Please pray for me have a really bad UTI haven’t been to the doctor yet over it. In a lot of pain. Thank you in advance and God bless

2020-03-18 01:01 AM

Funds of $400 to be released for college tuition fee for college courses I am taking. Thank you.

2020-03-16 07:29 AM

Please pray for protection of my business from the next door owner and from my ex and from anybody else who may be secretly planning mischief against me and my business. Also please pray that I will continue to be able to maintain custody of my son. My ex keeps trying to get the property which is mine even though it's my share of the divorce and she keeps trying to get custody of my son even though I have irrevocable custody. Please also pray protection of my family from the corona virus. It is spreading like fire in the Philippines.

2020-03-15 09:57 AM

Hello. I would like you to pray for our church. Yesterday on March 14th we lost our pastor. We need prayer for guidance. We need prayer to help us heal our Broken Heart. I ask that you pray for our ministry and every member who goes to the church. I asked you to pray for our strength so that we can continue to move forward. Thank you in advance from Holy Ghost Ministries, Las Vegas Nevada.

2020-03-15 08:23 AM

Following a new examination, after having been operated on for cancer of the lymph nodes the pain retuned ,please pray for my healing because only the lord can m,granted complete healing. I give thanks to God for you and may god bless you. Thank you

2020-03-15 04:10 AM

Please pray for our church. We just lost our pastor on March 14th. He had been in the ministry for over 30 years. Pray our strength in the Lord. Pray for the direction that the ministry should take. Pray that the body would stand strong and not scatter. Pray for our broken hearts. Thank you in advance from us at Holy Ghost Ministries in Las vegas.

2020-03-12 04:22 AM

Please pray for my dad, Jim, who was just admitted into the hospital. Taken by EMT. I don’t know why.

2020-03-12 01:34 AM

Please pray for my mother Eula, who is 80 yrs old. Two days ago she came down the flu virus with all the symptoms of the CoronaVirus. We are all sheltering in place, voluntary quarantine. She still has the healing blanket y'all sent her two years ago that healed her pancreas. Pray that I don't catch it also because I had a liver transplant in 2008 and take medication to lower my immune system to prevent organ rejection. There are over 20 people confirmed in the Houston area.

2020-03-10 12:56 PM

I have stage 3a kidney disease I need prayers and would love a prayer blanket @Renee we sent you an email

2020-03-10 06:08 AM

Please, please pray for my beautiful wife and our family. Seven years ago she had her thyroid taken out due to Graves Disease. At that time they found a small amount of cancer on it. At the time, considered cancer free. She had an incidental finding on a CT scan of two tiny sclerotic bone lesions in her femurs. The extreme worry is that this is bone cancer. We are hoping and praying that these are benign lesions. Please pray for a complete healing. We believe in Jesus' name and by His stripes she can be healed completely. We need her in this family. She is the center of our world, the love of a lifetime and one amazing mom. We need her. Thank you for earnest prayers for Jessica's complete health and healing. Thank you all.

2020-03-10 03:13 AM

I need god to bless me with 50000 dollars to pay off all of my bills

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