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2018-12-09 08:40 AM

I would like to ask for prayer over my family, My dad Roger My mom Deborah, My brother Jeremy, My sister Melissa, That God will save them and keep them safe, and that he will protect my Dad, Mom, Brother, and Sister from cancer and heart problems that run in our family.

2018-12-09 08:29 AM

I Need prayers For To Help Be a Better At speaking to people when needing questions or help and needing prayer for confidence and guidance and wisdom

2018-12-09 08:25 AM

Praise Report..God is revealing himself to a family friend who has been struggling a long time...It truly is a miracle. Please pray for my health. I keep getting lung infections and need healing I have kids that I homeschool. I need God's strength!!! I know he is with me. Praise God!!!

2018-12-08 10:53 AM

I as that you would pray for me that God would answer my prayers for finances help and help, If God wont for once answer a single prayer then there is no hope at and all is truly lost and hopeless there is no point in even being alive its not like I even get to or have been even really living in the first place. I never get to even have a Christmas or can help others. So please pray that God will help for once and answer a single prayer.. Thank You

2018-12-08 08:29 AM

pray for llyod mullins who had a stroke this morning ;..

2018-12-08 05:46 AM

This is Lisa typing I have lived in shelters and helped women bevome saved while living there and have a testimony I would love to share.My husband Rob was temporarily homeless and now we are moving forward married and have a small ministry helping the homeless.We are asking for a Prayer for God's spriritual protection blessings on our marriage to use our spiritual gifts for God's Glory to move forward together in Christ.

2018-12-07 12:59 PM

Please pray for my mother she has had a stroke she is in the Hospital in intensive care and can hardly respond to anybody please pray for her healing her name is Bettye

2018-12-07 05:34 AM

please pray for healing for my high blood pressure. Also my wife Tammy needs a touch from God in health and wellness. Thanks. PS I had problems posting when I sent my tythe and offering today. The site was crashing before I could post. I rushed out without saying what I wanted so the offering would be sent. Thanks and God bless you...

2018-12-07 02:16 AM

Prayers for healing and protection for me and my family. I feel we are under spiritual attack manifesting in a physical way to all of us and our health and in other ways.

2018-12-06 09:41 AM

*I ask my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to please stand with me in prayer for the salvation of our oldest (prodigal) daughter (28) She is brainwashed Millennial University student, AMAZING WIFE AND MOTHER. Also for the salvation of her now husband, our Son-in-law William, a wonderful father and husband. We love them both! Our daughter Aubrey has fallen for the lies and deception society and Satan have to offer. Our daughter has been running long and hard from the Lord ever since her failed 1st marriage. She and her first husband at the time, were Believers when they got married. But something in her Soul has been broken. Even tho She and her sister Bethany were homeschooled, involved in youth group and ministry and raised in a Christian home. She is a self-proclaimed feminist and socialist (and vegetarian because America is unethical in everything it does). She is no longer believing in Jesus Christ the Son of God for her salvation. Our daughter treats us like extended family. She is respectful, but very distant. Whenever we are around her she constantly brings up politics, global warming and how disgusted she is in "conservative ways/bigotry". So that includes her father and I since that's the way she treats us as well. She keeps her distance and we respect that. We don't bring up anything controversial n front of her as far as politics and society. But I don't hide my faith. And I will matter of factory and casually talk about the Lords blessings and love if the opportunity does arise. My husband and I are so broken hearted over it. Especially now that we have our precious granddaughter Amelia. *I’m also asking for prayer that the Holy Spirit puts a hedge of protection around our 1 year old grand daughter Amelia's heart, mind and spirit from any outside influences that are not of the Lord. Our grand daughter is being raised not only being told that homosexuality, America's ways are bad, being a feminist and relying on your own knowledge and determination rather than God. And anyone who doesn't agree are out of touch and not worthy of their time or space they take up in their lives. But our grand daughter Amelia is also being raised around people that share these same beliefs and live these lifestyles.Please pray with me that God renews and restores the relationship my husband and I used to have with our oldest daughter. During her straying away from the Lord, she's also strayed away from her Dad and I.From a mother‘s heart, there’s nothing more heartbreaking and painful, than practically losing a relationship with your daughter and only Grand child.Please stand with me in prayer that the Lord sustains my husband and I through these times as we know His return is eminent. We just couldn’t imagine the possibly of our daughters not be counted In His Book of Life.I’m standing in prayer with everyone here as well. I pray that God gives you Peace and comfort and restores your confidence in His love for you. Thank you and God Bless….

2018-12-06 08:05 AM

Hi, Pastor Paul, Sister Heidi, and beautiful Begley Family!!! I am writing you all today to request a Prayer Blanket for my sweet friend, Rachel, in Alabama who is having some health/dental issues. Her address is as follows: @Rachel we got your request for prayer blanket I am placing this at prayer-wall Also, is there a way to add her name to the Prayer Wall, she needs a healing and I am not sure about her salvation, and I am asking for prayers for her to be saved, and her relationship with her only daughter to be restored. Thank you all for ALL that you do!! You all are a true blessing! Love you all! Blessings upon your ministry & family. Sincerely, Susanna Kirkhart

2018-12-06 05:23 AM

Request healing for our friend, Rhonda, who has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, having only two months given to live. We have also asked for a prayer blanket. God is merciful and kind and will answer if we only ask.

2018-12-05 12:10 PM

Hello everyone I am asking for prayers today I feel overall blessed but a lil upset me and my husband split up about a year ago he left and was with another woman we have reconciled been together 13 years I forgave him but I had issues with the other woman. we moved and was suppose to be closer to his family but they are not his real family just people he grew up around they told us to move closer and everything would be great spend time together ect not the case at all I am pregnant our baby is due this Tues my water broke in Sept but I reasealed so I thought well maybe everyone will be excited and come when she's born or surprise me with a baby shower not at all his so called brother cancelled to help watch our daughter in the waiting room and he doesn't want his wife overwhelmed since they have 2 kids to watch her in the waiting room mind u not the whole day or anything and they basically blow us off all the time we don't make 6 figures like them and they're friends nor do we drink and party like they do every day my husband has changed for the better is very attentive to me I'm glad we moved I did start going to church and met a nice lady but I lost contact my neighbors party I feel very sad rn dealing with this not one person will be there and I have moved from my family I also have court to deal with the other female still and I'm so tired of her acting so innocent and trying to get me in trouble I ask for prayers that my court stuff be dropped it's ridiculous and someone to at least care or be kind to visit and sit with my daughter since I guess we are not fun enough for his "family" they have a beach house they go to almost every 2 weeks football parties ect we never are invited because we are not drinking and I guess not as rich as them and there so called friends I feel sorry for my husband because we thought they would be more welcoming our daughter loves their 2 girls they call me aunt but the wife told my daughter not call call her that I feel bad but sometimes I wish one day she knew what it would be like to have your husband cheat or be broke or not welcomed thank you for any prayers sorry a very long post God Bleaa

2018-12-05 12:02 PM

Please pray that Jesus will completely heal and deliver my 14yr old daughter Hanna from her insulin issues and severe anxiety and panic she has been dealing with. She has been having a a lot of difficulty sleeping and I just want to see my little girl healthy and happy again.

2018-12-05 11:34 AM

I need prayer...I have been sick on and off for two years...And now finding out that the rental house my family of 7 lived in during that time had mold in it. I need healing. I am a Mother of 4 and I homeschool them and having respiratory sickness for so long makes me so tired. Prayer that my lungs will be healed in the name of Jesus. Thank you for all that y'all do. God Bless You!!

2018-12-05 10:18 AM

Please could you pray for Carol Board she just found out she has ovarian cancer that has spread to her kidneys and liver!!!! God Bless you all!!!! If you could say a little prayers for me that I’m able to date a particular man I’m interested in...i know this isn’t something important bc there are a lot of sick ppl in the world and for that i am sorry!!!! Love you all!!!!

2018-12-05 04:01 AM

I pray to have Strongholds Removed off of me , my adult children and my grandchildren I need prayers of Healing for me and my kids and grandkids I need prayers of Salvation for me and my 3 adult children and my 8 Grandchildren. And also to keep the Angels of protection around us. I pray for the removal of any strongholds on us. And for Gods Mercy on us all.

2018-12-05 03:48 AM

I am in need of 10 Bibles @Kim we sent you a email

2018-12-05 03:39 AM

Please keep my dad Randy Hughey in your prayers he was diagnosed with melanoma cancer and today they told him they thought it was stage 3. But we are not going to accept what the devil is trying to give us. We appreciate your prayers and all that you do in christ! Mark 11:23-24

2018-12-04 12:50 PM

Please pray for my father Edward, he fell and now has hip pain that he will be healed.

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