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2019-09-29 09:17 AM

Please pray for total healing and restoration of my fractured wrist. Also for healing of my sister from cancer. Also for financial healing and restoration.

2019-09-29 07:18 AM

Prayers for my financial situation to change for the better

2019-09-29 06:37 AM

I have lost everything,to come back to California,knowing the Big One is anyday,I came to get my Bible my parents gave me in 1965,I have lost everything,staying with strangers,in exchange for all my possesions in storage.I have been to the ER 2 times in 3 weeks.I pray JESUS take me home now,and pray for my family to be saved.

2019-09-29 06:23 AM

Please pray for my daughter Monika for healing for her alcohol dependency. She needs to come to Jesus Christ our Lord for healing and salvation

2019-09-29 04:26 AM

Praying that the Jesus answers my prayers, Remove obstacles, so I can marry Vicki

2019-09-29 01:59 AM

Please pray for my family to get over this sickness quickly, and pray for my newborn not to catch it. Thank you !

2019-09-28 10:59 AM

Please pray that I would be healed of an illness.Thank you.

2019-09-28 07:26 AM

I am 60 yrs old and I have no income and I have to get away from my alcoholic narcissistic husband. I need the provisions so I can start over with my life and heal from all this emotional abuse. I am believing God for a mircale out of this abusive situation. Please pray for God to move and provide a way out of this marriage. Also pray that my oldest son Josh is delivered from drugs and pray for his salvation. Thank you and God Bless

2019-09-28 06:54 AM

Healing peace happiness joy wisdom knowledge understanding strength

2019-09-27 09:32 AM

Dear Pastor Begley, please pray today for myself, Victor. I need a Healing of my body, since I have been very sick with a viral infection, all of September, Please pray that my dizziness and fever leaves me in Jesus/ name. Amen. Thank you, Victor

2019-09-27 07:58 AM

Please pray for my dad, Bill Garner. The tissue on one of his heels is getting worn down because of the way he walks. It's causing him to have a painful heel spur on it. The doctor told him to stay off of it, but he likes to be very active. Please pray that God will heal it and also that he will be able to stay off of it. Thank you!

2019-09-26 11:35 AM

My husband needs prayer I'm having time with him again we're in process filing for him social security disability were at the hearing stage before judge im just been patient it can take some time but his parents are getting involed in our affairs again there trying to get him to go back up to Columbus again and work for asplahd tree company I said it's not going to happen again I'm not going to stand and watch him get hurt anymore been through it time and time again he had motorcycle accident back in 1994 and had traumatic brain injury I can feel evil spirts around me his parents are working against me I think they want to see him get killed so that I will be like my mom and have to move back in with her I said it isn't going to happen I'm not ready to be a widow yet I lost my dad about a year ago they his parents already knew that were wating on the hearing before the judge to get a letter in the mail his parents need to leave us alone there causing conflict in our marriage my husband is listing to his parents he already went behind my back and filled out the application for the job I know God is not going to allow it to happen sorry for been so long Thank you for your prayers I contacted the 700 club to

2019-09-26 10:23 AM

I am a widow and I miss my husband so very much. We were so devoted to each other, and were married for 44 yrs. I am on a limited income and I need God to meet my needs, to pay my bills, I feel so overwhelmed at times, but God has gotten me this far, I trust He will continue to do so. I give my tithes to my local church, and right now I can't give anymore than that. I need prayer fir God to help me with my finances and my health. I praise His Holy Name

2019-09-26 10:08 AM

Please pray for our son Michael Shumaker, Jr. and his family. His wife has revealed that she is bisexual and wants a divorce to be with her lesbian partner. There are 5 children at home aged 5 to 18. Please pray for his and his children's peace of mind and that his wife will repent and seek counseling to turn away from that lifestyle.

2019-09-26 08:45 AM

Please pray that I get to see and hear my kids, my kid's, there mother haven't let me talk or see them over a month and it's hard for me to sleep because I keep seeing their faces and hearing their voices. I pay my child support and do everything on my end but she's not living up to hers, so please in Jesus name I pray that I get to see my kids they give up visitation rights in Jesus name amen. @Demerrill we got your info and will place for a bible

2019-09-26 06:10 AM

Please take these to the wall. Pray for complete healing for my husband, Les, who has stage 4 prostate cancer that had metastasized to his bones. Payfor me for healing for psoriatic arthritis that they have just put me on chemo for and for severe depression and anxiety. For a financial blessing for us and for thesalvation of our for children and 6 grandchildren. For peace in Jerusalem and that pastor Paul and Heidi will continue to be online laying people to the Lord! In Jesus name.

2019-09-26 04:37 AM

My sister who is 65 years young, just received news that she has a malignant brain tumor. The tumor was benign since 2007. She had surgery to remove the tumor but could not remove all of it. She has been having checkups every year since 2007 with the neurosurgeon. Her name is Nancy. She wasn’t feeling well over Labor Day weekend so I took her to the Emergency Room. Her surgeon looked at her MRI and found the tumor had grown to the size of a baseball in addition to becoming malignant. She had surgery Sept 4, to remove it but unfortunately could not get all of it. She also developed an infection from the surgery. Please pray for her. She is in the hospital still and I’m trying to be strong for her, but this is heartbreaking. She will be having chemotherapy treatments with radiation.. I know God has her in His hands. If you could pray that the peace of Jesus and Holy Spirit completely cover her. She believes and knows Jesus as her personal Savior. Thank you all so much.

2019-09-25 11:52 AM

Please join me in prayer for my online contact Virginia and her children for their protection and guidance. Her husband and father of her children has been increasing his drinking and is verbally violent. Praying for the Holy Spirit to guide her as to what to do and angels to surround them! Thank you Saints!

2019-09-25 11:06 AM

Please pray for me, I have so many difficulties in my life and I feel hopeless all the time. I tried for so many years to study and leave in a northern hemisphere country and God denied me that, now my brother gets to live in that same country. I ask God for understanding and not to feel jealous. I have never had a good relationship with my brother and I don't understand why God is doing all these stuff. I highly doubt my brother can or will help me migrate since we don't really get along. All I can do is pray to God and ask for assistance. I also need help for my small business because I'm not selling and I don't want to work for somebody else. I also pray that I can give my elderly parents and my dog a good life and provide for them. Please pray for my family and me. Thank You

2019-09-25 07:27 AM

Please pray for my friend, Fred Smith. He had surgery for his foot and they severed a nerve during the surgery. Now he has to have a hip replacement surgery to remedy that. Please pray the God will heal him and that this surgery will go well and this surgeon will not make another mistake. Thank you!

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