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2019-05-13 07:46 AM

Hi Pastor Paul & Heidi & Prayer Team! Please pray for my mom's pastor's daughter, Anjali Clayton. She's been having a fever come and go every two weeks for a while now and they don't know what's causing it. Please pray for complete healing in Jesus' Name! Thank y'all!

2019-05-12 07:47 AM

Please pray for my grandson, Nicholas for wisdom as he takes a Starr test in math in Monday, May 13. Thank you.

2019-05-11 11:36 AM

Today Saturday 11 may 2019 my mum is having surgery. Her name is above. She is very frail in her seventies. She needs healing of body soul mind All her life she has suffered from demons coming at night in her sleep . Please send her prayer cloth and anointing oil. @Mani we sent you a email we dont have anointing Oil we will send prayer cloths

2019-05-10 12:00 PM

Please pray for my uncle,aunt and cousin. Not sure if they know Jesus. Also, he's an old man who found out recently that he has kidney cancer. My aunt is legally blind and diabetic. She needs him to help her get around. If he gets too ill (not sure what stage he's at) not sure who will help her. And my cousin has a spot on his lung.

2019-05-10 01:26 AM

My son is on the USS Abraham Lincoln out near Iran.. please pray for my "CP"'s safety.. also for my healing from decades of chronic pain and other issues healthwise..Thank you in advance..Pain eats me alive some days - like today.. also if anyone has a pre teen KJV Bible? I raise my grandson, got him NKJV and not happy I did that.. Please> I thank you in advance.. SO worried for my son.. I'm trying to keep him in Jesus' hands. AND for my other adult children who turned away from Christ.. SO much, I'm sorry, but thanks for praying. @Marie we will send you a bible and a few prayer cloth check your email

2019-05-09 12:18 PM

Please would you pray The Lord answers my prayer to buy a appartment for us and one for my brother and sister in law in dundonald comber please pray The Lord works it out so we can have the money to purchase them thank you all Thank you pastor paul Begley God bless

2019-05-09 10:52 AM

Please Jesus, cause my grandson Jack to come to me, it’s almost 10 years. Reveal the hidden and take away false memories. Cause him to remember the good times he had here. Amen

2019-05-09 07:08 AM

I am requesting urgent prayer for healing. I am going to ER today Ford recurrent bleeding issue. I pray the doctors are guided by God. We pray for calm. Thank you. Marilyn AKA Mame

2019-05-09 02:44 AM

We are asking for Prayer for all people involved to do there Job communicating according to the truth in a timely fashion regarding my husbands disability claim and Gods Grace for that. Thank You and God Bless You in Christ Robert & Lisa Wallace

2019-05-08 12:09 PM

As of yesterday I ran into some financial issues if you would please pray that God sees me through this. Thank you and God Bless

2019-05-08 09:59 AM

Please pray for my brother in Christ, Ray, who fell from a roof Monday, & is in the trauma center at University of Kentucky. He broke his neck, back, pelvis, leg & arm & went into cardiac arrest once already. The doctors are doing all they can, & he needs many prayers for healing. Please pray that God will give him a miracle healing, & save his life!

2019-05-07 08:44 AM

Today I had total left knee replacement. Asking for prayers for speedy recovery and strength to endure this horrible pain I am in. Please keep me in prayers. In Jesus name, Amen!!!!

2019-05-07 02:15 AM

Dear Prayer Warriors, please pray for Victor Muscella today. He is constantly being threatened with lawsuits from various friends and enemies. He is finding it difficult to be nice to people at the moment please pray that Jesus protects him in this month of May Amen.

2019-05-07 01:20 AM

Hello pastor Paul the cd of Journey was great,the reason I’m writing that is Ronald Hurley needs prayer for healing and pertection he has thyroid issues and he’s diabetic high blood pressure I ask for you to pray for him in the name of Jesus Christ our father and the Holy spirit to come over his sickness to take all the discomfort away from his body and I like to get some prayer clothes for my family if allowed please and thank you all too much. @Angela we got your info and will place again for some more prayer cloths

2019-05-06 06:30 AM

I am asking for a healing for me, my daughter, my son and my 2 grandsons.

2019-05-05 11:09 AM

Please I pray for help from God I have Scoilios and I had surgery, I have a rod in my spine. The past year I have had pain that is getting so severe in my back and legs. Tonight listening to the show I was hurting so bad that I was calling out to Jesus to heal me and take away the pain. I sit in my lift chair with my blanket trying to bear the pain that I am to the point of misery. I know God can break these chains. So I do request a blanket to lay over the pain while I tune in and as I call out for relief. Please you can send me one.....I know there are others that are more sick than I and please serve them first.Please lift me up for a healing.I am praying myself.....I need some relief. I am 55 and soon my son will be getting married June 1st.....please pray that God will deliver me from this pain I am in. God Bless all....Thank you Salvation Station for all you have bless me with. If it wasn't for the shows to uplift my SPIRITUAL life I dont know what I would do.Thank you and May God Bless! @Brenda we sent you an email..... we will place you for one

2019-05-05 06:46 AM

I have submitted my Passover blessings request but now things are still so bad between my husband and I and my son. Please pray for my marriage and my son.

2019-05-05 04:17 AM

Last Monday i got a letter from my insurance that was to pay to me for being in the hospital. They said that their obligation is $0. It was to be over $50,000 to pay to me. Also SSI said I wasn't bad enough. Also my doctor still said I can't work at all. I filed for unemployment now but they make you declare you are able to work to get it. (I did but only going by what SSI said). I will just tell the places that I apply for the truth but still apply I guess. Or I can't get that income. Also praying for wisdom and grace. No money is hard. The wife's Dad has been paying our bills but we can't just ask for more from him. Unemployment will pay for up to 6 months if approved. Thanks and God Bless.

2019-05-05 04:04 AM

Please pray for my dad's kidneys the dr said they have got worse his name is Samuel and please pray for me I have not been well and suffer from panic attacks please pray The Lord delivers me from smoking thank you and Pastor Paul Begley The Lord bless you all

2019-05-04 10:27 AM

Update on my aunt Cheryl: The graft has failed a 3rd time for Cheryl. The surgeon will be doing the 4th surgery on her tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 7:30 am to try the new graft. We remain in prayer for her. Thank you for praying for her everyone. They did remove her tongue and vocal cords. She will never be able to talk or eat again. Cheryl will be fed through a feeding tube. I hope her prayer blanket got sent out to her. I provided there address. I pray this graft will take. This is in the Lord's hands.

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