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2020-03-01 09:24 AM

Please pray for me for Jesus to heal my depression and anxiety. Thank you so much it means everything.

2020-03-01 04:32 AM

Pray for me n my family pastor Paul i been following u for almost 4 years and as God messenger knowing whats coming ahead in the future i as for u to bless everyone open up many eyes while we still got time people don't understand the time we living in.

2020-02-29 10:01 AM

Have faith God will answer my prays

2020-02-29 06:19 AM

I want to thank Pastor Paul and Sister Heidi. Every night when I get off work I so look forward to watching your Coming Apocalypse program each night when I get home. You have blessed me in ways I never thought. I have been saved because of your show and I’m searching for a church to get baptized. I wish it could be you. I donate when I can and feel great doing so. Thank you for all that you both do and I’m just sending this note to let both of you know. I’m keeping watch, I pray each night and waiting patiently with all my love and soul for my Lord Jesus to return. I’ve never been happier than to watch your show and feel the love of Jesus each night. Thank you all my love Debbie @Debbie awesome! we bless you in Christ name! dont forget this wall is for prayers

2020-02-29 03:04 AM

I ask that the Lord will give me the wisdom and knowledge to spend my money and time doing things that serve the Lord. I ask that you also bless all of the prayer warriors

2020-02-28 06:34 AM

I am exhausted, People want money and I do not have any financial resources I do have some good news. I'm healing slowly I believe in the rapture

2020-02-27 08:52 AM

Need prayer for a broken relationship, had a prophecy about a reconciliation with this person

2020-02-27 07:29 AM

Please pray for me so I can get a job I like. Please pray that can find a way to migrate to North America and reunite with my family. Please pray for my parents health and that I can find a way to give them a good life in their final years

2020-02-26 12:40 PM

May I please have a prayer blanket to put over my head as I pray and alert one for my friend that is mourning for the death of her daughter, for her fibromialga, best knee surgery that has two pins with metal in it, and her arthritis and diabetes also and for me for my tumor in my ovaries, my arthritis in my spine, my diabetes, my obesity and cysts in my cervix along with my high blood pressure and other things wrong with my liver please soo I pay for healing for both of us please used with the annoying oil that was provided for me to use, she's a Christian, so am I.I also requested a Holy Bible KJV or the one from the Jews, I have a Holy Bible but its one of the new ones and my mom the out all of my other ones thst were from the Jerusalem prayer Team in Isreal, all other bibles than the kjv are missing one scripture in it, that's why I need a new Holy Bibke Please, I am in no honesty right now due to my illness and not working yet!.. but I'll donate when my finances are in better shape please. @Eileen prayers in Christ name! we will place you for a bible few prayer cloths and a prayer Blanket

2020-02-26 12:36 PM

healing for lungs ,bones,hot flashes,finances ,melinda, hot flashes,gain 15 lbs eyes

2020-02-26 12:20 PM

I am in need of prayer besides myself but to pray for mercy and grace for more time for my daughters to receive Jesus Christ as they're Lord and Savior, for they know about Jesus but do not go tu church or read they'r holy bible I gave them due to my mother deceiving them to catholicism, for world peace, for all those children being mentally,physically and emotionally abused for comfort, justice and speedy recovery for those who are ill with diseases cancers, for all believers who are in sick beds and prisons for comfort and His will be done, for all those in human trafficking and for those stuck on drugs that the Lord gives them mercy and helps them overcome from satans snares, for all Christians and Jews going through trials, mourning, financial issues, for protection and comfort and for they're players answered according to your Will My Lord, for all those in natural disasters, for the widows and orphans to receive financial help and undying love and support from us believers, for all those who are in need of Jesus and caring or for help but don't know how to pray or ask or are afraid due to community countries, for families that are mourning due to natural disasters, for the Lords wil to be completed what He started, for the mentally ill being deceinved through medications and satan's answers for the elderly abused to be comforted and Jaycee for them for all those who are having the elderly company to be caught, those who are kidnapped to be found safe, those kidnapped to escape, for all believers to keep praying daily for all aroung the world, for strength, courage, discernment, and endurance to face the times to come and that the Lord protects my loved ones and my grandchildren, and for any son that is unknown in my life to be brought to the light so I can respent of it and move forward, Thank you so so much!...Also for the Lord to give the women who are pregnant the flesh heart to not abort they're babies but to have them and give them to abortion before making a terrible decision to kill innocent children. For the USA to stop letting trannys teach our lil children in our schools and libraries and if anyone in my family practices any form of occult or withcraft on me or my children in close settings to be brought to the light, and be taken out of our lives!!...Justice justice justice

2020-02-26 12:15 PM

Please be in agreement for my sons and daughter in laws to be saved, for protection for my family and all of God’s children from this Coronavirus and for it to stop in it’s tracks for good! I’ve been believing God for my creative miracle for my thyroid that was taken during surgery and my voicebox that the doctors paralyzed during surgery and to be cancer free, also for my marriage to be healed, thank you and God Bless

2020-02-26 10:48 AM

Please pray for my children and grandchildren, for their salvation. The devil has really been putting up road blocks, between my adult children and myself. Things that don't make sense. Mountains made from mole hills. Today, I sent a text to one of my daughters who was a Christian as a child. She says shes agnostic/atheist now. I hadn't talked to her since Christmas, and texted that I didn't know if she remembered, but that her and her sister had accepted Christ as their savior when I taught them Sunday school at home when they where young. She said that doesn't count, what she thought when she was 8 years old. I asked her to look up Psalm 91 and pray it because I believe we are living in the end times and also to read Matthew 24 and Luke 21. If she didn't have the bible I gave her she could look it up online at Bible gateway. Her reply was that I was a fanatic and should go see a Psychiatrist. This so saddens me. I feel persecuted by my own children. My children are believing what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. They are going along with the world. It's not like I nag on them or even talk often at all. Just makes my heart so sad. So much disrespect and just down right meanness. Please pray for their salvation and restoration. Also that my grandchildren will know Jesus and not be lead astray by all the mess the world is accepting. I need a break through in them. A break in the walls they build around their selves, such a hardening.. I don't understand it. Thank you Amen. God bless you all. Julia

2020-02-26 07:12 AM

Please pray for my son Joseph troat problems, he sing and play guitar for worship team at his church, he not been able to help as much, is going to see doctor soon. Thank you and God bless Lisa Bruce

2020-02-26 03:37 AM

Healing for shoulder, have Rotator cuff syndrome, Stiff fingers and legs

2020-02-25 06:50 AM

Please pray a hedge of protection for the Anderson family, a mi!itary family that are stationed 21 miles from the Red Zone in Vicenza , Italy. 3 children's school has been closed for a week now. Please pray for them. They are part of this YouTube church and are a beautiful Christian, Patriot fami!y. Thank you for adding to my prayers for them.

2020-02-23 12:08 PM

Prayer request...please pray for my dear Uncle Thurman. He was admitted to the hospital last night. No news yet on why or how he is doing. Ran across the news while scrolling through my newsfeed. Thank you for your prayers!

2020-02-23 05:46 AM

Father god please heal me from depression and anxiety. I have been especially isolated and worried lately. I got a call back from my physician about my mammogram and have to go to the hospital have my right side lymph checked with ultrasound. I am scared. Although there is no breast cancer in the family, there is lymphoma and leukemia. What is worse I have stomach flu right now. I have no family or support here. I ask for healing and a clean bill of health so I can move to San Diego where I will have family who can help and hopefully a new church. I ask for emotional healing and support and good health . In Jesus name

2020-02-22 12:42 PM

I looking at some of the videos. I was hoping that I was mistaken about the problems in China and Africa. China is lying about the number of deaths. I put the videos on facebook page. Africa and the Mid-East are being eaten by locust swarms. I need prayer for healing for my shoulder and breathing issue. Also, I need pray for epilepsy and high blood pressure. Also, I need help with finances. I have been praying the 23 thousand troops we have South Korea. Amanda D.

2020-02-22 03:12 AM

Hello my name is Sandra I’m 48 years old from South Australia. I am a breast cancer survivor of 7 years .(praise God) on Friday the 28th of February I will be having a mammogram on my remaining left breast . Can you please pray for the mammogram to comeback cancer free. I’m standing on Nahum 1:9 what do you imagine against the lord? He will make an utter end affliction shall Not rise up a second time . Thank you and god bless you xxoo

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