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2020-07-02 10:04 AM

Please pray for healing from a very painful elbow bursitis. I am on antibiotics for this for 14 days, please also pray the side effects will be minimal. Thank you!

2020-07-02 08:54 AM

Baby Abel came though surgery like a champ today and will be in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for the next 4 days! Praise God, He is so good! Thank you to all the prayer warriors for my precious nephew!!!

2020-06-29 12:48 PM

Please pray for my nephew Baby Abel. In April I asked for prayer for him when he was starting chemotherapy for a rare form of cancer in both kidneys when he was 5 months old. Since then, he has had several rounds of chemotherapy and now needs surgery, scheduled on July 2. It is a 6 hour surgery, as 1 of his kidneys must be removed as it is no longer functioning and the other must have part of it removed as well. His mother is very scared. Thank you so much and God bless.

2020-06-29 09:55 AM

I'm now asking for prayer for my daughter Jessica. She just lost her best friend Matt Pippin whom we were praying for. She needs the strength and courage to get through this and to be saved. She was as a child, but i feel she has been on a dark path for many years after losing her son, one other close friend and now her best friend. I really want her to come back to God. Please pray for her.

2020-06-29 07:36 AM

Update on prayer request from 6-21-20, I've requested prayers of healing of Matt Pippin, my daughters best friend. He has coded twice today and is on life support. He's also on dialysis and he's still producing urine which is a hopeful sign. I know it sounds really bad, but God alone can heal this young man! He isn't saved and I hope to be able to give him that chance. We have talked about God before. He's had a hard life. I'm still believing for a miracle to heal him. I think it could lead my daughter back to God also. She's been in deep darkness for many years after losing her son. I'm very concerned for the both of them. Please pray for his healing and for Matt and my daughter, Jessica to come to the Lord after seeing his healing. We all need a bit of strength here also. Thank you so much for your prayers brothers and sisters.

2020-06-29 05:47 AM

Pray for healing of my neighbor Steve...he has a mass in his pancreas and will be seeing the oncologist tomorrow morning. May Jesus become very real to Steve and may he turn his life over to Jesus for salvation. Thank you for joining me in prayer!

2020-06-29 03:10 AM

Dear Prayer Warriors, Please pray for my nephew David. He needs the right donor for new kidneys. Thank you.

2020-06-28 09:21 AM

Please pray for my daughters best friend, Matt Pippin. Early 30's and he's in liver failure. They just put him on a ventilator and it's not good. My daughter is not take this well either. She is extremely upset over it. I also know he is not saved and pray we get a chance to help that also. So far they aren't allowing anyone to see him at all, he's all alone and this is not good. Please pray for his healing and coming to know the Lord. Thank you.

2020-06-28 03:22 AM

Would you please pray for a healing for my left knee. Thank you.

2020-06-28 02:51 AM

Hello those at PB's. I pray and want you to pray that people will start filling God's job assignments such as Apostles, servants, healing,wisdom, prophecy,Spiritual discernment,word of wisdom and knowledge, Faith, Miracles, Tongues and interpretations. I myself have had a long road with bone nerve and spinal issues that cannot be controlled. HB pressure, gout also. Thank you to all, you are truly wonderful. When we see you we see God.

2020-06-27 09:37 AM

Please pray for Kyle. He needs great and mighty prayers for his healing, restoration, salvation and more. Having been in Iraq he is against any faith, he needs prayers for himself, and for his relationship with his family.

2020-06-26 02:25 AM

Hi Pastor Paul, I wanted to put in a request for prayer to help me get custody of my kids back, the mother of my kids right now are having problems and I'm praying that she gets better, but please pray for me that I get custody of my kids and that the mother of my kids get better and we can definitely be a happy family again. Thank you so much. @Demerrill we will place you for prayer blanket

2020-06-25 07:54 AM

Good paster and morning everyone hope your all having a great day please pray that I can finally get rid of my sins am following god to the best I can I need this sins to go I need to repent so I can get rapture ready so please pray for me also am praying for my safety and that I be available to get out of this family drama my uncle is getting worse and this great divide in my family is only thinkin with my family becoming more selfish and control by the day am very worried and sacred and I don’t why paster but I feel me being hear it’s holding back my progress so paster and everyone please pray for me in Jesus name amen

2020-06-25 06:01 AM

Prayer request for my son "Erik" to surrender to God. He's running from his calling at a very young age and he knows it. Requesting salvation for Erik. Thank you, there's Power in #'s !

2020-06-25 03:06 AM

Please lift me up for my migraines. I have had them since a child but with8the last 3 weeks they are getting more in number. I usually just get 1 toradol shot at the ER but this last one I had a total of 3 toradol shots. I'm on FMLA and have missed a lot of work. I also take the the AJOVY shot which has helped with cutting the attacks down but the migraines seem to be coming back. I also have an mri on june 30 and an appointment with a headache dr on july 6. If you could pray for those dates as well. Thank you.

2020-06-25 02:47 AM

Please restore my life to rid of my depression and anxiety and stress with my fear to dissolve from my life so l can give all my attention to my children and their children so l find the strength to become more healthier and stronger than before to motivate myself to health. Thank you in advanced..

2020-06-25 02:43 AM

Please pray for my brother Zavian Bryant and my sister Priscilla Bryant so that they can find Jesus Christ. Please pray for the protection for my family, myself, and my extended family during these dangerous times. My wife and I are in the process of looking for a house. Please pray so that God can lead us in the direction of the house that he has set for us. Thank you

2020-06-24 08:28 AM

Pleas pray for me am trying my best to repent and stay strong and try to forgive my family for all the hate they gave me and it’s just ugh I need gudiance so bad and wisdom to help glad me to the road of being rapture ready and to make matters worse my uncle has been starting a lot of stuff with me he is the one that got us from are foster parents and he has been taking government money to support us and using it for me and arguing lying and sometimes even abusing us and now he is nonstop yelling and screaming trying to start stuff and rufusing to listen to a word a say this is way I got the Wal-Mart job to get out of here but it takes time and Wal-Mart is getting worse two so I don’t even know how long I can handle that I need procteing I need wisdom and I need guidance especially after the events that happened two days ago he started a fight and blamed me for it and threaten to take ever away and to stop buying me food even though am paying him money to do so please I need help he is insane and I need to repent the rest of my family isn’t that much better please Paster pray for me in amen @Javier read Psa. 23 and learn it pray everyday

2020-06-24 01:37 AM

I please request prayers for healing spiritually, mentally, and physically from my anxiety worry and fear due to events in my life , being a nurse during the covid crisis, and my families struggles. Please ask Jesus to help me as my Dad, Friend, and Savior. Thanks so much everyone @Sarah read Psa. 91 daily and Psa. 23

2020-06-24 01:00 AM

I rebuke the devil ever giving me a hard time in Jesus name. Pray that I stay confident in God and I receive this abundance of financial blessings to leave. Thanks

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