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2018-11-07 10:29 AM

prayer for Kylee Downing, cancer....My Son Clayton Maillet broken ankle, broken wrist, and gout....and a alcoholic...

2018-11-07 04:48 AM

Please pray for Lisa K and her family. Last night they lost a grandbaby and the couple may not be able to have another.

2018-11-06 11:54 AM

My prayer request is for my niece Audrey, me, my sister Deanna, her husband Sam, my nephew Jax; and always my mother and my father, family and friends. I pray for my niece Audrey to be filled with the spirit of Jesus Christ and protect her, let her heart know that her auntie Danielle will see you again and through Jesus we will see each other again and you will be brought back to me. Also I pray for myself to not fear, keep the faith and heal my brain, mind and body; I will be cleaned from the inside out. I will return the darts thrown and be able to fix my student loan because I have proof of payments and I will go back and finish college, and I will build a house, a home for us, my family. I will work for you Lord, hide me. Bring my niece Audrey back to me, in to my life, melt her heart so she can feel my love and I am with her every day, every minute, every hour; I have never left you. I will make it and through Jesus will prevail. Work, save, build a safe place, bring us back together, my family. My sister and nephew are in Australia living with her husband Sam. They moved there four years ago because they couldn't make it here because of my sister's drug addiction. I believe she's clean, and getting her stuff together. But she needs prayer, humble her, her heart and ways of thinking, beliefs; grown as a child for Jesus and must be found again. And my father, he needs an awakening so he can be saved; I pray for my father's soul to be saved and wash his sins away; same as for me and my mother, we sin every day; a sin is a sin no matter what, nothing's little or big we should know that, it's intentions. Yes growing up a child of God, oh I love Jesus and have had my own personal experiences and I am reaching out to for my purpose Lord. When I would speak to a group of people, everyone was always in awe saying that a light shines when I talk and followed me; I want that back Jesus, I want to shine for you again and tell my experiences, stories. What can I do for you Lord Jesus Christ? Show me, I will do anything for you. Help me know what my dreams mean, I don't want to sin Lord. I just want you, my niece Audrey, my family together; bring us back together please. I love you Lord and I love the world and life you have given me, and have given back my life several times. I would love to know, serve you and work for you. Save us all, open the eyes of your children Jesus, bring love and happiness and you back into America and your world which you created. I am sorry for my jumbled words and I hope all can understa my prayers. I am an emotional person who loves Jesus and I love you, everyone; I cannot hate and that is such a strong word to say, hate is evil. Lord Jesus Christ, hear my prayers and I know that you will lead me. Thank you for your love. Amen, amen. ❤ @Danielle prayers in Jesus name

2018-11-06 10:22 AM

Set a complete stop on the freeway while an accident was being cleared and a young girl eating hit me from behind doing 50 miles an hour.... I am in a lot of pain... And also the beautiful car that my husband bought me for my anniversary is totaled... My husband passed away a year ago and this car meant a lot to me... Her insurance company it's not dealing fairly with me..... I am without a car and I can't afford to buy a new one.. prayers @Hannah let your insurance company fix your car and let them go after the guilty party to get their money back amen

2018-11-06 07:53 AM

I feel like my family is under spirit attack from something demonic. My husband is a paramedic and sees alot of awful things and he has not slept good in about a month because of having very graphic dreams. Satan is attacking him and our family. @Kimberly get 100% pure Olive oil pray over it! ask God to bless it! and anoint your husband head everyday in Christ mighty name amen!

2018-11-05 11:32 AM

Please pray that GOD will stop me from having uncontrolled seizures because they have been hitting me more rapidly than normal and I have recently fell and scraped my back. I have bandages on my back now but I need prayers that GOD will stop me from having seizures.

2018-11-05 06:42 AM

Hi family please pray for my cousin Mason THE DOCTORS DON'T THINK HE'LL MAKE IT THREW The Night he is 20 yrs old and has had 2 heart transplants one at 2 yrs old and one at 15 he hasn't been feeling well went in to have a stint put in today an crashed on the o.r table they don't think he'll make it threw the night please pray with me tonight thank you so much

2018-11-05 05:16 AM

Hi I'm a believer my name is Steve garcia I love your YouTube channel pastor please pray for me and my family we are going through a hard time time ATM we can't rent a house due to our credit situation we have gone through so many walls I can't sleep my anxiety is bad my mom has a bad chest cold with a bad cough due to worries on this my mom's family offered to help us but one of her sisters got involved and the other sister changed her mine so we're stuck please pray that everything goes good for us we got to be out of are place were in now by Jan 1st 2019 also pray for my mom to feel better god bless you pastor thank you

2018-11-05 04:00 AM

Need prayers for my neck. Been having pain for several weeks now. Also I need prayers to help me stop a addiction I have and to make me a better father and husband. Please pray for my wife to help her stop smoking and to make our financial status to improve.

2018-11-05 02:50 AM

Flattened with Flu. Please Pray I am miserable. I am Praying for the Prayer Wall as Well. Love RachelSara

2018-11-04 08:25 AM

please pray that I continue to grow and strengthen and be guided by God and to come closer to God each and every day I thank you and God bless you for your prayers and continue to pray for me as well as I be praying for you and the church

2018-11-04 07:33 AM

Paster Begley, I don't have a lot of money, I'm on disability. You are my only spiritual guidance because I'm not able to go to church. Please pray for my family. Many of them are not saved, and please pray for me that my income improves. My plans are to start a new business in my home, next year. Thank you very much Paster Begley. Laura Coggs

2018-11-02 06:11 AM

PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FAMILY! My kids have arguments and strife in my home with each other and they get me to a point where I lose it and say not nice things! Then I feel so guilty! Please pray for peace and love in my home. I try to do bible study with them every night but it always comes back to them arguing over stupid things and a big yelling fight with me taking all their phones and computers. ( it’s so difficult to get the phone from my 16 year old daughter Carina she almost gets violent!) PLEASE HELP! Lauren

2018-11-01 12:36 PM

I am under spiritual attack. Feeling alone, depressed, unloved.. negative thoughts continue to knock me down. I keep thinking that I'm going to be left behind during the Rapture, because of every bad thought, every bad thing I've said, or done. Tonight I had the thought running through my head that Jesus hates me. That he's going to deny knowing me. I can't stand feeling this way. I keep praying and hoping. But I fear I'm losing my faith. I fear I'm annoying everyone by leaving so many prayer requests. I honestly feel like I'm a nobody. @Julie Christ love us so, dont get discourage please pick up the bible! never give up!

2018-11-01 10:39 AM

Please pray for salvation and deliverance for my son Levi. He is struggling with severe depression and has been for years, and that Jesus reveals Hiself to him, and that Levi's eyes will be opened to the truth. Pray also against spiritual attacks against us also please, they are steady and continual. Please pray also the same, for my daughter Briannon. Thank you, and Jesus/Yeshua bless you

2018-11-01 01:20 AM

Please pray for the salvation of my son Michael.

2018-10-31 09:54 AM

my sister lisa watson ,diagnosed with breast cancer pray for her healing by gods hand.

2018-10-31 03:09 AM

My friend JB's wife Brit, is in the hospital and they found 2 aneurysms. Please pray for Jesus to heal her. JB & Brit have a young son who needs his Mom to be ok. Thank You & God Bless.

2018-10-30 08:10 AM

Please pray for my son Andrew who I feel needs to be spiritually restored back to God & His word. My son got into trouble and thinks that he had no fault. I need an army to pray for my son's stony heart. That God will break his stone heart so my son will come back and the work of God can penetrate thru. thanks AL

2018-10-30 03:23 AM

I need prayer for my faith..I am struggling to her Gods voice and I want be United with him again but more stronger than ever. Please pray for my moms and dads finances. But mostly pray for my faith. God bless you all and go in peace in Jesus name. Pray that Jesus will enter my heart and cleanse me. Thank you.

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