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2019-03-09 09:59 AM

I ask for prayers for my little brother and older brother. They are both struggling with addiction. I ask for prayers of healing for the both of them. I ask that God lay his hands on them and take away there addictions. My family and I have struggled with this for over 10 years with the both of them. We are all tired and my parents are so drained. We ask that God gives us all the strength to keep fighting this sickness and pray for strength for the both of them as well. I also ask that God sends them blessings and give them the will to change for the better. God bless everyone and thank you for your prayers.

2019-03-09 08:51 AM

Please pray for my son, Tyler, that he chooses the college where God wants him to go. I pray that he is not done with his hockey career. Help him get a job until then. That he and his dad can begin to have a good relationship. In Jesus’ name, I pray for help. Thank you.

2019-03-08 03:50 AM

Please pray for me and my daughter. My husband passed away four months ago and now my daughter and myself are both having serious health issues. Right after my husband passed away , both cars broke down , the heater broke in that horrible cold freeze here. It’s been one thing after another that just doesn’t seem within the realm of normal. I won’t go into it all but now I am having health issues very similar to my husbands. I can’t get the test I need that the Dr deemed as urgent for three weeks! Please pray for me and my daughter . It seems like a spiritual attack that has not let up much for months. I am feeling so anxious about everything. Thank you.

2019-03-07 09:59 AM

my son is not a Christian. and won't listen to anything I tell him about God. I also want to pray for his girlfriend she is scared of me because I always talk about Jesus the Messiah. I want them both to turn to Christ and start studying Christianity and prophecy.

2019-03-07 03:27 AM

two friends have cancer Lance R and coach Dewitt...please pray thank you alan

2019-03-06 07:53 AM

Thanking Jesus for Prays answered and prays to be answered,praise to you lord Jesus

2019-03-06 07:46 AM

Hi Pastor Paul & Heidi! Please pray for my dad, Bill Garner! On March 18th, he's getting a biopsy on his prostate because his PSA was 5 last time they checked. Please pray for complete healing in Jesus' Name and that the biopsy will be normal! Thank y'all! Love y'all!!! ~Tracy

2019-03-06 05:48 AM

This is a request. Years ago I realized God gave me a gift of poetry and song writing in which I knew very, very little about. What I wrote, I guess, was so so. I am retired and moved to another state. At this church they started a group of songwriters. I tried again writing songs, seeking God’s help and guidance. I thought these songs would be helpful and good for the people, and always depending on God, for He is the Creator of all things. I know very, very little about music and I am not a very good singer. Only through faith and believing I persevered and kept trying, not knowing what God’s plans are for me. They kept on rejecting the songs and they are not helping me to understand to do it better. I’m not trying to put God on the spot, but He started something in me and in faith I wrote. In faith I tried and I keeping trying. Only God can be and make the difference in me to write a song that will glorify Him. I am trying to be faithful in what He started in me, knowing I lack much understanding and knowledge. I’ve been seeking His help since this all started. I’m hoping I can continue and offer a song to Him that He can use and the group of Inspire. I know prayers do help. Please pray that I can and that this is His will, His plans, His way and In His time for all things to come together that will Glory Him, not me. I want to be able to stay faithful and use His gifts that He gave to me as long as possible, according to His will, of course. I pray there is no evil desires in me to accomplish this, just to acknowledge and give Him all the Glory in Jesus’ name. May your prayers help me as you lift them up to the Father in Jesus’ name. Sorry, this is so long of a request. May you understand. Thank you.

2019-03-06 04:05 AM

1. Please pray for Wilson to be restored in health and finances 2. Please pray for Daniel to be released from police custody. They took his $5000 and refused to release him 3. Please pray for my debt cancellation 4. Please pray for Alvin who was robbed and shot by robbers. He needs to recover and is financially strapped 5. Please pray for Jackie to be released from his Syria assignment

2019-03-05 12:18 PM

Restoration of marriage. Husband left me for another. Also deliverance over my daughter, Kaylah. She is living a gay lifestyle.

2019-03-05 12:17 PM

Praise report!!!!- my dog Asher's tumor is only a fatty tumor. No cancer!! Thanks for praying!!!! Psalms 36:6

2019-03-05 08:59 AM

Update on my prayer request. Yesterday I received a phone call from my insurance company informing me that a mistake was made and that I will be reinstated so that the coverage that I was expecting to get will be honored after all. I don't yet know how much I will get yet but what a blessing. God has opened the windows of heaven when we needed it and we are making it ok. We should get the money in time to keep our cable and Wi-Fi on and pay our car insurance or so we are told. Hoping for prayer that God's speed will bring this much needed money in fast and for wisdom so we don't get in a mess waiting for disability to approve through SSD. Thanks God bless

2019-03-05 06:30 AM

My sister in-law Iris Loveall’s granddaughter; Lilly has brain cancer and is having surgery today. Low chance of surviving surgery and if she survives the surgery., there is a low chance of being able to talk and being able to eat. Asking for prayer and healing and to guide the surgeons hands through the surgery.

2019-03-04 10:40 AM

I need healing of anxiety and stress. Little things in dealing with people are really getting on my nerves. I need prayer for faith to believe that my dog, Asher, who has a biopsy scheduled for 3.5.19, that all results will be normal. I love my boy SO much and want him to be in great health. Thanks!!

2019-03-04 07:20 AM

Please pray for my husband, 2 sisters and brother (and their families) that they will accept Jesus Christ before the rapture so they do not need to experience that which is coming on this earth. Pray that they have ears to hear his guidance, eyes to see his ways and a heart that can feel his presence. In Jesus’s name - amen

2019-03-04 05:16 AM

Please pray for my mother, Florence. She has chronic lymphocytic leukemia and was taking imbruvica. The medecine she has been taking is not working any longer and her lymph nodes are swollen and a CT scan revealed a spot on her cerebellum . She has an mri scheduled Friday . Please pray for her recovery and for the doctors to have the wisdom to find the proper medecine to treat her condition. In Jesus name amen

2019-03-03 08:59 AM

My little boy is experiencing a series of strokes or a heart attack he NEEDS the healing that can come from Jesus

2019-03-03 07:06 AM

Dear pastor Paul Begley please would you pray for protection healing for my family and I for the last two weeks things have been happening to us which are not good a few of our neighbors don't seem to like us we don't understand why but awful things have been going on and it has been so hard for us all please pray for us we really need The Lord's help thank you so much God bless please pastor Paul Begley would you pray The Lord meets all our needs praying for the things we need we would really appreciate it thank you God bless you your family and ministers in Jesus name amen

2019-03-03 06:41 AM

For healing and restoration of my family I am a widow and want to remarry after 7 years feel apart from my family need to find a good church home Pastor Lynn needs total healing

2019-03-02 07:34 AM

Please pray for my daughter who is under attack and needs protection but also needs strength and favour to for her to get into her chosen school and I need wisdom and strength to help fight for her appeal hearing for this school. God bless this ministry and thank you xx

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