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2020-05-06 01:26 AM

Please pray for my Father who is sick in hospital in Jesus mighty name.

2020-05-04 09:56 AM

Thank GOD I have an income now I can donate now. I got a job when people where getting laid off. And got a $ 100 bonest.

2020-05-04 08:13 AM

One of my best friends since childhood has been diagnosed with Pik's disease, which is a fatal brain condition. Her brother died of it a few years ago. Please pray for a complete healing and restoration for her. Thank you and God bless everyone.

2020-05-04 05:08 AM

Please pray for my dizziness and vertigo to stop. I feel that this may be spiritual attack triggering my multiple sclerosis. I live alone but I am trying to care for my pets, my garden and myself but this is nearly disabling. Thank you in the name of Jesus Bonnie

2020-05-04 03:38 AM

Please pray for me have a really really bad UTI again and feel like it’s just getting worse in really bad pain. God bless

2020-05-03 10:22 AM

Thanks gor your prayes I got a job. And my back is doing a little better. Thank JESUS.

2020-05-02 06:40 AM

Please pray for my son, Christopher Ryan Albers. He needs salvation, and to put god first in his life. Pray that he stops drinking and using drugs please! I’m begging!!

2020-05-02 03:10 AM

Please pray for the salvation of my 2 adult sons, husband, and other family members.

2020-05-02 01:48 AM

Please pray my tenants will be able to pay me. I have been taking heavy losses due to covid and have many unpaid bills. Also my internet is down and this also hurts my business. Please pray for God's intervention and blessing. Also God's protection from the wicked schemes of many of my enemies. Thanks and God bless.

2020-04-30 11:56 AM

Please pray for a victory for me concerning a legal matter.

2020-04-30 11:33 AM

Please pray for my Mom, she is in Holston Valley Community Hospital, TN. (Ballad Health). She was Med Flight on 4/20/20. She has numerous cuts and infection from a fall. She is in ICU on ventilator. She and I (Michael) have been watching your show together and rededicated our lives during the "Man on Fire" episode a few months back. One of her wishes were to submit a donation to your Online Church. Please pray for her healing, comfort and God's Will to be done during this very emotional time, she is 79 and a precious child of God.....We show up on your live chat during broadcast as Boondocks Outdoors....... Brenda Thank you all and God Bless! @Brenda prayers! in Christ name! we will place you for a few prayer cloths

2020-04-30 07:40 AM

Hi paster Paul doing my best with watching your videos it’s stressful with all this family stress and work life Wal-Mart is just out of control the customers are treating us like garbage there running as over with curts yelling at us screaming at us and mage meant only cares about profit I feel used and abused there but I need the job and the money and the government won’t even give us the Stums money if your 18 and all this family drama going on it’s getting worse arguments everyday I feel alone abounded I need someone by side god and human please email me or send a letter anything u can do well help please @Javier we pray your strengh in Christ name! grab a bible! always read Psa. 23 and Psa. 91 keep going!

2020-04-30 02:10 AM

Please heal my back it hurts very bad sometimes

2020-04-30 01:59 AM

I am asking for prayer for my 79yr old father who has ESRD (end stage renal disease, stage 5) and he has reached stage 5, TOTAL failure. He refused dialysis but as I write this he is getting a stent inserted in his arm for dialysis. The doctor's told him it takes 2-3 months to become useful, and he has about 3 months before he has to begin dialysis or walk away. I am requesting a prayer blanket for my dad so he can wrap himself in it while in his chair, bed, or on the screened in porch. I got a blanket for my neighbor and he 9my dad) REALLY believes GOD can create in him working kidneys since he helped a serious stroke victim. OFF SUBJECT: I GOT MY MEGA QUAKE TICKET AND THE AAA TICKET. Jesus was right on time, my stimulus check got deposited at 9am EST today. THANK YOU JESUS. Anyway, my dad is very stressed because he watched his sister go through what he is facing for about 6 years. He totally believes in prayer, he is a Christian but has issues of anger......I would love him to receive some good ole coffee, a stress ball, a prayer blanket, and we can cuddle together in front of my computer screen and watch Mega Quake and in July the "A.A.A" webinar. THANK YOU for your prayers and consideration. GOD BLESS @MELANIE blessings! we will place William for a prayer blanket

2020-04-29 06:37 AM

Please pray for my cousin Jens unborn baby. pray that all his/her parts are inside the body where they belong and that he/she is born normal and healthy. When this child is born normal everyone will say it is a miracle and thank you God.

2020-04-29 06:11 AM

Please agree with me in prayer for my sister-in-law Julie for complete healing and restoration. She is hospitalized after having taken an overdose in a suicide attempt.

2020-04-29 01:08 AM

I send prayer request my depression/anxiety and whatever else is fixed in my brain

2020-04-28 04:15 AM

I need god to bless me I get approved for unemployment benefits money

2020-04-26 02:24 AM

Praise Report God Is Moving In Amazing Ways God Loves His People Mom Is Doing Very Well,Dad Is Doing Ok But Forgets A lot And Is Walking With A Cane. Richard S.

2020-04-25 12:51 PM

Please pray for my husband John. He has diabetes, severe back problems and kidney disease. He helps care for our three grandsons who we adopted last March.

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