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2019-01-13 07:51 AM

please pray for my marriage.

2019-01-13 07:30 AM

Pleas pray for the healing of my wife Nancy, who is suffering with Shingles. Her sores have healed, praise God, but she is in constant pain because of this virus that is attacking her nerve cells. Thank you and God Bless you, John.

2019-01-13 06:37 AM

My mom had a massive stroke and is in the hospital, she cant speak, only babbles and im beside myself with grief over what the stroke has done to her :((((

2019-01-12 10:15 AM

My cousin Nathan Davis was in a very bad car accident. He is in critical condition. Please pray for him and his family. Thank you.

2019-01-12 07:59 AM

Please pray for my pet. She is a Muscovy duck called Jemima. She has been diagnosed with diphtheria and is on medication. Her breathing is affected by a membrane blocking her windpipe and she has to cough this away to breath more comfortably. May Jesus give her appetite and strength to fight this for full healing.

2019-01-12 04:07 AM

I Like Prayer To Ask God To Give A Driction on which Way To Go And Feeling Of Closeness And Deeper Walk With Him.

2019-01-11 12:14 PM

I have a prayer request for a financial miracle which leads me to a stable job soon. I am running out of money very soon and not sure if I can endure much longer. Really need a relatively well paying job to pay bills and pay off debts. Thank you. Amen.

2019-01-11 03:00 AM

Please pray for my son, Zachery, and stepson, Andy. They are both saved but are living broken lives. Asking that God redeem their lives.

2019-01-11 01:52 AM

Please agree with me in prayer and thanksgiving for my son ZAC to know God’s guidance, healing, and release from depression in his life.

2019-01-10 11:36 AM

Please pray today for Victor. Pray that he and his girlfriend Karen can come together as friends or partners. Amen. Victor M.

2019-01-10 10:45 AM

I need prayers for my end stage cancer, I have made a donation tonight. I know 50 dollars is not much but I hope it helps the ministry

2019-01-10 10:30 AM

Please pray for my husband Robert. His insurance denied his surgery to restore his hearing.

2019-01-10 10:23 AM

pray for my daughter to find employment Mon-Fri so she can be home with her children nights and weekends. She is a single mother.

2019-01-10 10:12 AM

Im not sure of my salvation. I may still be lost. Also pray for savation for my 7 year old son and my fiance. Thanks.

2019-01-10 10:10 AM

Please pray God will provide renters for my empty rooms. I really need the income. Thanks

2019-01-10 09:31 AM

I have not been healed as yet but if it's not in His time, I know I'll keep on keeping on. My COPD has gotten to bad now I cannot walk without suffocating and needing to find a chair quickly to keep from passing out. I need my Lord to heal me for my old dog who needs me so much as she is older than am I and I'm 77. She loves and needs her mommy.

2019-01-10 08:54 AM

Jan 1st about 5 pm eastern I had a aortic aneurysm. I just about died but made it through. I didn't need surgery somehow but I am supposed to get out of the hospital today. I really appreciate your prayers. God bless

2019-01-10 06:30 AM

Hello, I need to receive prayer for a situation that in my poor judgement I made and now suffering the conquences of my actions need to move out of a home and go back home 500 miles. With the weather being winter with lots snow and very cold could prove to be very difficult and a big need for lots of people to step and help bring as I will be single women and cannot do this myself plus money. I feel scared and I admit to my sin it trying to step away and do the right thing. Thank you for allowing me to submit this and ask for support and prayer! Some times we learn a lesson the hard way and suffer the consequences of our actions! Thank you!

2019-01-10 04:37 AM

my son in law Jason is in the mist of a great attack of the enemy. HE NEEDS TO GET BACK TO GOD. He used to be a youth pastor and depended 0n THE WORD OF GOD He has gotten away from that. GOD has given me an anointing a number of times to share the WORD, Some was received. He is very confused. His wife my daughter and my granddaughter and myself are feeling the effects of this attack on him. He needs to be released. Thank You so much. I'm believing God with you.

2019-01-10 03:35 AM

My daughters Meghan, Kaitlyn and Ashleigh as well as my husband are not saved. Your payers would be much appreciated. Let me tell you a little story about how great our Lord is... I had backslidden for the last several years after being saved 24 years ago. After several years of feeling somewhat disconnected from the Lord and depressed, last february, I felt the grace of the Lord upon me so strong, with a sense of extreme urgency that said to me that I needed to study eschatology and that the Lord, our Bridegroom, wanted me to renew my relationship with Him. He is so faithful and true that He came to rescue me and ask me to come back to Him, because little did I know at the time, we were so close to the Lord returning... Had He not come to retore me, or had I ignored Him, I would not have been ready for His return. As time went by and I got caught up in life, I had forgotten about Him, but He never forgot about me. Amazing! Praise the Lord!

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