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2019-07-24 09:39 AM

Please pray for my nephew Tony who was in a serious accident and is partially paralyzed he can't move his legs and can't use his hands and he's got head contusions,broken vertebraes and broken ribs and he needs prayers and blessings.Please ask God to heal him and regain his strength so he can walk again . thank-you

2019-07-24 01:28 AM

Praise report update on Rosy surgery. After posting asking for prayer for my 5yr old granddaughters surgery for kidney disease I'm so Blessed to report not only did surgery go perfectly but the hospital is in shock NOT 1 drop of blood in her Cath!! Even after surgeon said it would be normal to see blood in her urine for a couple weeks. All Glory to our Father and so thankful for all of your Faith & Prayers! Love you all & BLESSINGS In JESUS precious name!!

2019-07-23 12:51 PM

I want to walk again without constant pain, I want to have fun with my grandbabies. My whole family needs a spiritual healing, I need physical healing. Crohn's rheumatoid arthritis plus side affects from 4 yrs of chemo damaged my feet. Help me get whatever is blocking me from healing away forever. Christ is My Messiah He lives in my soul. I feel it and it's stronger every day. The wounded Child in me I think needs healing as well. I ask this in our Messiah's Christ name Amen

2019-07-23 05:14 AM

My name is Ryan Redmond I am believing for a miracle because I was in a car accident last week and got the worst laryngitis and I am so scared if my vocal cords and larynx was damaged and injured I'm believing for a miracle of healing and restoration in my voice/breathing

2019-07-23 05:07 AM

I need prayer for healing in my voice pastor Bagley I know you your self went through the voice surgery and recovery process I haven't had no surgery but my voice is injured/damaged I'm believing for a miracle of healing

2019-07-23 02:11 AM

Please keep my 5yr old granddaughter Rosy in your prayers, she's have surgery today for kidney disease! Thank you & God Bless

2019-07-22 09:56 AM

I have been called of the Lord to be a watchman on the wall. Everytime I try to warn people of coming danger, they can me a conspiracy theorist. I pray that the Lord opens their eyes like Elisha prayed that his serves eyes would be open to really what's going on in the heavens and on Earth?

2019-07-22 08:59 AM

For financial blessings and miracles.For miracles blessings and healing in all areas of my life.For early retirement.For an interstate highway legal motor scooter.To move to Lees summit and live in a nice beautiful townhouse or Apartment.For a new and better life .

2019-07-22 05:36 AM

I would like to pray for a new aorta from God and normal levels of cholesterol. Saturday is the day of checking the aorta and it must not get larger for me to return to work but still I pray for a new aorta from God not man... Also my blood pressure was up again and increase of blood pressure pills again. Body weight is down to 220 now with a goal of 200 is my plan. For my height 200 is what my doctor recommends. Love in Jesus name...

2019-07-22 03:58 AM

Pray that all goes well with my sister Priscilla Bryant pregnancy she has been having a rough time and has been I'll lately.

2019-07-22 02:13 AM

Please pray for my mother Doris Bryant ever since she came home from the dentist she has not been feeling right pray for her healing.

2019-07-21 08:56 AM

My wife Lisa needs prayer for healing. She has stage4 cervical cancer. She is only 56 years old. I love her very much. We are trusting in the Lord. Jesus is the only one that can help. Thank you. Keith

2019-07-21 07:20 AM

A friend needs prayer,her name is Sarah,her daughter is 28 has 5 children,she is having a breakdown,and the state wants my friend to take the children,but she has limited room and money,she is crying and in distrees,her daughters names,Nina,Sarena,kids,Jaylah,michael,isaac,athena,adrianna,and nick,jaylah has emotional problems also,thank you

2019-07-21 07:19 AM

Please pray for my son Alex. He is 22 years old and he is addicted to heroine and Meth. He almost died of a bad lung infection recently. He needs salvation, healing and restoration Thank you & God bless you.

2019-07-21 03:08 AM

Pray for my husband’s welder, he was in a motorcycle accident yesterday 7/20/19 and has a broken collarbone and a concussion. He will be out the next couple months.

2019-07-17 08:35 AM

I want to thank God and you guys for this ministry. My granddaughter needs prayers for healing, she has been getting seizures. She also sufferers from CP.

2019-07-17 04:25 AM

I need prayer for financial blessings and miracles.For miracles and blessings in all areas of my life.For early retirement.To move to Lees summit Missouri and live in a beautiful townhouse or Apartment.For an interstate highway legal motor scooter.

2019-07-16 12:36 PM

i been nervous depressed n healing from that the most and tobacco use n medication use i would love to be free of this stress n lack of being married and baptized .Jesus is king

2019-07-16 03:42 AM

I watch Pastor Paul everyday at noon and 10est. My wife and I have rededicated during the broadcast. We find ourselves in a situation where we cant pay rent and are facing eviction. We are raising our 4 year old grandson. We're both disabled but we're about the Lord's business, by both raising our grandson and helping at our local Church. We need to come up with $1500 by Friday. Our local Church does not have the funds to help us. We just had an very unexpected bill this month and that put us into this situation. I've gone to the Lord in prayer handing the problem over to Him after trying and trying to get a loan to pay back over a few months and just kept getting shut down. I know God is bigger than our problem and that he will do something supernatural to provide the money to keep us from being evicted by Friday. God is so good!! PLEASE, will you all pray for the supernatural act providing the funds we desperately need in order to not be evicted. We are Ken and Donna with grandson Declan. This online family is so great and caring. Please we need your prayers!!!

2019-07-16 02:43 AM

Been feeling so broken. I keep praying for help and healing, and yet I'm still struggling to survive. I repent and pray every day. Crying out to Yeshua. Reaching for his hand. Praying for others. Trying to change my ways. Yet I feel I've messed up so much to the point of hopelessness. I don't want to lose my Faith. Yet I feel forgotten. Please pray for me. I need protection from the spirits of depression, doubt, and the negative thoughts that the devil keeps bombarding me with.

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