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2020-07-11 03:58 AM

Please pray for the drinking problems in my family. Pray the drinking will stop and the family can get back on track with the Lord and be happy again! THANK YOU!!!

2020-07-10 11:21 AM

Please pray for my cousin who is in ICU right now and his salvation. A lot of unsaved people i have seen over the 4th including young people who are involved in knockout games and BLM. We pray for those involved in it. We pray for America mostly especially President Trump I too need prayer for weight loss. I am having trouble getting around. The doctors prescribed me medicine that has caused large amount of weight gain. Pray that we can gwt through our anger too. We have medical needs that have gone neglected ( dental work) We grew up with abusive family members who stole our inheritences. We need God to intercede.

2020-07-10 08:19 AM

My grandson Tommy, 12yrs old, at hospital getting checked for abnormal blood work found during sports physical. They say it could indicate cancer among a host of other things. Immediate prayer needed!

2020-07-08 05:14 AM

for my purpose something i could do to be of use to GOD

2020-07-08 05:00 AM

I accidentally pulled the trigger on a loaded shotgun at my feet 2 weeks ago and have birdshot pellets in my feet. The surgeon said he cannot remove them because they are too deep. I am bedridden and in a lot of pain, along with being really depressed & frustrated.

2020-07-07 12:10 PM

Please agree with me asking God for healing for my son Zac’s migraine to be gone and for his salvation in Jesus’ name.

2020-07-07 05:22 AM

Please pray for my brother Tom, he is having severe pain in his right leg, I don't want to say but I think it might be a hairline fracture . He is of small build and walks alot, he mentioned he accidentally stepped off the curb and felt something. In Jesus name I pray.

2020-07-06 04:04 AM

Please pray for me. I've been battling severe shortness of breath and chest pain. I'm waiting for my hospital to ok the start of stress tests again. They are unable to give them at this time because of covid. They cannot have patients running on the treadmill wearing a mask. I'm not receiving proper care. I also suffer from Narcolepsy and my fiancé suffers from Epilepsy. Please pray for us.

2020-07-05 11:46 AM

My friend at work's son has just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Please pray for total healing of this disease for the glory of Jesus. His name is Radhesh

2020-07-04 02:03 AM

The government is suppose to be sending me disability and the stimulus checks. Covid has slowed things down and I have received nothing. My business is hurting now and my family is just barely getting by. Please pray for the money to come this month. Thanks.

2020-07-02 10:04 AM

Please pray for healing from a very painful elbow bursitis. I am on antibiotics for this for 14 days, please also pray the side effects will be minimal. Thank you!

2020-07-02 08:54 AM

Baby Abel came though surgery like a champ today and will be in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for the next 4 days! Praise God, He is so good! Thank you to all the prayer warriors for my precious nephew!!!

2020-06-29 12:48 PM

Please pray for my nephew Baby Abel. In April I asked for prayer for him when he was starting chemotherapy for a rare form of cancer in both kidneys when he was 5 months old. Since then, he has had several rounds of chemotherapy and now needs surgery, scheduled on July 2. It is a 6 hour surgery, as 1 of his kidneys must be removed as it is no longer functioning and the other must have part of it removed as well. His mother is very scared. Thank you so much and God bless.

2020-06-29 09:55 AM

I'm now asking for prayer for my daughter Jessica. She just lost her best friend Matt Pippin whom we were praying for. She needs the strength and courage to get through this and to be saved. She was as a child, but i feel she has been on a dark path for many years after losing her son, one other close friend and now her best friend. I really want her to come back to God. Please pray for her.

2020-06-29 07:36 AM

Update on prayer request from 6-21-20, I've requested prayers of healing of Matt Pippin, my daughters best friend. He has coded twice today and is on life support. He's also on dialysis and he's still producing urine which is a hopeful sign. I know it sounds really bad, but God alone can heal this young man! He isn't saved and I hope to be able to give him that chance. We have talked about God before. He's had a hard life. I'm still believing for a miracle to heal him. I think it could lead my daughter back to God also. She's been in deep darkness for many years after losing her son. I'm very concerned for the both of them. Please pray for his healing and for Matt and my daughter, Jessica to come to the Lord after seeing his healing. We all need a bit of strength here also. Thank you so much for your prayers brothers and sisters.

2020-06-29 05:47 AM

Pray for healing of my neighbor Steve...he has a mass in his pancreas and will be seeing the oncologist tomorrow morning. May Jesus become very real to Steve and may he turn his life over to Jesus for salvation. Thank you for joining me in prayer!

2020-06-29 03:10 AM

Dear Prayer Warriors, Please pray for my nephew David. He needs the right donor for new kidneys. Thank you.

2020-06-28 09:21 AM

Please pray for my daughters best friend, Matt Pippin. Early 30's and he's in liver failure. They just put him on a ventilator and it's not good. My daughter is not take this well either. She is extremely upset over it. I also know he is not saved and pray we get a chance to help that also. So far they aren't allowing anyone to see him at all, he's all alone and this is not good. Please pray for his healing and coming to know the Lord. Thank you.

2020-06-28 03:22 AM

Would you please pray for a healing for my left knee. Thank you.

2020-06-28 02:51 AM

Hello those at PB's. I pray and want you to pray that people will start filling God's job assignments such as Apostles, servants, healing,wisdom, prophecy,Spiritual discernment,word of wisdom and knowledge, Faith, Miracles, Tongues and interpretations. I myself have had a long road with bone nerve and spinal issues that cannot be controlled. HB pressure, gout also. Thank you to all, you are truly wonderful. When we see you we see God.

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