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2020-05-24 04:12 AM

My story is long, so I'm going to condense a lot and specify the requests.I've had Gilliam-Barre Syndrome, survived, by grace of God. (2008-2009)I've had triple negative breast cancer, with few survivors overall, by the grace of God I am healed. (2011)I've had successful back surgery, by the grace of God. (2017)I've been a Christian since my teens. And I know that He has blessed me so much.Results from these things and their treatments have left me with fibromyalgia, bad neuropathy in my feet to the point I can hardly walk or sleep at times. My brain has been affected by the treatments, memory is lousy now when I used to remember everything for everyone in my home. I'm weary and my energy has been very much lowered over the last two years. I sleep or want to sleep at least 12 hours a day. I'm on numerous medications to mask pain, but they just aren't enough for everything most of the time. The doctor has no idea what more to do for me.I am also diabetic now. I need healing from these problems so I can have a productive life again. I've pretty much given up on everything. I've had a business in the past, and love that. We moved to our current home 4 years ago. I tried a business (Farmhouse Decor) two years ago. It so completely failed. I lost money for the first time in a business. (I've had three before.) I have no friends here. Churches in our area are just so far off scripture that we just cannot go. Praise God for the internet! It's been hard here. I have inventory I would like to sell that is left from that last store. I just don't get sales no matter where I have tried, can't sell my handmade things, either.I played keyboard for a Christian band for several years. I miss that so much. I was a piano major in college part of my college years. God gifted me with a gift playing the piano (so many have told me) and now I just cry every time I play.Anyway, in the end, I so much need to find my peace and place living here. I know God brought us here, it's my purpose in life that has been lost.I please ask for prayer, that God would be merciful to me again and again in these last days, restore what the enemy has taken from me.Sorry if I've made this too long. Left out a lot of details, but that's not important.Thank you and God bless you!

2020-05-24 01:28 AM

I’m asking prayer for the salvation, healing, protection, and sinlessness of Edward Howard Capps Junior, Leslie Capps, Jean Cunningham, Juanita Capps, Dale Capps, Debbie Sizemore, Joseph, Elizabeth, Christine, Linda and John Alfred, Lisa Capps, Larry Capps, Daina, Trish and Cody Capps, Andrea and Brian, Chase and LJ Capps, Ariel and Ammanuel Capps, Daxton Capps, Bailey and Candace, Marcy and Bella and Brooklyn and Zoey Smith and Jasmine. GOD bless in JESUS HOLY NAME!

2020-05-22 11:03 AM

Praying for continuing prayer for everyone's needs. Thank God for this prayer wall. I've seen prayers answered too. My prayer especially those on the wall. My cousin was abused from 2 years old up until he left the orphanage. My heart is for orphans who are abused and neglected. Pray that there is more healing relationships, other family better people period. My uncle was left in a place that was much like a concentration camp in the 1940's and his story is just know getting heard. I pray for those who have monetary needs for food clothes. I pray for an abundance.Pray as my attorney is confronting the Predatory tow truck driver who tried to steal my vehicle to turn a profit.Thank You everyone. May y'all be blessed during this Pentacost season.

2020-05-22 06:11 AM

please continue to pray (second request) for my son who has been suffering from "light headedness" he was jumped 4 yrs ago and no doctor can get to the bottom of his issue. His personality is changing. He is extremely depressed and withdrawing from his family and friends. thank you

2020-05-22 05:01 AM

A desire to seek the Lord with all my heart and that the Lord will lead me snd keep me in his will

2020-05-21 12:18 PM

Hello church family. My cousin George was abandoned as a child and was exposed to a lot of mean people. His dad was forced to live in a state Hospital where it was compared to Auschwitz. Please pray with me that his life is healed. We have relatives who stole millions and we want God's protection and justice.

2020-05-20 05:42 AM

Man of God my you pray for my uncle he is in South Africa he has been unwell for the past six days with a running stomach and secondly Man of god may you pray for me ,my career lam expecting to take pension on the 4th of December 2020 ,l have been working in the gvt as a Police Officer for the past 19 years 6 months..... Please include well being of my family and my health. My name is Gift Mwale and lam aged 42 years .

2020-05-20 04:22 AM

prayer for myself and my wife .. for healing

2020-05-20 03:01 AM

Pray for my friend Elisha she's in a lot of pain.

2020-05-18 12:09 PM

For child Willa sick possible testing for covid19

2020-05-18 04:02 AM

Hi I pray that my unemployment money will no longer be delayed and the hold will be lifted. Also I pray to finish my original Christian CD and place the music online for ministry Gods help with directing me in getting music out to those who need it. AMEN

2020-05-18 03:01 AM

Please pray that my 37 year old daughter Brittany's mole biopsy she had Friday comes back clean & no melanoma. She had her miracle (first child) daughter two years ago & our family has been through so much loss. She lost her beloved brother (my other child) 11 years ago to suicide, her first cousin 3 years ago, her half sister has terminal cancer & lost her Dad & so many others. Please pray for me & give me strength & discernment to know how to help her no matter what results come back as she needs to raise her vibrations up from fear & extreme anxiety. In Jesus name I pray YOU heal my child.

2020-05-17 04:33 AM

Praying for the red flagging or censorship of funding for CHRISTIAN OUTREACH to stop playing games as they try to stop the work of God. I have trouble with PayPal and now Remitly also delaying funds to Pakistan that I also was supporting when I can. Now I need to find a better way to help Nomads in Lahore Pakistan and Christian people who are looked upon as infidels by the Muslim Government. Also praying for the school building/church that they want in Pakistan. AMEN

2020-05-17 02:18 AM

God is answering prayers. I have a praise report regarding my prayers I posted here over this week. God revealed His goodness.I have an attorney who is taking my Truck case for free. I still hoping for full restoration of health too. I am longing to hear from others about the prayers for the unwanted children associated with unwanted pregnancies. I hope we can pray more for the unborn children and the ones who have witness or are being abused. I longed to have a helpmate and I long to be a mom to children too. My prayer that God strengthens me and provides the helpmate he chooses for me.

2020-05-16 09:00 AM

​I need a prayer request will be testing me Tuesday afternoon for my bladder cancer I was diagnosed in Jan of this year ,please pray that the cancer has not reoccurred Urologist said this type of cancer can have rapid regrowth and I am claiming God has completely removed it from my body. I must have this test every 90 days because of this factor. Love each of you God Bless each of you love my online church

2020-05-16 05:43 AM

Pray for healing of my back upper and lower. Upper (Cervical vertebrae, C5) is effecting my shoulder and arms and (Lumbar spine) lower effecting my lower back and legs. My muscles are always tight and if I move quickly I'm hurting for a week and can not sit very long without my lower back hurting. I think it's because I'm out of alignment or thinning disc. Thank you.

2020-05-16 04:25 AM

Please pray for my brother Zavian Bryant who was recently fired from his job unfairly for no reason. Pray for his finances as well as that he makes the right decision on what necessary steps to take next.

2020-05-14 11:35 AM

Requesting continual prayer. It's been a lonely rough road after abuse. I caught ppl s amming me, it was difficult to witness. I ask for protection as the dinning isn't changing people, the prayers of the righteous does

2020-05-14 04:27 AM

Please Pray for Lynn Edington Healing. Shes Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Shalom

2020-05-13 05:35 AM

Salvation for my son Robert his wife Sheila and 4 grandchildren Dylan, Logan, Austin, Paris. Thank you all the you do. Blessing and power from the throne of God

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