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2019-03-24 01:41 AM

Greetings Dear Pastor Paul, Sister Heidi and Prayer Partners. I am requesting prayers of healing for my mom-in-law who just got out of surgery a few minutes ago. She had a bowel obstruction caused by a tumor. They will know by Tues. if it is cancerous or not. She lives alone near Cincinnati, OH, 6 hrs. from us in Chattanooga, TN. My husband is with her now. It is also a hardship for us as I am home full-time caregiver for our youngest son (age 24) who is severely disabled with Autism. He is difficult for me to handle as he is 6’4” now, foot taller than me & nearly twice my weight/very strong & easily agitated. I don’t know how long my husband will be out of state, it’s already been 5 days & probably many more. We are also trying to convince his mom to move in with us as she lives alone, but she is extremely independent, lived alone over 50 yrs. now, so it will be difficult. She is somewhat open to the idea now, though. I have MS/other health issues and was hospitalized myself last week just a few days before my husband left to be with her, so that’s another complication. I don’t have the strength/energy for our son anymore, let alone helping her out, but I am very close to my mom-in-law and her other children are very unlikely to take her in, nor would she want to live in their homes because of their spouses. Thank you for interceding on her behalf. Her name is Marilyn.

2019-03-22 09:03 AM

Please help we need prayers please ASAP. Please pray for my cousin. She is a single mother of 4 who suffered a massive brain aneurysm yesterday. All of her children but one are below the ages of 18. If ever god was going to send our family a miricle I pray it would be now this instant. Her prognosis with the doctors isn’t good and said that we need to prepare for the worst. Her children would be lost without her. I would be lost without her. She’s my best friend, cousin, and sister. Please pray for her. Please pray that god heals her and gives us a miricle. Thank you and God Bless all of you.

2019-03-22 01:54 AM

i have written before on rhe hydrocephalaus i have i have been told NOTHING about what to expect etc very frustrating to say the least...i dont know anything the major and only thing is walking which is w0rse i DESperately need jhelp with cleaning

2019-03-22 01:15 AM

unspoken request for Sherry, Casey, Lexi, and Lacey, for peace and safety. Also for Rob's salvation!

2019-03-22 01:03 AM

Breast biopsy 3/18; positive for cancer. Surgery 3/25; please pray for complete removal of cancer and complete restoration of health with no complications. God bless you for your prayers!

2019-03-20 10:36 AM

Prayer for moving.

2019-03-20 10:27 AM

I found out from my son-in-law that my daughter filed for divorce, she let her daughter go live with her first husband and she's just wanting to party and hang out with her friends. It breaks my heart to hear this. She was raised in a good Christian home. I never thought in a million years she would do something like this. Especially with my granddaughter. Tabitha needs prayer badly. Please pray for her restoration to the Lord and to her husband. Thank You for your time, John DeGraw

2019-03-20 08:53 AM

Please pray for me as I have come down with a fever and a cough today and my husband and I are trying to pack to drive to the south for vacation. I AM BINDING AND REBUKING This by the blood of Jesus. Thank you

2019-03-20 08:04 AM

Hi Pastor Paul and Heidi, Please pray for my mom, Vicki Garner. When she went to the doctor the other day, her blood sugar was a little on the high side and they want her to get it tested on a second day. She's going to go next week sometime. Please pray that it will be normal next week. Thank y'all!~Tracy

2019-03-19 12:17 PM

My dog Bobby is 15 years old and his kidneys are failing. He has had a course of IV fluids. Please pray for his healing. He enjoys life and is so healthy apart from this.

2019-03-19 08:31 AM

I truly believe that my sister and her family have had some type of Witchcraft placed on them by my brother in law's ex-wife. Since then my sister has been to jail twice once for DWI the other for having a violent relationship with her husband. Both sides are at fault. My sister has been kicked out of her house her husband is threatening to take the children and my sister left cashless. She has a appointment with her parole officer tomorrow to see if domestic dispute violates her DWI parole. She is young she's trying to learn about Jesus and her husbands view is the Godlike from within. I told her to have faith in to pray to jesus for forgiveness repentance and guidance please pray for her she's a difficult time she's trying to do well but there are a lot of things coming against her. I truly feel that my brother in law's ex-wife did do something to them and their food about about early summer last year. Any prays or intercessory prayers are welcome.

2019-03-19 06:09 AM

Please remember my son in prayer he has to go to court on Wednesday. at 9:00 for a DWI case. I pray God will be with him and heal him from alcohol addiction. Thank you.

2019-03-18 06:44 AM

Please pray for healing of my grandaughters heart defect. We are devastated

2019-03-18 01:44 AM

Please pray my upcoming court date goes wellPlease pray my garage sale is successful beyond my dreams!Lease ray for a good paying job this week, and Christian roommate .. Thank you prayer warriors and Lord! IJNIP amen

2019-03-18 01:38 AM

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST! THERE'S POWER IN PRAYER! I am currently in an unhealthy relationship and environment, and I have the opportunity to leave, but I need prayer that Yeshua will protect me from any harm (mental & emotional). That he will provide safe passage from this situation to freedom, & peace. And for Yeshua to heal the mans heart that I am leaving. To save him from his anger and pain. And to keep him from falling apart, and making my leaving difficult. My new life starts now! And I need protection until I am finally away from here. The first part of my new life can begin this coming Friday, if the Lord allows it. And I PRAY he allows it! Thank You ALL for your Prayers & GOD BLESS!

2019-03-17 10:30 AM

Praying for yrs for heroin addict sons. Josh came to me asking to pray for him. I did. Now we are watching Paul w/Bobby Hayden. Pray God breaks every every chain, my other son Kris an addict just joined us. Lord please deliver them in Jesus name.Thanks for lifting us to the throne.

2019-03-17 07:47 AM

Please pray for new housing for my family

2019-03-17 07:41 AM

Ira dedicate my life to Jesus Christ I want to be a part of the Lord's Harvest thank you for all the prayers for the state of Nebraska the flooding is beginning to recede I appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers

2019-03-17 05:48 AM

Prayer update, my daughters bloodwork is returning to normal. My medical test came back fine and all symptoms are gone. Praise God! Please continue to intercede in prayers for us as we have so many things we are trying to sort out after the passing of my husband. Pray that the Lord continue to watch over us and protect us. Thank you.

2019-03-17 03:20 AM

Please pray for me that God will heal me and get me the money to try that new Stemup stuff Pastor Paul was talking about. I have a lot of health issues and am disabled and cant afford such stuff to help with health issues or even problems caused by dental issues I really need help and have non.. God Bless you all..

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