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2019-06-07 06:48 AM

I am submitting this prayer request for protectionwith my Pentacost offering. I’m asking for ongoing protection for myself and my children and parents. We are being spiritually attacked regularly and we are also traveling this summer. We rebound from the attacks/distractions/snares because we know they’re from the enemy. We know we are covered by Jesus’ blood. But we are also tired, feeling worn down like many believers right now. Thank you for your prayers. In Jesus name, Amen.

2019-06-07 05:49 AM

Please Pray for me for guidance and wisdom from our Lord, Abba God.

2019-06-07 01:46 AM

This is a prayer request being made alongside my Pentecost offering in thanks of the LORD's power and protection. Please pray for restoration of my relationship with my teenage daughters, who have been alienated/abducted from me by their father for almost 5 years. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to free my daughters C. Faith and B. Grace from any spirits of fear, division, alienation and spiritual confusion their earthly dad and stepmother have implanted in them in their efforts to establish themselves as gods and idols in my children's lives. Both girls were baptized, taken to church and knew the LORD before their abduction in September of 2015. May the LORD also bless and protect my husband's and my finances against my ex-husband's latest round of financial and legal attack, for we know that all things work together for the good of those who love the LORD and are called according to His purposes in Christ Jesus. Shalom, brothers and sisters! Thank you and amen.

2019-06-06 05:08 AM

Please pray for my nephew’s wife Laura and the family. She has end stage cervical cancer and is in hospice care at home. The family are believers. They have a son in the Navy and he has a 3y/o son.

2019-06-06 03:22 AM

I have just posted a pentacost prayer request and have made a pay pal donation.

2019-06-06 03:16 AM

Pentacost prayer. Please pray for good abundant finances for me and my children and grandchildren. I desperately need a car and a home of my own. Also.. pray for peace on the earth..peace in Jerusalem...and peace in my family. Bless you and yours pastor Paul.

2019-06-06 01:00 AM

have no peace -i fill iam going crazy

2019-06-04 11:36 AM

Please pray the Lord extends mercy & favor, by a miracle of provision. Lord you know my circumstances. Please do something to help. IJNIP amen

2019-06-04 07:33 AM

Please pray for my Aunt, Donna Collins. She has had mental illness in the past and is on medication for it. She is divorced from her abusive husband, but her daughter has gone to his house and told him that she isn't taking her medication and that someone needs to come and take her away to a mental hospital. My aunt has been talking to my mom on the phone and is totally fine, so her daughter has been lying about her. I just got off the phone with my mom and she had talked to her and she is having to flee from her home because she thinks they're going to come force her to go to a mental hospital. Luckily her abusive husband lives pretty far away from her. Please pray that God will have His Hand of protection over her. Thank you!

2019-06-04 07:24 AM

Please pray for my friend, Stacy's dad, Joe Cantley. He has cancer and needs complete healing in Jesus' Name! Thank you!

2019-06-04 06:24 AM

Please pray for my friend, Lee French. He got a diagnostic injection to determine the cause of his back pain today. He needs to find the source and then figure out what can be done to fix it if possible. The previous surgery he had worked but this is a secondary problem. Please pray that his back is completely healed in Jesus Name! Thank you!

2019-06-04 06:21 AM

Please pray for my friend, Rob's mom. She is very ill and needs complete healing in Jesus' Name! Thank you!

2019-06-04 06:15 AM

My ex Mother in Law is in the hospital with an infection that is effecting her heart. Please keep her in your prayers. Her name is Wanda. Thank You and God Bless

2019-06-03 12:14 PM

Thursday I am going to my doctor to see if I can return to work as a water transport driver. I need for a passing score on the medical note to proceed to the next step cdl physical. If everything passes I could return to work. After 5 months I would love to get a paycheck again. God has payed our utility bills and provided our most necessary things during this time PRAISE God. The secondary insurance settlement is still uncompleted as the paperwork must all be done before they pay. We still pray for that money to come in. Better late than never. Love in Jesus name. God bless the SALVATION STATION. AMEN

2019-06-03 06:20 AM

I am going through some financial issues and I know God will see me through as he has recently and he always has and always will. Thank you for praying for me and God Bless.

2019-06-02 11:24 AM

I'm a caregiver for my grandma with endstage Alzheimer's and my mom tested positive for colon cancer. I pray for miraculous healing for them both.

2019-06-02 09:17 AM

Please pray for my daughter Alexandra Cruz. She was diagnosed many years ago with having markers for the cervical cancer. She had also cyst on her ovary’s and some other problems with her uterus. She was told she would never have a child nevertheless she had a baby in 2018! God had healed her! But now she’s having problems again and some of the symptoms are coming back and she’s going to the doctor tomorrow. Please pray for her that she will get a good report of the doctor! Thank you and God bless you all!

2019-06-01 01:51 AM

Please pray with me Jesus sends a good Christian man to be with, in the next end days. Life is hard and lonely doing all it alone and b4 I leave this world, I want so much to experience real human love from good man that I love and love & grow in Christ more. I ask in Jesus name, Also I pray, for job that is cut out for me, and while a good income is important too. It’s been a long hard road Lord, I need a reprieve. I’ve taken care of other people my entire life, I need someone to look after me and love now. I’m burnt on life, tired of giving and giving, yet never receiving. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.?IJNIP amen

2019-05-31 11:19 AM

Please pray for God to provide money for my wedding and for God to send me good male tenants. I proposed to my fiance in Dec of 2018. I was hit with a frivilous lawsuit in Jan 2019 which cost me 300,000. So far I have won lawsuit. But wedding funds now depleted. Pray God provides money for wedding and male tenants for my boarding house. Thanks for your prayers

2019-05-30 12:30 PM

PLEASE!!! Pray for my Mother Tina Dowden, U.K. Hampshire. A year and a half she has watched me on my journey with finding GOD and she still refuses everything about it. She says it's just what i believe. The facts upon facts upon facts upon evidence after evidence are infinite. This is sad and tiring to my soul. I know the LORD has it under control but PLEASE!!! PRAY FOR HER!!! Softening of heart and a waking and shaking!!! I don't know what is best just whatever please pray sympathetically for her. PRAISE GOD hallelujah i love you all thank you. xxxxxx The LORD is so amazing xxxxxxx

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