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2019-01-23 11:22 AM

I need guidance I am frustrated, why the Pastors at church wish to hurry up service. song service is dryed up just pray for a 2 second prayer 5 minute sermon not letting the holy spirit move in the service. about 20 years ago I remember the out poring of the holy spirit, people got saved worship service was great. WHAT happened? pray that God will lead me in the right direction. I can't stay at this church any longer.I loe the people their.

2019-01-21 12:41 PM

Julia is 2 years old and is fighting a rare and aggressive tumor that is currently wrapped around her brain stem and spine. Just 3 or 4 months ago she was happy and acting like a lottle 2 year old girl would but spiraled down hill quickly from this tumor. Thousands are praying.for her. Her mother posts updates on her page her name is Amy largent. Please please send her a prayer cloth and a blanket that is anointed for healing. I and many many others are praying consistently for her complete is the send it to that her mom shared as a way to receive special otems for Julia. @Amanda we already have Julie for a prayer blanket check to see in a week or so to see if she has it.

2019-01-21 10:32 AM

Please pray for Dwight in a court case on January 22. I pray for God's will in the court case.

2019-01-21 10:00 AM

So many things going on. Am I being pruned? I struggle in so many ways, and so many joyful things going on too. My husband believes, but he won't listen to anything I want to share. We are more like roommates, only share when it comes to housekeeping and food. Lord, please intervene. Please direct my steps, thoughts, words and the motivation of my heart. Please grant me discernment and understanding of recent events in my life. Amen

2019-01-21 08:47 AM

Pastor, Please pray for me and my son. I have ask our father into my heart and he has answered. I want to walk in the spirit with the lord, but have some very long term spirits that come up and try to destroy what I have been dealing with. I don't want to rely on myself anymore as I don't have the answers to solve these problems and want peace in my life and my heart. It's been so long of a battle and I am tierd. Please pray for our financial ability to make it through this time and to watch over us as we make this journey with him and to keep me strong and able. Thank you.

2019-01-20 10:48 AM

Philadelphia Life Insurance is the name of my coverage that is to pay living expenses from the days spent in the hospital. The red tape is dragging on and I need God's speed. Also short term disability is available but I have never applied for it before. My wife is mentally disabled and can't do much to help with paperwork. God can put this all together and I am praying he will. I also pray for healing for my aorta and for my high blood pressure problems. Thanks and AMEN

2019-01-20 08:39 AM

Please pray for my husband who will be having surgery for his prostate cancer on Tuesday of this week. He also has stage 3 renal failure and to protect his kidneys during the surgery.

2019-01-20 07:47 AM

Please pray for my wife. She is a disabled Air Force veteran that suffers from PTSD due to being raped by a fellow airman while she was stationed in Germany. Over the past year or so, her symptoms have been worsening. She has been over medicating with her psych meds as well as turning to alcohol and opioids when she can get them behind my back. A few nights ago she kept me up until 4am acting really stange. She was unable to communicate and had limited control of her body. I honestly thought she was posessed. Last night, she vomited on herself. A few minutes passed and she strempted to stand up. She was shaking badly and couldn’t control her legs. She fell on her coffee table and broke it. During the fall she hit her head. She then went into convulsions that lasted at least 30 seconds but maybe more. After this we got her into the bedroom and she could not communicate at all. It took her 45 minutes just to change clothes. She did not know what was going on or why. She is now in the Fayetteville Arkansas VA hospital, and nobody is really sure what is going on with her. Please pray for my wife she needs healing from whatever this is and she needs healing To live something close to a normal life.

2019-01-20 07:46 AM

Hi,a few months back I asked for prayers for my husband Daniel to heal his back pain so maybe he would not have to have surgery. We are so thankful for all the prayers but he had to have the surgery on January 8, 2019. He is doing so great almost 2 weeks out of surgery. He was up walking the same day as surgery and he got to go home the same day. We serve an awesome god! Dan as been using his prayer blanket everyday. Thank you again for such a wonderful blessed gift. We need more prayers please, our 1 year old grandson Bentley was diagnosed with a brain tumor the first of December. He was flew to St Jude hospital in Tennessee were the doctor had to do brain surgery on him. They removed the tumor that was the size of an avocado. They got 99% of it but the 1% they could not get is on his brain stem and is to dangerous to take out. The biopsy came back cancerous. It is a high grade cancer that can grow back again and at a rapid rate. He as started chemo and is on his second round. He as been doing so good with everything he is going through and we continue to pray for god to keep him in his loving arms and to continue to keep him strong. I asked for your prayers for my grandson Bentley that god continue to keep him strong and wrap him in his arms of healing. The doctor say he as to have radiation too but they can not do that until he is a 1 1/2 old because it will slowdown his motor skills if they do it now. Bentley as a long road ahead of him. Please pray for Bentley,my daughter Sarah and my son in-law Daniel (yes my son in-law as the same name as my husband) as they go through this difficult time. We also want pastor Paul and Heidi to know we are praying for her mother that’s in the hospital for heart failure. May god bless and keep you! Amen

2019-01-20 07:07 AM

Please pray that my son John...returns to the straight and narrow seems he may have gone on a rabbit trail...and my son Steven who was born lame with open spine ...he is 52 and hurt his left wrist and is in great pain trying to use his wheel chair, I could use some prayer for my left hip also...we love you all and will keep your mom in prayer Heidi...tell her you love her all the time.

2019-01-20 06:20 AM

hello I sent out a prayer request yesterday for my dad. He went to the hospital today and they found that he has swelling in the brain. Please pray for him and also my mom. Their names are Fred and Erica Hambsch. Thank you very much Ulrich and Christa. God bless

2019-01-20 05:30 AM

Please pray that an issue I am having at work can be resolved. Thanks.

2019-01-20 04:22 AM

Please pray for my 3 year old son Brendan Asher. We live in the Philippines (as Americans) and he is on his way to the hospital now with just under a 106 degree temperature. Pray he doesn't have anything serious. Thank you and God bless

2019-01-20 04:13 AM

Dear Pastor Begley please would you pray The Lord gives me and my family a house of our own I know and believe all things are possible with Jesus according to His will and I pray The Lord's will thank you so much God bless you and keep you in Jesus name

2019-01-20 04:09 AM

Please Pastor Begley would you pray for my dad's heart kidneys and skin that he would be healed in Jesus name thank you God bless you your family and ministry in Jesus mighty name

2019-01-20 04:05 AM

12 St Leonard's Crescent Newtonards Road Belfast BT4 1DW Northern Ireland I'll place on this weeks list Jan 26 2019 for 5 prayer cloths

2019-01-19 11:56 AM

Hello. I would just like to ask for prayer for my father who is very sick.He fell down the other day and could not get up any more. they took him to emerg and claimed it was vertigo and gave him some pills. But today it started again and he stopped eating and drinking.Please pray for him for a healing in Jesus name. God bless you all. thank you. Uli and Christa

2019-01-19 11:48 AM

Dear sir I have a request to you please pray for me my depression and fear and mental illness every day headache pain and I am feeling suicide do nobody can not healing this sickness is at least 5 years ago @Deepak never take your life you have a soul/Spirit your soul live on forever heaven/hell grab a bible Christ Jesus is life! grab a bible read this remember you have to die in Christ not by taking your life. amen Now if we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him:Romans 6:4 For in that he died, he died unto sin once: but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God. Romans 6:10

2019-01-19 07:15 AM

prayers please for casey lee W. he needs as much prayer right now as possible. TY prayer warriors...much love and prayer for all...Jody

2019-01-19 05:53 AM

prayers please for the weiner family. peace healing blessings and safety needed with wisdom and guidance.

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