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2020-02-15 05:17 AM

my neighbor's fiance has stage 4 cancer, very rare kind, he's extremely sick, not eating, had 6 inches of spine replacement, cancer has spread alot of places. He's in desperate need of prayer. His name is Jimmy. He needs a miracle. @Angela prayers! please let Jimmy know about Christ

2020-02-14 06:54 AM

My best friends son, whose name is Damien, is autistic and going through a very hard time right now. He was just admitted to the ICU with an elevated white blood cell count and very enlarged pituitary gland. He is in a catatonic state and really needs prayer for healing and peace and comfort. I also would like prayer for his mom Jennifer, who as I said, is my best friend. She needs strength and comfort during this difficult time. Thank you

2020-02-14 06:28 AM

My prayer request is for my best friends son who is autistic. His name is Damien Zamora. He recently went into a catatonic state and was found to have white blood cell count that's off the charts as well as a very enlarged pituitary gland. He is currently in ICU and needs many prayers. Thank you so much. I was hoping to send him a prayer blanket. @Chelsie we sent you an email

2020-02-13 11:04 AM

Please pray The Lord will answer my prayer for the Man I love to want a relationship with me and to tell me how he truly feels Please pray he will pursue me if it is The Lord ' S will that he won't give up on me that I will find favour with him in Jesus name and that he will be good to me and show me that he loves me please if it is not The Lord's will for him and I to be together then please pray The Lord will bring me my future husband who will love and serve The Lord with me and be a good husband Thank you so much God bless @Kathleen seek Christ live Holy never seek others nor men so you wont be lead astray

2020-02-13 01:30 AM

Please pray for my son Micah. He’s 11 years old and deals with emotional problems. He’s in a special school right now where he gets therapy because he can’t control his anger. He has raging outbursts to the point of hitting me, throwing things & trying to choke himself. He needs deliverance from this so he can function properly and get back into regular school. Thank you and God Bless!

2020-02-12 12:28 PM

Hello brothers and sisters. I am asking God to reach into your hearts so you really can discern my sincerity and honesty here. My husband went to prison for 2 years for almost killing me in front of my 4 year old little boy. I recently lost my job and my car was repoed. I just finally recieved food stamps but before that was homeless. I found a car for 600. It runs really good and will get me back and forth to work. I moved in with a friend in lena Illinois which is in the middle of nowhere. I have to pay 125$ in rent or I cant stay. We sleep on a crowded livingroom floor right now. I have a great opportunity to get a job at burner foods where my friend works but my phone gets shut off and I have no way to receive a phone call for and interview or continue job searching. I need financial help. I'm not trying to manipulate anyone but humbly come to my fellow brothers and sisters for help and mercy. My paypal is Every little bit helps. My sons outgrowing his clothes. I dont have an I'd to cash a check but will leave my mailing address here as well Please help me so I dont lose my son. I'm afraid I wont be able to care for him if I don't get a job soon. My cell phone bill is $55. Please pray on this and help me if you are able. You can if you wish to speak with me. God bless you all and you all remain in my prayers. May the Lord come for us soon. @Sarah prayers in Christ name! dont forget the resources in your area, we will post so others can see

2020-02-12 10:40 AM

The relationship that I have been praying to upgrade to marriage has been going downhill and I can't seem to figure out why. Constant attacks, constant arguments, he shuts me out and stops communicating. Now he is entertaining other women. Every time I decide to walk away, the Lord leads me back so I am just confused. Why is it so hard to love and receive love? I try to fix things it gets worse. I don't understand him, he has so many guards up. I need a prophetic word about Simeon and my relationship with him. @Monique Prayers in Christ name! pick up a bible read.... Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3:3

2020-02-11 03:43 AM

I request prayer for guidance on how to handle a family situation. I am unable to visit my mother as my brother is a constant rage at me. I do not know I this is demonic in nature but it is not natural. He is abuse to her and his age just keeps going and going. He seems to just want to destroy. I have to meet my mother on Sunday with my daughter and see what can be resolved. I urgently need pray for protection discernment and restoration. Only the Lord can resolve this and I need him. Please pray for me. My mother is a believer but he is not so I need to ask for salvation for him and freedom from these chains of rage.

2020-02-10 12:19 PM

healing for lungs and broken bones ,bridle bones gary melinda hot flashes to complete cylcle

2020-02-10 08:33 AM

Please pray for me financial hardships after hospitalized pregnancy and previous separation now being harrased for debts I couldn't pay still cannot pray financial blessing or debt be removed very stressful as a mom and trying to make it. Thank you God Bless you all

2020-02-10 01:39 AM

Special person in my life had a falling out and want to heal relationship. Also health issues total healing .

2020-02-09 08:35 AM

Please pray for me , I feel lost since I have lost my husband of sudden death. And the devil attacking me. I also request a healing prayer for my brother and salvation for my family.

2020-02-09 08:21 AM

I am beginning to start my business in Lincoln Illinois once again I pray for God's guidance and will be done.

2020-02-08 09:37 AM

Please pray for my children Sarah, Christine and Mike that they would receive their salvation in Jesus Christ .Thanks.RCC

2020-02-07 04:16 AM

Please pray for my son who finished school a year ago and is looking for a job, but it has been hard for him to find a job, I ask for a pray cloth for my son Isaac dutt @Hazel prayers in Christ name and I sent you a email....

2020-02-06 08:33 AM

Please pray for my 88 year old mother admitted for pneumonia in Mumbai.

2020-02-04 08:36 AM

Please pray for our dear friend, Yvette. She is a long time RN who is battling serious colon cancer. Her husband Mike is also an RN and served in the US Army. They have two little girls who are also suffering this stress. Please pray for complete healing and God's strength!

2020-02-02 12:35 PM

My Aunt is in the hospital with breathing issues due to stage 4 lung cancer. Please pray for her to recover from this and also to be saved if she isn’t already. Not certain where she is with religion or a relationship with Christ. Please pray for her family. @Michelle prayers! please let your aunt know about Christ

2020-01-30 03:54 AM

I have in desperate moments thought about the moment when it was "suggested" to me to join the local LODGE for the " comroderie of a local faternal organization and the "benefits" of such a memebership. I was "awake" at the time but was a Christian and deep down in my being "red lights" and sirens so to speak were going off and I politely left it go pass on by. Now almost 20 years later, My first car accident in 30 years that cost me borrowed money to repair my only transportation and was determined by the state police report to be 100% the other drivers fault. It was litigated by the insurance company and in PA that other company is know as the ILLUMINATI'S INSURANCE COMPANY. AND 3 YEARS OF LIES i WON an arbitrators ruling and got ZERO dollars...INJUSTICE BY ANY MEASURE. Those around me frends family etc can't believe it..since my wife left me and when she left me she told me i was sick and should file for Social Security Disability Insurance. I was 50 years old when I filed and always believed that HARD WORK and prayer would OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLE. well to shorten this story..I JUST GOT THE RESULTS OF MY THIRD APPEAL...AND WAITING FOR YEARS and suffering with next to NO INCOME and the stress that comes with it. (which is why i haven't been able to give to your ministry like i did from 2011 to 2015) . but i lost again and sir..It is A POLITICAL ISSUE I love oour current President AND KNEW WHEN I VOTED FOR HIM IT WAS ABOUT your grandchildren and the grandchildren of the boys and young me I have had a hand in instilling Christian values and hard work ethics. And NOW THAT I need the help Its all been taken from those and the familes like mine and my dad's that paid in many many dollars so that we import illegal immigrants and give them 5000 a month and free housing etc etc... I can't get what amounts to 989 a month to stay in a little country home that I have lived in since 1992. That little bit of money My cat and I could exisit and give some away to the homeless people in shelters. Which is where I will be going soon now that OUR POLITICAL (BLOOD SUCKING SATANISTIC GOVERNMENTAL "SYSTEM) GIVES it to those that ILLEGALLY come here..AND FROM WHAT i HAVE read I am not alone. GEN X WAS MEANT THE CENTER OF A GUN RANGE TARGET X marks the spot $3.70 AN HOUR IN 1989 I WORKED ALL SUMMER FROM MEMORIAL DAY TO LABOR DAY..doing a horrible job that no one wanted..AND i COULD GO ON.. but I guess Im saying I don't understand anymore.. i REALLY DONT. I LOVE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST with all of my being AND IN HIM I TRUST. I have tried and tried and tried...the story of JOB... i WON'T do what jobs wife did yet I don't know if I have the strength JOB had...i am out of gas and have heard"all the visitors like JOB did. PASTOR PAUL YOU TALK ABOUT SETTLEMENTS and THOSE ARE EXAMPLES OF THE ONLY 2 SETTLEMENTS I EVER EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT TRYING becasue i saw people back in the 80's use a fender bender and fake injuries to buy one of those $300000 buses that music stars rode around in and they were just min wage workers gaming the point to all this is Sir you are a good man and your ministry has won souls since I first learned about you on "comet elenin"..Many have come and gone but your still preaching the word..tHE hand OF THE LORD has to be on you... SO i AM ASKING THIS BODY FOR praying that THINGS AND PEOPLE work IN SUCH A WAY so as some peace and STABILITY can be allowed to be in this life JESUS created. aFTER ALL THE TRAUMA and success and mostly UNSTABLE LIFE I am asking the LORD to help me in the ways I have asked HIM to finally allow me to live out my relatively few remaining days without this moment by moment stress and threat of losing it all of the most minimal of circumstances.. MAY OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST BE WITH YOU ALL ALWAYS AND FOREVER AMEN AND AMEN.. Thank you if if read this far and MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU AMEN @Mike we pray in the name of Christ that your situation will be blessed! please keep message shorter so others can post

2020-01-30 02:11 AM

Please pry for my fiance' Sherry W. and her family. Sherry is in the ER with 103.1 fever and pretty sure its the flu, so pray for her healing. Thank you and be blessed prayer warriors.

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