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2019-06-11 10:45 AM

From John 14:13-14. Please pray for my family and me in Jesus name Kennith, my husband, is beginning to lose his memory. Please ask God to restore it completely. A wonderful Christian Ethan, my grandson who has ulcerative colitis Me, JackieI am suffering with back problems. I recently had shots in my back to deaden the nerves. I ask God to heal my pain Thank you and I will pray for those on this prayer list. Amen

2019-06-11 08:07 AM

Please pray for my brother Angel Torres he need guidance and wisdom from our Abba God please in Jesus Name!. Amen.

2019-06-11 08:06 AM

Please pry for my brother Angel Torres he need guidance and wisdom from our Abba God please in Jesus Name!. Amen.

2019-06-11 06:19 AM

Please pray that Jesus will continue to guide and strengthen me as an employee within my job. That he will provide me a job position that will help me to provide for my family and also one that I truly love and can help others in. One that I can share my testimony in and share our Lords word.

2019-06-10 10:47 AM

Please pray for my sister-in-law Pat C..; she is raising her grandchildren, Dominick and Andrea. Both have serious emotional and behavioral issues, Please pray that Dominc and Andrea will come to Christ, Please pray that Pat would have the strength and wisdom to raise them.

2019-06-10 08:06 AM

Please pray my ex will not be able to take custody of my son or his properties. She is very ungodly person and wants to sell my sons properties.

2019-06-10 05:35 AM

please pray for me, and sherry and family. theres a demonic oppression happening anf more prayers needed. Thank you

2019-06-10 02:14 AM

Please pray for protection for me and my family. I have worked with clients suffering from satanic ritual abuse and experience constant spiritual assault from individuals that regularly conjure demonic assignments and curses against me. Thank you!!

2019-06-09 12:49 PM

Hi Pastor! I have made a Pentecost offering.Our Pentecost request is for safety,happiness and health for us ,our family and friends and all our animal babies.

2019-06-09 08:51 AM

Pentecost Offering by Text: I am due to be ordained into the ministry in a few weeks and am experiencing intense attack. Please pray for covering over my family, boldness, clear direction for this step of faith in the calling I have received.

2019-06-09 08:33 AM

Pray for my brothers Daniel and Marshall Burks- especially Daniel who said he doesn’t know if he believes in God, or Jesus. Please pray that satans lies are broken and that they are receptive to the Truth. Please pray that they seek the Lord and get saved. Even my parents- I feel like their hearts are turning cold, they shut down when I i bring up the topic of faith and walking with Christ.

2019-06-09 08:18 AM

Please pray for my family: for my brothers Daniel and Marshall that they know and accept; that they firmly believe in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us. Pray for my parents that Jesus is in the hearts that all their eyes are opened and hears hear the truth. That the deception and lies of Satan are destroyed and let the blessings of God loose upon them. I pray for divine protection through the dark times ahead not only for me and my family but for our brothers and sisters in Christ globally. Lord give us comfort and peace during these tumultuous times. Help us to encourage one another. I pray for God’s provisions that he meets my family’s needs with whatever may come: financially, health and healing, wisdom and understanding, love and patience- and a whole lotta Jesus. (Lord fortify my faith in you- and let me be a beacon, an ambassador of your word, speaking boldly.)

2019-06-09 08:03 AM

I’ve posted my Pentecost offering, and truly need prayer. It’s hard to ask for prayer when so many people are hurting in the world. It may seem rather insignificant to most, but right now it’s monumental to me. I humbly ask for prayer for my marriage. My wife has recently gravitated away from our relationship, and it seems our marriage is in true crisis. I deeply, madly, completely love my wife (April). We’ve been together for 10 years, and endured so much hardship. We’re both combat veterans, and have had much difficulties in dealing with everyday life due to doing our duty, defending our freedoms. I’ve come before the Lord so many times on my knees begging for restoration and reconciliation. “ The one who ask receives, that searches finds, that knocks on the door the door will be opened “. I humbly come to my Christian brothers and sisters , asking for your prayers over our relationship. I know the only way things can be changed is not by me, but by the great Lord. ..

2019-06-09 07:42 AM

This is my Pentecost offering for 2019 through the year. Please pray for myself and my family. Also wishing for protection and guidance. In Jesus name Amen.

2019-06-09 07:20 AM

i do need money to buy a new van and money to buy my own home and money to move back home to Newark Ohio from Bangor Maine and to find my son.

2019-06-09 05:52 AM

I'm sending this prayer request alongside my Pentacost offering. Please, pray for my 3 prodical sons to return back to the Lord, family restoration, financial restoration, restoration of my mother's and mine, and new ankles for me so they roll no more and not to fall no more. Thank you, Sister Shawn

2019-06-09 02:25 AM

The Holy Spirit rescued me last August. I am 61 years old, had never been to church. It's a long story for another time. I just want to thank GOD for every thing. turning my life around. AMEN.

2019-06-08 08:48 AM

Please pray for me and my twin sons, adults my family has been under severe attack both of my sons recently were almost killed in two seperate accidents, i just missed getting my leg cut off or worse about two weeks ago in an accident and a demon attacked me in my sleep a few nights back also today i was overcome with bad thoughts and malice at work i could not control my thoughts towards my co worker i repent of this and am ashamed of my thoughts and words.. I was over whelmed by terrible thoughts i need prayer for protection and forgiveness also wisdom thankyou i am saved and now will rededicate myself publicly to jesus i try to do good everyday but i need help with these problems and all the other things life is throwing my way right now

2019-06-08 08:45 AM

Pentecost Prayer request along side my offering is that I get baptized by the Holy Spirit with Fire, passion, boldness and fearlessness of the enemy. That my eyes are open to the spirit world, that I have the gift of supernatural discernment, the gift of wisdom and the gift of love. Prayers for both my daughters Devyn and Lauren for protection and to become saved by the blood of Jesus and become godly women before Jesus returns. That I do incredibly well at work and I get a promotion with double the pay for I can give more money in tithings to orphans in Pakistan. A prayer for Moon Shamoon in Pakistan for protection of persecution and accusations and for many blessings. Prayers to all of my Love ones for spiritual salvations.

2019-06-07 06:49 AM

Please pray healing for me and my father. He has cancer on the right and left of his jaw and I have Rheumatoid arthritis. I have donated to Pentecost. Thank you and God bless!

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