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2019-01-29 04:11 AM

Please pray for God to protect me. Im being falsly accused of crimes in the philippines that are frivilious and that I did not do. Im a foreigner who is being tried in the philippines. I believe the motive is free money.

2019-01-29 01:58 AM

Asking for prayer that my business takes off and work starts to come in. Very slow right now.

2019-01-28 11:07 AM

Please pray for the salvation of my children's mother. Her name is Mary. Please also pray for restoration in our marriage and family

2019-01-28 10:30 AM

Hello, Please pray for my husband to reconcile with God then me and the eyes of his understanding to be unveiled and scales to drop from his eyes that he may no longer walk in darkness and be freed from adulterous & lustful spirits, ungodly soul ties and relationships, spirits of separation & divorce, tormenting spirits & evil agreements, blaming & accusing, lying & lies, all desire for evil, victim mentality, escapism, and that he will walk worthy of his calling in Christ Jesus. Pray for protection over our marriage and family with the Blood of Jesus & that we will love each other as a husband and wife should, accepting each other with grace, trusting each other and guarding our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Please pray for healing in our hearts, minds, bodies, souls & emotions from infidelity and all trauma. Also for my mom, dad, and brother's salvation as well as his wife's, sister-in-law's husband's salvation, and all our relatives, friends, neighbors, coworkers & peers. God Bless you! Praise God! ------------------------------

2019-01-28 10:29 AM

please pray for my sister "Alicia"!... she is blinded completely by "witch crafts"... greed... and satan his self has been seen around her twice!.... she needs to be "completely" unblinded right now to see the spirits and how truly evil and that they are against my sister & that jesus christ is real and i need him to show him self in some life changing way!.... so she will get saved now!!! in jesus name!!! please!!! she had & still has a beautiful heart and soul... i just need the devil to be gone from her and for jesus to "completely step in". @Sarah we pray in Christ name in agreement for your sister's deliverance take her to a God fearing Church so she can be delivered in Christ mighty name amen!

2019-01-28 10:15 AM

I went to my family doctor today. He told me that when I was admitted to the hospital that I had a stroke as well as a aortic aneurysm. That explains the slow mental conditions. Yes I admit I have a thinking problem song comes to mind lol. He also said no mo truck driving and that I need over a year to get better from this sickness. Sure appreciate your prayers. Thanks

2019-01-28 09:57 AM

Please pray for my daughter that all of her tests come back normal. Prayers for a good doctor report. Also, Please pray for her and my grand children's protection, wisdom and guidance. Please pray for My daughter and son-n-laws marriage. They have sooooo much going on. My heart just aches for them. Thank you all so much for everything you do. I watch your shows daily. You're such a blessing. God bless you all.

2019-01-27 10:54 AM

Overcoming sin @Zach remember Christ took on our sin, seek him and ask him to fill you with his Holy Spirit grab a bible its our road-map with Christ Jesus and read. My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous: 1 John 2:1

2019-01-27 08:46 AM

Please Pray For My Uncle Charlie Richard Who Is On Hospice. Plese Pray Lord Take Home Quickly. @Richard J ........Christ is a healer is he saved? let him know about Christ it's our job as Christians amen

2019-01-27 08:09 AM

I need healing - both of my hands are becoming numb ? My right ear has gone deaf. I cant loose weight. Have a constant cough? Im also far from the Lord - cant seem to get close again. No fruit in my life . Lonely! @Randy grab a bible read Ps. 23 the word of God is our strengh if we have faith

2019-01-27 07:49 AM

No work for us we need God help to keep going for prescription food and bills payments for heat and lights and medication.

2019-01-27 07:46 AM

My marriage to be loving once again and desires of love between us in action and in all area's ..

2019-01-27 07:45 AM

Angela Burrows has not had freedom from this mysterious illnrss in 3 years. Doctors do not understand what it is. |She cant take much more and I as her daughter am out of things to do for her-l prayer for her all the time as she does. She can not go out because of this. PLEASE her bowels need healing .

2019-01-27 07:24 AM

I posted a few days ago for prayers for my grandson Bentley who as a brain tumor. He just finished his 1st round of chemo and will be starting his 2nd round this week. He is starting to have the side effects from the chemo. His blood count is down to 0 and he had to get fluids and a blood transfusion to bring them back up. He is tired and also showing signs of losing his hair. Please prayer that his little body stay strong though this treatment he has to have. They say it will be a total of 3 round in all. 26 weeks. He gets 4 medications and they are strong drugs. Also please pray for my daughter Sarah and son in law Daniel as they go through this with Bentley. Please pray to give them strength and understanding for what their little one is going through. We are also praying for Heidi mother that she will be able to go home. Prayers for Pastor Paul and Heidi and the ministry. May god be with you and keep you. Amen

2019-01-27 07:17 AM

I'm still requesting a prayer cloth for my daughter. She suffers from Dystonia, a disease like Parkinson's that's very painful and causes the ends of her muscles to pull against each other, like a Charlie horse. She has a severe form of this, her jaw, neck, shoulders, and her whole back is involved, she also suffers from chronic migraines. She has a lot of meds to take and a lot of side effects. She's been dealing lately with severe constipation and I'm concerned about a bowel obstruction because of all the pain she has in her belly. She's doing what the doctor prescribed, vegetable soup, clear liquids, and suppositories. I just believe that a prayer cloth will help everything. Thanks for your prayers and the prayer cloth! @Susan we sent you a email

2019-01-27 07:04 AM

A complete restoration of Medical carreer in the US for His glory.

2019-01-27 06:57 AM

please pray for my husband and I we need help with our marriage. We are both very unhappy. I am have made suicidal comments and had thoughts. I know this is wrong I want to rebuke this evil and be right again with the Lord. I need guidance in my life and healing of my heart and soul. Lord please help me-- Amen

2019-01-25 03:48 AM

Please pray for wisdom for me - I am carrying a huge amount of guilt and regret for not walking with God (aftER 30+ YEARS as a Christian) during a season of frightening depression - during which time my Father died without any obvious faith and my daughter lost respect confidence in me & the Lord, and tried to run away from home. We are now almost estranged and she is living as a student a long way across the country and is involved in an illicit relationship She is only 18 and i feel so responsible for creating this mess - am unable to sleep properly, or to work effectively. She has said "Mum, I don't even know why you bothered to have children" because she felt unloved and uncared for. She sees her boyfriend's mother as more her Mum than myself. I feel SO far from God's best for me relationally spiritually and vocationally and see myself as a hypocrite if i try to pray or read the Word - I feel "will God even listen after what I've done?" I don't feel there is any way back ti Him for me?!! Am I still saved? I feel so alone and afraid and ashamed..... @Vanessa never dwell in the pass Christ never left you and keep going forward with Christ and your family in Jesus name amen!

2019-01-25 02:24 AM

Please pray so that I receive the gift of tongues. I was baptised in the Holy Spirit but did not speak in tongues. Also pray for healing on my husbands shoulder and knee problems. I would love to have a prayer cloth for him. God bless you. @Sharlene we placed you for 5 prayer cloths on Jan 26 1019, give it a couple more weeks to arrive to New Zealand

2019-01-24 01:17 AM

I actually have a praise report, a couple of weeks ago I had asked for prayer for my daughter January. She was about to have surgery for breast cancer. Her surgeon decided she wanted January to have markers placed so that she would know where to make her incisions because January's cancer wasn't contained within boarders. So we went back to the hospital and back to MRI, she was also to have another biopsy. Something miraculous happened this time. The doctor called January today and was a little confused. She said that the tissue is no longer showing cancer, she doesn't know if maybe the other test just showed a false positive or what but this is not showing cancer. January is still having surgery because they want to remove the tissue, but no mastectomy and no cancer. The doctors may not know how to explain it but I do. I serve a miracle delivering, prayer answering Savior and Jesus has healed my beautiful daughter. Keep praying, keep believing, don't ever give up. By His stripes we are healed, believe it. Thank you God, I give you all the praise and glory.

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