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2019-08-24 12:23 PM

I am requesting prayer for my friend, Charlene,who broke her shoulder and arm in several places while hiking in Maine. She is in severe pain and the meds are causing nausea. She also has COPD and is finding it difficult to cough and clear secretions. Thank you.

2019-08-24 08:26 AM

I want to say a big thanks to Lucy for his recommendation I have also got my result from Dr gboco at gbocotemple@ yahoo. com we finally found my mother who has been missing for 6years this Dr gboco result is so unbelievable.

2019-08-23 12:55 PM

Blessings to you. I have been saved for many years. I have been a faithful follower of YouTube broadcasts for about 5 years now. I love Pastor Paul and Sister Heidi. The issue I need prayers for is long and painful. I was a passenger in a bad car wreck in 2007. Over the years my pain has just gotten worse. I was crushed in the accident. My ribs. So recently My dr and I have agreed on a Spinal Cord Stimulator. It’s a trial of 7 days, remove it then have surgery a month later for the permanent surgery. But I had complications and had to have the trial again at the 2 week mark. I am in so much pain right now I can’t even move or breath. I just want this trial to be a success. The goal is that it will bring my pain level from a 10 down to a 4 or 5. Making it possible for me to not have to take meds every 4-6 hours and have a better quality of life. Desperate for a better life. I have prayed about this and I believe The Lord is good with me having this procedure. I just really need prayers right now. This has been such a long battle and the next couple of months will be very hard. I cannot do it without Jesus! Thank you for your prayers.

2019-08-23 09:22 AM

For my husband’s job search, and my son’s interview for a job.

2019-08-23 04:35 AM

I’m here today ask again that you pray for my son and probably my grandson. My son left a message on his little town newspaper saying things about Jesus that are so horrific it’s hard for me to say. He’s made reference to Jesus by calling him Jesus on a stick and he signed it hail satan. I am so worried that he will not make it to heaven I am so worried that he will influence my grandson and my grandson will not make it too so I am at my wits end. I do not know how to change him he decided he hates me too he hasn’t let me see my grandson for 10 years so I’m not able to get through to anyone. The people he hangs around with are not believers and as much as I want the Lord to come down and get us and take us to heaven I’m also not happy because I don’t want to leave my son and maybe even my grandson behind. It’s terrible it’s just a mothers nightmare to read something so horrible written about the Lord and knowing that your son wrote it and knowing that he doesn’t even believe in Jesus as his Savior but yet he believes in satan - that doesn’t make sense please pray for Michael and my grandson Jack to come to the Lord. Amen ✝️

2019-08-21 09:20 AM

Please pray for a lady who is in hospital with failed kidneys and is about to have open heart surgery on the 21st of august tomorrow. Her name is Liza M. May her heart operation be a total success and may her kidneys be restored in Jeshua's Name Amen Thank You Jesus Thank You Jesus Amen.

2019-08-19 12:51 PM

I have been having mucus buildup in my throat for a long time. I went to the ENT and they can't see anything else in there. Pray for healing

2019-08-19 11:33 AM

Please pray for me to be healed of Gout in both my feet it is causing me severe pain.

2019-08-19 11:26 AM

I want to give praise to God for moving in my life as I have received much healing in a short period of time. And I want to thank those who prayed for me, as I posted a request of the prayer wall for healing of my sinuses, and other sickness. While there are some chronic conditions that may yet be healed, the sinuses are now fine, and some skin conditions have cleared up. Praise God!

2019-08-19 06:04 AM

This is Lou & Betsy from South Florida blessings to this awesome ministry. I'm (Lou) seeking prayer for healing in my body. My feet, hands, fingertips are goin numb spontaneously. I believe it may be nerve damage or possibly pinched nerves. It's an awful feeling. Please pray for my healing a I BELIEVE the Lord Jesus WILL HEAL ME in His mighty name! Amen blessings !

2019-08-19 04:17 AM

to pastor paul 7 years ago i lost my long time girlfriend lori ann marino to epilepsy june 7th 2012 she passed away at home she was 38 at the time when i found out about her passing i took it very hard it took me a long time to get over it it's still hard but she will never be forgotten but i have learned to heal over the past 7 years please pray for me her mom and dad as well thank you

2019-08-19 03:13 AM

Please pray for healing in my eyes and my kidneys. Please pray for my wife, she keeps coming under spiritual attack. Thank you.

2019-08-19 02:04 AM

Please pray for my Dad and our family. He is facing bowel cancer for the second time in his life. Yeshua, please bless him and heal him, and give us all your strength. Thank you all :-)

2019-08-18 12:35 PM

I am waiting for some finances to come through for me & it taking to long having a hard time making it please Pray for me

2019-08-18 08:34 AM

Please pray for my 4 sons, Provision for great jobs and RELEASED from Alcohol and Pot! Praise report, we found a home after months!

2019-08-18 08:29 AM

I need a prayer request for the healing of my legs they have lymphedema and I have diabetes type 1 as well please send prayer clothes to heal my legs I would appreciate it thank you so much From Johnny D. @Johnny we sent you email

2019-08-18 07:49 AM

I am asking for prayers for God's Wisdom and guidance in my life. I feel so stressed and alone not having a home church to attend on Sabbath that the Holy Spirit can be felt . I feel lost and cannot hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. I need prayers please to hear God's voice. I am being bombarded by dark entities in my bedroom attacking me in my sleep and I am falling into darkness and cannot call out to Jesus Christ for help. I need JESUS PLEASE. Please pray for my blind husbands and my faith in Christ to increase. For my three sons "Samuel, Ishmael, and Joshua" to accept Jesus Christ in their lives. Please pray for my three grand children Amari, Malikai, and Loaia(preemie girl in hospital) to be used by God to bring their parents to Christ. I so need to be closer to God. I feel like I am so far from Him. HELP ME PLEASE!!! Thank you God bless.

2019-08-18 05:54 AM

For my husband Patrick to be healed from his surgery and spiritually also

2019-08-17 11:58 AM

please pray for Charlie Chan kitty cat that he gets well and lives

2019-08-17 11:47 AM

I have been on prescription ‘medications’ for many years now for pain. In 2016, I had had enough. I took myself off EVERY prescription I was on- from hormone replacement to opioids. A month later, I was already sick. I knew SOMETHING was wrong but I couldn’t identify WHAT. (I WAS a nurse). Over a period of seven (7) months, I lost about 60-70 pounds. Basically, I was dying. By the time I was hospitalized (I had surgery already scheduled, but my body was NOT waiting on Doctors) they couldn’t even get an IV in- my blood was clotting. I ended up with a PICC line and TPN to feed my body. My husband and children watched me whither away

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