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2019-12-30 01:41 AM

Good afternoon paster pual and wife I been needing to put a prayer on here for quit sometime it's just I didn't know what to say or what to ask all i gotta is i got your email awhile back ago to my previous pray and am just sacred am a failure and not welcome which is way i never said a word i been trying to repent so hard but the divl keeps bring me down even though am trying to make something of myself i started job corps and got a new job at Walmart thanks to God i know what people think of Walmart but for me it's a start i been needing a good job so i could start saving up to move out of my toxic fake family house the job corps center is also hard because people are just rude to each other and lost all respect for there fellow man that's what i notice about my generation i realized social media was bringing me down so i deleted it but i keep going back to it even know thats bad for me i just need guidance and some advice on how to keep my demons at bay i been without friends or support for a while and i just can't fight it on my own but am to scared to ask for help because every time i did i got denied paster Paul i need you and this Chruch community to pray for me ps sorry I didn't but your wife name down when I greeted you two I couldn't spell her name

2019-12-29 10:49 AM

Please pray for me to have the strength to leave and stay away from an abusive man! I need God to help me break the generational curse the women in my family have long suffered at the hands of abusive men!!!

2019-12-29 10:46 AM

I am not sure where to start, I’m very new to all of this... I am currently trying to cut ties with a very emotionally, physically and sexually abusive relationship. We have been together for almost 10 years (since I was 19) and we have 4 wonderful kids together. I will go ahead and admit that I used to be physically and verbally abusive to him, but I have worked so hard to overcome my anger and childhood traumas and truly defeated my abusive ways. About a year and a half ago I was washed over with the realization that God is real and that I was so ready to begin living for him. For about 11 my guy and I worked so hard together to build a new relationship and had grown and learned and changed so so much. But one day he went out with his friends and didn’t come home, I found him in a hotel room high on drugs and drunk at 11am with another woman. I was almost 8 months pregnant at the time and I begged him to get in the car and come home so we could sort everything out. He refused and left with a friend and the woman. Since that day I have asked him to leave our apartment, he keeps coming back and manipulating his way back into our home. I continually find him lying to me, sleeping with other women and trying to sleep with me still. He is currently out on a bender and I’m sure he will show up again in a few days and I need help! I have noticed a generational curse on the women in my family, we ALL suffer abuse from every man we love and I am tired. I need to break this curse for me and my children and all the women in my family. I am trying to stay strong and have been able to become independent over the last few months, I just need to strength to end this relationship for good. I need to overcome my involuntary response to his looks and touches and fake love. I love want/need to be free of this man!

2019-12-29 09:31 AM

My husband and I are going through a trial separation after 20 years. Please pray for the restoration of our marriage.

2019-12-28 10:58 AM

Hi pastor Paul and and all my wonderfull brothers and sisters!Please say a prayer for me i am homeless at 73 years of age and need strength just to survive! The good news is i am saved and believe your prayer will greatly help me! GOD richly bless you brother Danny 12/28/19

2019-12-28 10:27 AM

My mother has already had 4 stints put into her heart and has been doing well. Before Christmas she started having episodes of shortness of breath, which is how the other times started when it was her heart. She will not do anything until after the 1st of the year. Please pray that God heals her and that she is saved. I do not know if she is. I know she said the words at a Bible Study we both attended but her faith is a private matter to her. Thank you!! Susan

2019-12-27 09:49 AM

Please pray for a resolution to a problem I am having at work .

2019-12-26 09:08 AM

I want to update you on my husband's uncle Gerald Jack). He passed away Dec. 26, 12:55am. We knew that it was close, and I prayed that he would not pass on Christmas eve or day. I thank the Lord for that answer. I pray that we will see him again in heaven. Thank you for all your prayers and support. God Bless.

2019-12-26 05:50 AM

Please pray for my friend's sister in law, Janae Blackwell. She has cancer that has spread throughout her entire body. Please pray for complete healing in Jesus' Name! Thank you!

2019-12-24 07:03 AM

I am asking for the removal of a cataract in my left eye. It is my heart's desire because I am old and do not have money to pay for an operation. But it would be a miracle to have two good eyes again. Pray blessings on pastor Paul and Heidi

2019-12-24 06:49 AM

Please pray for Jordan he’s 6 years old and in ICU.

2019-12-24 01:09 AM

Hi my name is Rick, would you please pray for me I am going through a real rough time. my heart is broken and i am in a lot of pain. I need Jesus so much right now. I recently lost my younger brother and i am crushed. Thank you please pray for my job also it is very abusive and hostile

2019-12-23 11:06 AM

Please pray for my friend’s daughter. Her and her grandfather were in a car accident last night. She has a broken arm and a lacerated lung. She’s 13...I don’t know the status of the grandfather but apparently he was under the influence. Please pray for them... blessings to all the prayer warriors!

2019-12-22 03:43 AM

Please pray for my friend, Michelle Delaney. She has been diagnosed with an inoperable and incurable brain tumor. She was first diagnosed in February and now they have found a second tumor in a different area. They have started a more aggressive, yet more deadly treatment. She has had a stroke caused by the tumor growth. She also has an abscess in her brain causing an infection. Please pray for complete healing in Jesus' Name! Thank you!

2019-12-21 06:12 AM

Hello. Please pray & agree with me that my 15 year old son, Austin, is set free from Kleefstra Syndrome. It's damage to the #9 chromosome and brings severe mental illness. We are believing for complete restoration.

2019-12-20 12:21 PM

I just received word that my dad, Wayne Driver, fell and broke his upper arm. They did surgery to fix it, but they're unable to get him off the ventilator.

2019-12-20 02:07 AM

Please pray for me. I’ve had skin cells removed that were trying to turn to melanoma. They made a big cut on my back to remove it. I have spots all over that are needing to be checked and one on my scalp that will need a biopsy. I’m praying they will all come back benign and not melanoma or any other skin cancer. I do not have health insurance either. Please pray for me that I don’t have any kind of skin cancer. The anxiety from waiting on biopsies and appointments are too much. Makes me sick. Trying to keep focused on God.

2019-12-19 08:10 AM

Prayers to Pastor Paul for a healthy recovery, and prayers of comfort to Heidi and all your family. May GOD bless and protect you both and all in your family. Merry Christmas!

2019-12-19 07:44 AM

At work today a door was slammed into him knocking him into a cement wall, hurting his wrist, shoulder, arm, neck. Please pray for his healing. Thank you, prayerwarrior Kandi

2019-12-19 07:40 AM

Please pray for my uncle Eddie, is in emergency bowel obstruction surgery right now. He had prostatectomy 1 month ago for prostate cancer. No one in his family is saved and my one cousin is an atheist. My uncle says that he gave his life to Jesus and is ready to go home. I pray that he will be a testimony for others. Thank you, prayer warrior Kandi.

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