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2019-02-05 10:06 AM

Please pray for my son, Ian. He has an ulcer in his throat due to chronic acid reflex. It hurts for him to talk and he is an English teacher. Talking is so much a part of his job. He went to urgent care last night and has to rinse with a numbing solution every 3 hrs. so he can eat or drink. I am so very worried. He is only 31 years old. Thank you!

2019-02-05 03:35 AM

Lord, I lift up AL praying her heart softens in these last days to repent, to be humbled, convicted, disciplined, & instructed. Lord help her to have a spritural breakthrough in dreams, & show her the errors she makes gently through your spirit.Please speak to her Lord abt Love, and loving others verses loving self and “ stuff” correct AL where she needs it, and save her if her soul is lost. I ask in Jesus name amen

2019-02-05 03:24 AM

Please pray the Lord is providing for me supernaturally, with a blessing of provision. My mother’s longevity has used most of money my Dad intended for my sister & I, and being single I need help from Him! A big help! Please agree with me in prayer Jesus is going to provide for me, and my sister with even money left over to help others! Thank you Lord for your goodness! God bless! Amen

2019-02-05 01:50 AM

I am asking for prayer for protection from spiritual attacks.

2019-02-04 12:36 PM

Lord, with prayer healing blanket, I ask for healing of my emotions, that you already died for and paid. Healing I know Lord, involves me being loved for who I am, freedom from guilt that has plagued my life wit a heavy cost. Thank you for loving me Lord just as I am and healing my emotions. IJNIP amen

2019-02-04 03:32 AM

Please pray the Lord God comes through as I’m depending on a supernatural financial blessing soon! This is urgent brothers and sisters .. please pray! Thank you asking in Jesus’s name Amen!

2019-02-04 02:15 AM

Pray for Sarra her stomach is messed up she lost a lot of wight she os boney

2019-02-04 01:31 AM

Tonsils are infected, and inflamed. Please pray that the infection will be healed.

2019-02-03 10:32 AM

I am in a not so great situation at home, and I have not a way of getting out of it. I have no car or drivers license, i have no real income, i can't even get a student loan apparently. Every Avenue i try to escape my current situation hits a dead end and i am lost... I have turned to gambling the lotto just in hopes i could strike it big just to have a way out. I have been praying for it for over a year now... Maybe even longer with nothing... No response no help no guidance that i have seen.. I just hope some prayer help will be strong enough (stronger than mine alone) to help nudge something. Help get something going... I feel so defeated that i will never see anything else. Don't worry my situation is nonviolent just a lot of controlling, manipulation, lots of words. I just need something to brighten my future.

2019-02-03 08:02 AM

Please pray for my Dad Charles Dennis he is 88yrs old and going to have gallbladder surgery tomorrow 2/4/19 at 12:40 pm

2019-02-03 07:30 AM

Please thank God for the provisions and blessings he has for me, as he opens the heavenly storehouse so I can do His Work, His will, not someone else’s. Lord grant your favor on my life, as I understand it’s time to depart from family members that don’t share my beliefs. This is mine & your time Father to Work according to your will, knowing me deeply and providing freedom where I have not known before. Thank you Jesus for blessing me! Amen

2019-02-03 07:23 AM

Pray For The Family Of Chrile Richard, Chrile Past Way January 31 Funeral services Will Be Tuesday Febuary 5, 2019 In Lincoln Nebraska Thank You For Your Prayers Chrile Richard Was My Uncle

2019-02-03 06:15 AM

I would like to pray for all the pastors and Christians of the world to stand up and not be afraid to preach the word of God and show absolute outrage over infanticide and all other immoral actions occuring in the world. I pray for the pastors and preachers to stop tiptoeing around subjects that need to be addressed in fear that they might offend anyone appear biased. The people need to have strong leaders of God to lead them and show them what is really right or wrong as people are so brainwashed now they do now know anymore. This I pray for.

2019-02-02 10:43 AM

Praise the lord. Please touch and agree with Javon that in the mighty name of Jesus our savior heals my body complete and makes me whole. im in need of Supernatural Healing Miracle. My wife is also dealing with infirmity in her body. i have made my request known to our lord God and petitioned him to do it. where 2 or 3 touch & agree he will be in the midst. i know he is able. I take the limits off of God. ALL things work together for good. thank you. i love you. im praying for you that Our father will give u a double portion of blessing for u and your family and your ministry

2019-02-02 02:46 AM

I am ill I am on the verge of becoming homeless. I have no support system. Please pray for healing, and miracles in my life. Thank you.

2019-01-31 12:39 PM

My insurance has been submitted. The adjuster optimistically predicted $(can't say amount) to come to me for this claim. It is bigger than I thought. Praying for every other income grant available as well quick. Also I hope to come before the Lord for healing after I get the money to see if he wants me to be healed. High blood pressure problems, belly button hernia, memory loss from the stroke. Thanks for your prayers and God bless the SALVATION STATION. AMEN

2019-01-31 09:12 AM

All my life I have suffered from depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks as do my other family members. It has robbed me of being a part of society and enjoying life. I'm a good person who wasn't surrounded with good people. I'm asking for you to pray for me and my family members for prayer and healing Thank You God Bless.

2019-01-31 01:52 AM

I hurt my back ten days ago. I was simply drying off after a bath, and suddenly I couldn't stand up. I had to support my upper body to remain upright. After eight days, I could finally barely get around. I'm still in great pain. Praying God accomplishes all that He desires during this debilitating time.

2019-01-30 05:41 AM

Please pray for my son Kurtis and his marriage they have 3 children and he move out of home. Thanks and God bless

2019-01-30 01:59 AM

Please pray in agreement for my youngest daughter Audrey is having a partial hyterecto the removal of her uterus due to lifelong problems with fibroids she even have a total massectomy 10yrs ago and breast reconstruction because of reoccurring Juvenile Fribroid adenomas in her breast since puberty. Now there is fibroid adenomas occurring in her uterus since her massectomy. I know with my God, He will protect and heal her and that God will guide the doctors hands and minds in the surgery on Feb.7th ..Thank you for your prayers.

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