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2018-12-02 06:30 AM

Please pray for me have I have crippling anxiety causing me to be depressed. I am worried all of the time usually over nothing at all. Thankyou

2018-12-02 05:56 AM

Please pray for my son Dwight that God will heal and protect him. He has an alcohol addiction.

2018-12-01 12:47 PM

This is Lisa asking for a prayer for God to spiritually protect our marriage and for God to help my husband Rob and I to keep moving forward with learning fruits of the spirit.We share the same email.Prayer makes a great difference

2018-12-01 12:39 PM

I am sick alot with Lupus, I got a calling from the Lord to Minister to the sick, I'm taking some other classes to be able to do this, my peers mock me saying I should be healed and having a disease I lack Faith and shouldn't go into Ministry with Lupus, God keeps pushing me to use my gifts, peers keep judging me that im not Gods Child that I should not have illness. I deleted all my social media to focus on my calling , I need prayer to move forward from church people flinging Isaiah ,by His Stripes I am healed. I'm BORN with a rare blood disorder and have Lupus , I just cant be humiliated by so called Christians anymore. I have 23 year old Autism son, who wont go to church anymore becuz he was also severely judged . RachelSara

2018-12-01 12:38 PM

Please pray for salvation and deliverance for my brother Teddy. Thank you.

2018-12-01 12:22 PM

No need to post this on the prayer wall but please send it on the LIST to the prayer warriors. I have three needs. One is for finances to continue working on our home as we are doing our construction (We are doing all the work ourselves) as money permits, we don’t have a loan. Second need is for healing of my itching skin which the doctors have not been able to help at all. Third and most important is for God to give me a SECOND CHANCE. 30 years ago God wanted to heal me and I was too scared to accept the healing, afraid of what the Holy Spirit would do. How foolish of me but since then He has not seen fit to offer healing again. I need the Prayer Warriors, the powerful praying people, to intercede on my behalf for a second chance. I have prayed and asked hundreds of times but I need more powerful prayer. Please pray and intercede for me, please. John in Kansas

2018-12-01 12:01 PM

I am asking for prayer that I may be provided a quiet studio apt within my limited means. I am frightened for my spiritual well-being where I currently am. I thank anyone praying for me with all my heart. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless everyone, life is so difficult for so many.

2018-12-01 10:20 AM

Please pray for my children, Gary, Tracy, Shannon, Shelbi, Sean and McKinzi. My son Gary is the closer than the others but I don't know if he where he needs to be. McKinzi says doesn't believe in God. Please be praying for them.Thank you and God bless

2018-12-01 05:52 AM

I am struggling... My landlord is really making my life difficult. He was trying v to evict me to rent it to someone else. But I'm fighting it with an appeal. And because of that he tried to have my car towed as retaliation. I had to pay my whole paycheck to keep them from taking my car. So now I have no money. I have severe medical problems Asim leaking spinal fluid and need surgery and he knows this. Just pure evil. I do that know how much more I can take. Please pray for me and also my daughter we need to find a 3 bedroom apartment or house so we can get out of here. Thank you and God Bless! @Christina start looking into places to move amen by faith

2018-12-01 05:12 AM

I am 70 years old and live alone. Please pray that the Lord make a way for me to get the financial help that I need. It seems that I am not poor enough or rich enough. In 2018, I have had both a flooded basement due to a frozen pipe and now my roof is leaking. I used to be a very trusting person. One of the plumbers that came to do some work for me asked me to give him money up front so that he could make a down payment on a truck. So I took part of my insurance money and wrote him a check and then he disappeared. I found out from the police that he was a drug dealer and felon. I had gotten his name from Home Advisor. I would like for a lawyer to settle with Home Advisor for the money that I lost and I would like for Home Advisor to post on their home page that they do not check out in any kind of way contractors that they refer. Also, please pray that I can find a tax attorney that will represent me. 3 years ago, I asked my CPA how my taxes would be affected if I took $30,000 more out of my IRA to pay for accumulated expenses. The CPA said hardly any. I was shocked when taxes I owed were over $6000. Now they are over $10, 000 and the IRS has turned me over to a collection agency. I am stretched to my limit financially. When I have asked for help, the only responses I get are about what I should have done and what I should have known. And yes I will know better in the future, but right now I need someone who can represent me legally to come against the enemy that is coming against me. I am praying but I need someone that will pray with me.

2018-12-01 04:24 AM

Prayer request for my Dad he’s in the hospital with hematuria & prostate cancer right now we’re waiting for he’s blood thinner meds to leave his system so they can operate on him , please agree with me for complete healing for my Dad and salvation in Jesus name Amen For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. -Matthew 18:20

2018-12-01 04:05 AM

I'm a senior, completely alone, no help. I've tried to get medical help and can not get it because I don't have the money. My digestive tract is not working; swelling up and not digesting food, now nausea with pain and feel really bad; have crohn's but have been fighting it with diet; it's no longer working. My jaws, especially the right one, are really hurting; tooth infections and no one will help. Please pray for help and healing...and for The Lord to bring me into some local fellowship; I have none and am terribly lonely. Your prayers have kept me going in the past. Thank you.

2018-12-01 02:54 AM

Please pray for Dorothy Scroggins. She is 85 yo and was in a car accident in October breaking 6 of her ribs. Her dementia has progressed significantly. Please pray for a complete healing and spiritual restoration.

2018-12-01 02:49 AM

Pray strength for daughter Amber to be strong that she will be reunited with her children and all will have a normal life as a family again. Also that this curse doesn't follow our future generations to come. Amen

2018-12-01 02:14 AM

Me and my friend Sheila have had bad arguments and disagreements between each other we both have apologized to one another but whenever we see each other I feel that she is still hurt by the words ive said to her that were hurtful please pray that the Lord will restore our friendship and fill us both with His Love for one another and help us grow even stronger in His word and in his Love

2018-12-01 01:30 AM

I have heavy pressure on chest, in adfition blood clot in lungs 2 weeks ago and stage 4 cancer in liver ans bones. Medication did not help. I am wondering am I now getting heart attack too

2018-12-01 01:00 AM

Please pray for my nephew, he started having panic attacks that he may be delivered from them.

2018-11-30 12:12 PM

URGENT: PLEASE pray for Christy, Jeshannah and Karen for protection from a violent felon, who was on house arrest, but has cut his ankle monitor off a second time before a court appearance and is in violation of several protection orders. He is most likely armed and is extremely dangerous to us! Please pray also for the healing of hearts and minds, as we have lived in constant fear for the past 6 months! Thank you so very much and God bless you and your families! Karen

2018-11-30 11:52 AM

Please pray for my brother Alden that he will except JESUS as his LORD and savior!

2018-11-30 11:33 AM

asking Gods Touch 7 back surgery , hip replacement still in relentless pain

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