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2019-09-25 01:03 AM

Pray for my stepfather Darryl Lange he just had a major stroke. He can't talk or walk and is being transferred to intensive care unit

2019-09-24 09:58 AM

Please pray for my son for God to bless him and protect him while he is incarcerated in prison in Texas. Thank you.

2019-09-24 08:19 AM

Please pray for my niece, Cheyenne Cary, whose mother was just shot and killed by her step-father. Pray that Cheyenne mentally and spiritually survives this horrific crime.

2019-09-24 07:34 AM

Please pray for our grandson Wesley. He has episodes of anger and can become threatening to his parents. Today was one of those episodes and he has run away with the family car and the parents do not know where he is. He just turned 17 and wants to drop out of school and most likely using drugs. We need a miracle tonight!

2019-09-24 04:56 AM

I am requesting prayers for discernment of God's will for my life and my wife's life. I've lost my job after 26 years to manning reductions. Pleas keep us in your prayers. I thank Jesus for you all.

2019-09-24 04:42 AM

Salvation to ALL Saudi Arabian’s for their military alliance with a Israel against Iran!! Genesis 12:3: Those who bless my people I will bless!!

2019-09-23 07:28 AM

Please pray for my neighbor, Dot. She is dealing with macular degeneration and can't see numbers very well. She's hoping to get a better magnifying glass from her eye doctor in 3 weeks. Please pray that God will heal her. She is 81 and doesn't want to be in assisted living because they'll take all of her money. She wants to be able to live in her house as long as she can. Thank you!

2019-09-23 06:16 AM

Pray for my children Kayla, Nicolas recieve back into their hearts Jesus. Jacob to be protected andJesus to keep him. My two older chdren restored to me also. Restoration to Jesus and to me. Pray my children turn away from ungodliness. Truth and Light of Christ in them. Gods blessing on me. The people my friend Kathy prays for and her daughter to know the Truth and their names written in the book of Life and my childen. Pray for Pastor Paul and Heidi and everyone's prayer request that God provide all their needs and bless them. Protect everyone and God love flows through them. Living waters in all of us. God bless. Thxs you pastor for stepping out and obeying God.

2019-09-23 02:46 AM

Please pray the judge will approve our intervention in the recog of divorce decree Thursday. This is absolutely critical. Thanks

2019-09-22 10:28 AM

PRAISE GOD for ANSWERED PRAYER. My friend Brenda’s seven hour liver transplant was so “stellar” it was “almost scary “ said the doctor. Thank you who helped me pray believing!

2019-09-21 12:43 PM

Please pray for my pain to stop.

2019-09-21 12:25 PM

Prayers please for my son Daniel. He gave his life to Jesus and was Baptized at age 10. He is now 24 and has entered into unbelief, a "what does it matter" time in his life. Prayers for me caring for elderly and sick parents who scoff and mock the very ones caring for them. Thank you Pastor Paul, Sister Heidi and Brock, Much Love and many prayers prayed for you all! Same for this Amazing Salvation Station family!

2019-09-19 11:52 AM

Please pray for my girl friend for healing and salvation her name is Diane M.

2019-09-19 06:51 AM

I am requesting prayer for a young man Brandon M. who is addicted to cocaine. He has a wonderful wife and two lovely young daughters. May Jeshua ישוע intervene in taking back Brandon out of his addiction and may he be restored back to his family as he has been missing , but since has been located after crashing his car. Thank you Jeshua ישוע for your never failing help. Amen

2019-09-19 06:41 AM

Please agree with me in prayer for my longtime friend Brenda waiting in intensive care for a liver transplant. “Pray believing and with thanksgiving!”

2019-09-19 03:09 AM

I still have not been granted the Doctors permission to go back to Fraley and Schilling Trucking. After passing a dot physical at a different place and getting certified for a year I had to get a new dot physical at Fraley and Schilling's dot doctor. One hurdle after another. We face no cash and bills are out of our ability to pay and my father n law owns this property we are living on but he is mad and not calming down. He keeps making fun of us and wanting back rent and the money that we borrowed back. Also even minimum wage jobs don't hire me. Now what?

2019-09-19 01:36 AM

Today I went to a heart sergeant to try to get a not to get beck to work. My blood pressure is up again and he wants a echocardiogram to look at a heart murmur before he will write the note. Also my belly button hernia(the size of my fist is needing fixed soon. Anything else? I pray for complete healing no pills. No more doctors dirty looks! We need to make money. How much will family pay the bills? We may not have electric soon. It is 2 months behind September 19 and trash bill 3 months behind. Gas bill a month behind. Phone bill not any way to pay except God. I really need hope and fast. Almost 9 months out of work and the wife is mentally retarded so can't work. No income at all. Thanks

2019-09-18 11:51 AM

Blessings in Jesus name to you. Please pray for my husband, Rob Telligman, who was just taken from home by ambulance. He has Lynch syndrome and three different cancer surgeries, as well as heart oblation within the last year. He called for me, barely able to speak and so cold to the touch. He agreed to ems. I prayed aloud quickly in the name of Jesus and his heart rate did drop immediately. By the time the ems arrived his rate was all but perfect. Praise His Holy Name. Yet, want your prayers to come into agreement for continued improvement with no intervention necessary and I know that Jesus can change one's dna. thank you so, Pamela (ps i dont use telligman as nobody can pronounce or spell it. just fyi-) 9/18/19 @12:51

2019-09-18 10:13 AM

Please pray for my family to be deliver from all Evil and to come to Christ in Jesus name. Thank You and God Bless the Ministry

2019-09-18 07:41 AM

Please pray my ex who is very ungodly does not get custody of my child. Im am trying to raise him in a godly way. This is an urgent prayer request. Please post for 6 months to a year. Court soon. Thanks. Daniel Rozear

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