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2019-08-18 12:35 PM

I am waiting for some finances to come through for me & it taking to long having a hard time making it please Pray for me

2019-08-18 08:34 AM

Please pray for my 4 sons, Provision for great jobs and RELEASED from Alcohol and Pot! Praise report, we found a home after months!

2019-08-18 08:29 AM

I need a prayer request for the healing of my legs they have lymphedema and I have diabetes type 1 as well please send prayer clothes to heal my legs I would appreciate it thank you so much From Johnny D. @Johnny we sent you email

2019-08-18 07:49 AM

I am asking for prayers for God's Wisdom and guidance in my life. I feel so stressed and alone not having a home church to attend on Sabbath that the Holy Spirit can be felt . I feel lost and cannot hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. I need prayers please to hear God's voice. I am being bombarded by dark entities in my bedroom attacking me in my sleep and I am falling into darkness and cannot call out to Jesus Christ for help. I need JESUS PLEASE. Please pray for my blind husbands and my faith in Christ to increase. For my three sons "Samuel, Ishmael, and Joshua" to accept Jesus Christ in their lives. Please pray for my three grand children Amari, Malikai, and Loaia(preemie girl in hospital) to be used by God to bring their parents to Christ. I so need to be closer to God. I feel like I am so far from Him. HELP ME PLEASE!!! Thank you God bless.

2019-08-18 05:54 AM

For my husband Patrick to be healed from his surgery and spiritually also

2019-08-17 11:58 AM

please pray for Charlie Chan kitty cat that he gets well and lives

2019-08-17 11:47 AM

I have been on prescription ‘medications’ for many years now for pain. In 2016, I had had enough. I took myself off EVERY prescription I was on- from hormone replacement to opioids. A month later, I was already sick. I knew SOMETHING was wrong but I couldn’t identify WHAT. (I WAS a nurse). Over a period of seven (7) months, I lost about 60-70 pounds. Basically, I was dying. By the time I was hospitalized (I had surgery already scheduled, but my body was NOT waiting on Doctors) they couldn’t even get an IV in- my blood was clotting. I ended up with a PICC line and TPN to feed my body. My husband and children watched me whither away

2019-08-17 09:48 AM

I GOT THE PRAYER BLANKET, Bible, and clothes anointed with oil. I feeling tired, and exhausted. I feel worn out health wise and financially. Also, my one friend has infection, and she needs healing too. I have praying every day.

2019-08-17 07:10 AM

To save my house from Foreclosure. That the sale date 8/27/19 will be stopped and the mortgage company will except my request for modification. Thank you Terri

2019-08-17 06:25 AM

I have been on my job for almost 7 years. I make good money on my job. I love the work I do on my job until I start having trouble with my hips, thighs, legs, knees, ankles and feet wrecked with a sharp throbbing pain each and everyday I come in to work. I cannot even begin my work without being in complete pain. I make $46, 667 right now for this year. Each year I receive a raise in pay. I have been thinking about resigning from my job because of working on the hard concrete floors throughout the day. I have no other income coming in. This us the only job I have for right now. I need the Lord to help me in this situation. I know that he is able and he can. My prayer request is that the Lord would give me guidance on what to do. I seriously thinking about quitting my job I have now. I am always in pain because of walking on the concrete floors all day. My body reaks with constant pain due to working on the concrete floors all day. I loved this job. I do not think I can take ut anymore. I feel like my body is being rung through a ringer. This job is so hard on my body. Thank you, Shamil P.

2019-08-17 06:23 AM

Father, we have Victory in Jesus. The gates of hell CANNOT prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ! Father deliver our daughter from every lying and afflicting spirit causing her panic attacks. Our grief at suddenly losing our 3 grandkids because of this is deep and excruciating! God have MERCY!! This HURTS!! THANK YOU, LORD JESUS!!

2019-08-17 05:40 AM

Praise the Lord. Love your program and YouTube channel. Please agree with me in prayer that Jesus provides for my every need as I'm moving Monday. Horrible abusive marriage and he has an adult child that's been NOTHING BUT A TOOL OF satan to destroy what God blessed me with. He refused to listen to what's right, so may THEY BOTH reap what they've sown. Thank you.

2019-08-16 02:52 AM

Please pray for the reconciliation and restoration of my marriage and family.

2019-08-16 01:22 AM

Please pray for a resolution and protection from a situation at work.Thanks.

2019-08-15 06:49 AM

Please pray for a lady who is in hospital with failed kidneys and is about to have open heart surgery on the 16th of august tomorrow. Her name is Liz M. May her heart operation be a success and may her kidneys be restored in Jeshua's Name Amen

2019-08-14 10:33 AM

Please pray for me have a very bad kidney infection. Taking antibiotics and they aren’t working. In very bad pain and weak.. God bless you!!

2019-08-14 08:33 AM

Hey my name is Devin I am 29 and I have a staph infection on my left leg I went to the wound clinic today I am on antibiotics and have a compression sleeve on to keep the swelling down I go back for a check up on Friday please pray for me thank you

2019-08-13 03:09 AM

Listening to you on Coast to Coast Pastor-lifting you up in prayer! All praise to Yahweh . Thank you for telling the world the Truth from the Word of God!

2019-08-12 11:46 AM

I request provision that i might be able to use the gifts that Yeshua Hamachiach approves of and his Father gave me Barch HaShem I would like to visit Israel some day soon because I am a senior now I just don't have all the money presently, provision could come from an upgrade from my work so pray for me...Rochelle R. was ordained as a deacon in the Presbyterian Church, but now I am part of the family of Messianic Movement Kehillah...AMEN!

2019-08-12 11:26 AM

Please pray I talk to the right person in Classification &Records to get my son in prison in Texas to get moved to closer unit so I can visit him. Navasota, TX

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