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2019-12-19 07:44 AM

At work today a door was slammed into him knocking him into a cement wall, hurting his wrist, shoulder, arm, neck. Please pray for his healing. Thank you, prayerwarrior Kandi

2019-12-19 07:40 AM

Please pray for my uncle Eddie, is in emergency bowel obstruction surgery right now. He had prostatectomy 1 month ago for prostate cancer. No one in his family is saved and my one cousin is an atheist. My uncle says that he gave his life to Jesus and is ready to go home. I pray that he will be a testimony for others. Thank you, prayer warrior Kandi.

2019-12-18 11:23 AM

Please Pray for this baby girl. She has a large brain tumor. Heart breaking

2019-12-18 09:56 AM

URGENT!!!! Please Pray for James VanScoyoc he had a massive heart attack and is unresponsive!!!!! Thank you!!! God Bless!!!!

2019-12-18 03:21 AM

Please pray for good health and healing for Pastor Paul, Heidi and their family

2019-12-17 12:13 PM

I pray for my husbands eyes to be healed thru surgery. He has had 2 strokes in his eye and his eye sight is getting to the point of blindness. I also pray for Pastor and sister Heidi’s health, so that they can continue Gods work of spreading the word of Jesus. I want to pray that our country puts the hatred card down and do the right things for our country.

2019-12-17 05:51 AM

Please pray for Carl. he professes not to believe in God and has been in hospital with liver problems. He had an MRI but the doctors do not know exactly what is wrong but feel there is a strong possibility it is cancer.

2019-12-16 12:08 PM

Update on my mother in law, she was diagnosed with lung disease, please pray she at least gets to go home from the hospital. thank you From Roxanne H. YouTube screen name: RoxyLovesAmerica Thank you for all you and sister Hiedi do. Much love Roxanne.

2019-12-16 07:59 AM

In Jesus' name please continue to pray for me for guidance, wisdom, confidence, protection, health, peace, kindness, calmness, success, strength, patience, and prosperity in the current major life changing decisions I have made. Please pray for me to live and act as God would want me to so that I may be an inspiration and beacon of bright light for others to want to seek, follow, and experience God's word and God's love. @Diane grab a bible and read...... But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Mat. 6:33

2019-12-16 06:01 AM

Looking for some prayer for my mother in-law . She’s just starting a battle and we’re hoping for the best!

2019-12-15 09:37 AM

I Need Prayer Because Of The Medication Had Stop Working It Was For The Anxiety And One Other One So I Need To See A New Dr. For New Medication, Please Pray That This Goes Well, And I Would Like Prayer That All Works Out Is A Positive Outcome. Richard S.

2019-12-15 08:15 AM

I usually request prayer for others but today I am in need of healing i have medical problems in my neck and back i have pain that radiate down my left leg and feet swelling i recently have a sore on my left foot that got infected i am in sever pain been on antibotics for two days and no sign of getting better i do have circulation problems in my feet iam not diabetic just have disk problems ddd and djd. Thank you.

2019-12-15 08:08 AM

Please pray for my sister Pam and husband Craig salvation. And their daughters Heidi and Bridget and their families. They are rejection Gods grace and salvation. Thank you prayer warriors!!

2019-12-15 03:57 AM

Please pray for God's guidance, wisdom, enlightenment, protection, and love for myself, family, and friends.

2019-12-15 03:41 AM

Please pray for me for success in my life. Please pray for me to receive God's guidance to make the correct choices to help me to live as God would want me to live with success, protection, health, strength, wisdom, kindness, love, confidence, calmness, and patience. @Diane again grab a bible and read/learn & quote.........But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Mat. 6:33

2019-12-14 06:01 AM

Please pray for my friend Louie , His son Louis Jr He's 15 and acting out, disobeying and using drugs. He went out last night without us knowing and didn't get back until 230 am

2019-12-14 04:39 AM

Cannot walk due to surgery needed. Then out of the blue tore a ligament in my knee and am in loads of pain. I'm scared and feel alone. Badly in need of strength and healing both physically and mentally right now. I work and support myself (self-employed) and need to get healthy. Harder to do alone at 65 yrs old. Thank you!

2019-12-14 01:29 AM

I need a physical healing

2019-12-13 10:08 AM

Please pray for my protection and the protection of my finances as we go through the Recognition of the Divorce Decree in the Philippines. Pray the the Memorandum of Agreement will be included in the paperwork of the Recognition of the Divorce Decree and that the Memorandum of Agreement will be a promient part of the Recognition of the Divorce Decree in the Philippines. Also pray that I will get to keep my son. Thanks for your prayers. @Daniel we got your prayer request you placed it several times

2019-12-13 01:31 AM

Please pray for my wife Carol. She is in the hospital ER after out patient surgery yesterday to have a stent removed in her kidney. Today she is running a fever and we are praying that she’s not septic again like she was this past Easter when she almost died. Thank you and God bless

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