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2019-07-09 07:43 AM

My request is. Please pray for Karen, Scott, and Chris’s salvation. These folks are lost in bad need of Jesus’s forgiveness and redemption. Timeisrunningv out, so your prayers are greatly needed and appreciated. IJNIP amen

2019-07-08 09:45 AM

Today I still need prayer for the household needs being that I haven't been released back to my profession as a truck driver. I don't have cash income and my utility bills are all behind on the payment. I sure miss working and a paycheck. Can't believe it is over 6 months now. I need God to move on our behalf. Love the SALVATION STATION.... Ps I also need healing that the aneurysm don't get larger. Thanks @Kevin trust Christ! and stop worrying about it nor complaining

2019-07-08 04:37 AM

Please pray for me. I am in a really bad situation. I am on the verge of becoming homeless. Thank you for your prayers.

2019-07-07 08:00 AM

I would like prayer for the restoration of my marriage and family. Grant Cole is my husband. Please pray for him to be delivered from alcohol abuse, etc. Please pray for my sons Quentin and Ron Cole to be saved. I need financial provision and a way to get back home. God knows. Thank you and God bless all. ❤️

2019-07-07 07:41 AM

Please pray that God will heal me of high blood pressure. Going to doctor this week for check up. Pray for God to heal my son of alcohol addiction and legal problems.

2019-07-07 07:28 AM

Please pray for my son Jesse, he needs physical and spiritual healing. He is only 13

2019-07-07 07:28 AM

Please help guide me as an online moderator in the coming time.

2019-07-07 04:49 AM

Something happened that’s causing me to itch severely all over I don’t know what it is I’ve been to two dermatologists and one MD and they can’t figure out what’s wrong with me, she took a biopsy but the results are not back yet. None of the anti-itch medicine They are giving me is working and I am in such anguish I feel it’s from the magnetosphere being weak because I do have sort of of weakness to radiation I can’t explain it but if I have a CT scan it causes me to be sick for months so if you would pray to have it relieved please. The rash I really don’t know she says it’s not catching but I’ve been taking such precautions I’ve been staying out of away from everybody I even handle my dog only after washing my hands so I’m trying to make sure no one else gets this but because I’m in Texas it could be Someone came across the border and gave it to people and nobody’s really putting it together yet but the itch is so intense it feels like hundreds of mosquitoes bit me and there’s this huge rash everywhere your prayers will be appreciated thank you and God bless you. In Jesus name

2019-07-06 07:51 AM

Please pray God will send me enough male tenants to fill the boarding house. We are trying to raise money for our wedding. Pray God will provide us all the money we need before the wedding so we can pay wedding expenses as they come due.

2019-07-05 10:57 AM

Granddaughter having seizures. Mild nocturnal … she is afraid of having another episode. She is 10 and I am seeking for prayers for her complete healing. I want Jesus to receive the glory! All I need is to ask. ThNk you.

2019-07-04 05:16 AM

Pastor, Louis Bothma my brother in law had a heart attack and if fighting for his life on life support in South Africa We cant loose him Im prying for a miracle over his life They think he is brain dead, but only Jesus can restore him to life He is only 37 years old and has a big family to look after They want to switch the machines off perhaps today Please pry for his sole Thanks a million in Jesus we trust Johan from Australia

2019-07-03 01:55 AM

This is a specific prayer post for Joe H., and family, that they may be sustained during this time of trial and travail. May our sustaining prayers go forth, and an extra hedge of protection be placed around the ones that loved you the most, who are grieving this very day and during the coming time. Thank you Joe for your years of work with Douglas, you are sorely missed by many who love you, Rest In Peace brother, we will see you again, God rest your soul.

2019-07-02 10:53 AM

Please pray for healing for my 90 year old mother, Miriam Shumaker. She is suffering from a rare skin disorder, Bullous pemphigoid, which is causing her great discomfort.

2019-07-02 03:18 AM

Prayer request for my dad's firend yves, he found out he has cancer behind the tongue. Georges

2019-07-01 05:12 AM

Pray for my friend Pat who has been diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis. She’s a strong faithful believer in Jesus.

2019-07-01 05:08 AM

Pray for the family of Joe Hagmann who died Saturday at age 36. My heart aches for Doug and his wife losing their oldest son and for Joes wife who is going to give birth in just a few weeks.

2019-07-01 02:13 AM

CALLING ON ALL PRAYER WARRIORS! This is an urgent call for prayer. My nephew is due to be born in October. It was discovered via ultrasound that he has down syndrome, right enlarged brain ventricle and three holes in his heart. I need everyone to pray for healing and protection over him.. There has been some discussion about terminating his life. He doesn't deserve that! Please everyone get down on your knees today and say a little prayer for him. PLEASE ask Father to watch over him. In Jesus name I pray amen

2019-06-29 08:20 AM

Please pray for my son who is 3 yrs old and he is now in the hospital due to very high fever for 3 days now. We live in Asia so we are concerned about many things. Thanks brothers and sisters. God bless everyone here.

2019-06-28 05:50 AM

Pray for my grandson David he just had a motorcycle accident. Don't know how bad he is yet. Thank you ,Rena.

2019-06-27 12:28 PM

Please pray for my mother - she just had a terrible stroke, she lost movement on the right side and lost her speech also. She lost her precious daughter, my older sister four years ago and I live on the other side of the world in New Zealand while my mother lives in Austria. My father also had a stroke not too long ago - please pray for miraculous recovery and that God will do a big work amongst my family members as my mum is the only Christian. Thank you I also would love a prayer blanket for her if possible. Thank you for your prayers. @Sonja we sent you an email

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