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2019-05-05 11:09 AM

Please I pray for help from God I have Scoilios and I had surgery, I have a rod in my spine. The past year I have had pain that is getting so severe in my back and legs. Tonight listening to the show I was hurting so bad that I was calling out to Jesus to heal me and take away the pain. I sit in my lift chair with my blanket trying to bear the pain that I am to the point of misery. I know God can break these chains. So I do request a blanket to lay over the pain while I tune in and as I call out for relief. Please you can send me one.....I know there are others that are more sick than I and please serve them first.Please lift me up for a healing.I am praying myself.....I need some relief. I am 55 and soon my son will be getting married June 1st.....please pray that God will deliver me from this pain I am in. God Bless all....Thank you Salvation Station for all you have bless me with. If it wasn't for the shows to uplift my SPIRITUAL life I dont know what I would do.Thank you and May God Bless! @Brenda we sent you an email..... we will place you for one

2019-05-05 06:46 AM

I have submitted my Passover blessings request but now things are still so bad between my husband and I and my son. Please pray for my marriage and my son.

2019-05-05 04:17 AM

Last Monday i got a letter from my insurance that was to pay to me for being in the hospital. They said that their obligation is $0. It was to be over $50,000 to pay to me. Also SSI said I wasn't bad enough. Also my doctor still said I can't work at all. I filed for unemployment now but they make you declare you are able to work to get it. (I did but only going by what SSI said). I will just tell the places that I apply for the truth but still apply I guess. Or I can't get that income. Also praying for wisdom and grace. No money is hard. The wife's Dad has been paying our bills but we can't just ask for more from him. Unemployment will pay for up to 6 months if approved. Thanks and God Bless.

2019-05-05 04:04 AM

Please pray for my dad's kidneys the dr said they have got worse his name is Samuel and please pray for me I have not been well and suffer from panic attacks please pray The Lord delivers me from smoking thank you and Pastor Paul Begley The Lord bless you all

2019-05-04 10:27 AM

Update on my aunt Cheryl: The graft has failed a 3rd time for Cheryl. The surgeon will be doing the 4th surgery on her tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 7:30 am to try the new graft. We remain in prayer for her. Thank you for praying for her everyone. They did remove her tongue and vocal cords. She will never be able to talk or eat again. Cheryl will be fed through a feeding tube. I hope her prayer blanket got sent out to her. I provided there address. I pray this graft will take. This is in the Lord's hands.

2019-05-04 01:03 AM

Asking prayers for a family member who is sick in the hospital with pneumonia, very sick. Please pray for healing thank you so much.

2019-05-03 09:39 AM

Since 2016 me and my family have been subjected to something that no person should ever have ro go through. We are one of the 2 percent that hear that idling engine in the sky or better known the hum. We not only hear it but many times have been chased out of our own home from feeling a burning sensation or nausau and it attacks your nervous system and puts you in a fight or flight condition. Walking off balance ear pain and swelling heart palpitations and random stabbing pains from out of nowhere. We have been to congress about this and with prayer it has settled down some but everyday you hear it loud and low rumbling frequency and on holidays and especially black friday it is horrendous. We believe its all the towers that are positioned around us and a large tv radio tower and we also have coast gaurd nearby creating some kind of a strong field of eld waves or vlf waves. Whatever it is please pray for me and my family that we can be set completely free from this and heal our bodies from all we have suffered. I am raising 2 grandchildren who do not hear it but I see it effect their nervous systems at times. Thank you for all prayers and God Bless

2019-05-03 02:05 AM

Please for me that Walgreens will hire me for a new job, and I can find an apartment to live for over 55+

2019-05-03 01:06 AM

help please urgently, we are being sued for copyright images which we obtained through free websites, we didn't know, we thought if it's free, that's what everyone told us, and we posted them on social media, we cannot handle this pressure, it's taking toll on us, we are both seniors, please pray for the attorney drop the case against us. We are so sick emotionally, stressed, pressure, help us please I am begging. thank you

2019-05-02 12:26 PM

My 19 year old daughter has been struggling with the effect of stage 3 colon cancer . Since being diagnosed she has had several big surgeries and many procedures.. she’s been admitted more times than I can count. We are currently admitted in the hospital after her most recent surgery. We have been here 9 days. She is currently lying in bed with her chemo blanket, to nauseated and in too much pain to get out of bed. She’s 19 years old now, and the enemy seems to be winning. Please prayer warriors.. this mama needs you to pray for her. I’ve run out of words, I don’t even know what to ask for. Please pray .. the Spirit knows what for. I am a single mom and have spent more time in the hospital than at work and I am struggling to balance the two. I really need support from you all. Thank you so much.

2019-05-02 10:06 AM

pray for peace and healing of the relationship between my daughter and her former husband

2019-05-02 10:03 AM


2019-05-02 04:57 AM

Please pray for my health, I am so sick.. Thank you

2019-05-02 01:08 AM

Update on my aunt Cheryl. She went back into surgery at 7:30 pm this evening. The surgeon came into CK her. They used skin grafting from her to help an area of a flap in the area of this surgery she had this past Tuesday. There is no blood supply so they are moving quickly to find out why and fix stat. Please pray! Cheryl had a tumor removed from her vocal cords. She will be having radiation treatments soon.

2019-05-01 06:09 AM

Please pray for recovery from septics, to help me regain my strength and ability to stand up and to walk and care for myself. I’m sixty six years old and this came on very quickly. I’ve been in the hospital since late Easter evening and have been transferred to rehab yesterday. I find it depressing that I cannot get around like I did before getting sick. Thank you. My husband and I watch your show each evening on YouTube.

2019-04-30 10:47 AM

Please keep me in your prayers?Complications after ruptured colon, bitter I must go back in for repairs less then 2 weeks after 2 stomach surgerys. Please pray for surgeons & that Father hand upon us both to relieve this pain & correct what's wrong & to be with my family. God Bless you!

2019-04-30 07:23 AM

Pastor Paul, please pray for me. I have been scammed of my money by trusting a guy I met in facebook. I'm so ashamed. I ask God to forgive me. Now I even have to pay for a loan that I borrowed to help this guy who pretended he was in desperate financial need. Please pray that God will help me with my bills and my finances. Thank you God bless.

2019-04-30 06:54 AM

continued prayers for sherry, lexi, casey, and betty W. The family is dealing with abusive demonic oppression and it is getting violent. please pray for this family, i truly love you, my church brothers and sisters. Thank you, Jody

2019-04-30 04:42 AM

Please protect my sister who is falsely accused of something she did not do. Pray God will protect her and have the authorities drop the case and no harm comes to my sister. Thanks

2019-04-30 04:37 AM

Please pray for my 8 year old boy to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior. Thanks

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