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2019-09-08 12:16 PM

Please pray that I would be healed of an illness. Thank you,

2019-09-08 07:59 AM

I was thrown from my horse. I have a compression fracture in my spine.

2019-09-08 03:12 AM

@James we already place you for a bible give it a month or so to arrive because your outside of USA in Sri Lanka

2019-09-07 10:15 AM

I am requesting prayer please because I am in extreme anguish and emotional pain. I’ve been in an abusive relationship and I had to call police they gave me EPO and criminal protection orders and now also tpo but since it’s hos house and me n my son are not on lease even though we have lived here over year and I’ve paid rent , they can’t kick him out. We were only dating no children no marige. He is in the Air Force and I had to make an aosi report because he’s an alcoholic and had sexually abused me while drunk. I have nothing because I gave up my career for him etc . The day I called police he put 30 day notice in and now I’m facing homelessness with my son. I feel very scared and hopeless and I don’t want my son to suffer I have no family. The police and the air force investigators scare me because it just seems like they want to clear his name not protect me. I don’t want to imply myself for any wrong doing simply because I told them what happened. My x now is ordered to stay away from me but he’s allowed to come to the house Monday n I feel he will try anything to try to revenge. I’m scared no where to go please pray for my mental health and pray god gives me strength because I want to give up . Thank u so much for ur ministry payer Paul!

2019-09-07 09:43 AM

Please pray for my mom, Vicki. She has a very bad sinus infection. She has a really bad cough and burning in her throat from acid reflux because of coughing so much. Generic antibiotics don't work on her, but that's what the doctor prescribed over the phone even though she said she needed the brand name in her message. Please pray for quick healing in Jesus' Name! Thank y'all!!!

2019-09-07 03:41 AM

Hi have been Accused of sexily abused a child. I had never touched Inappropriately I have raised here from birth and her older brother ever sense he was 6 months old. I know that Jesus knows I am not guilty the court date is April 16 2020. I need prayer to get thou this. The last Chuch that I and kids was going will not allow me to go any more and I am scared to go to other church’s I’ve been to before. The hole story is to much to try to tail her. I love them and miss them very much please pray. I also need healing Thank You Love in Crist.

2019-09-06 11:51 AM

I believe God will heal my bellybutton hernia (t is the size of my fist sticks out) and my thyroid problems which I think is why I suffer from hypertension as well as healing to get off high blood pressure meds as well as anything else stopping me from having a job or monet or a nice home. We also need provision and Sunday my phone which has data will expire. We are so broke food about gone no car ⛽, no way to get more pet food when gone and utility bills way past due. My follow up doctor appointment is September 19 to try to pass Fraley and Schilling Trucking physical because that dot doctor said aortic aneurysm don't just go away so he refused to certify my physical and f and s would not except my already passed physical that I got last week. I pray the devil pays for this entire mess. Was I going through this to stop me from supporting Pastor Paul and the other outreach for Christ? Why does everyone who helps me go through loss after helping me? I WON'T GIVE UP. Jesus has eternal life abd is God! AMEN!

2019-09-06 09:18 AM

I am asking for prayers for my grandson he is very ill tonight. Had medicine and is home but the pain and illness seem to have him very depressed too. I am praying to God in Jesus name to heal the Illness, stop the pain, and remove the depression now. He is Autistic but not bad but this is the first time I’ve seen the depression this bad. Asking God to help us handle this now. Tomorrow please be a better day. John 14:14. Amen.

2019-09-05 12:37 PM

was NOT able to pass dot physical necessary to be re hired at Fraley and Schilling. Doctor would not except my family doctor not instead he wants run around jargon and a note from a Cadiothoracic surgeon. We are broke and running out of borrowed time. Will we be homeless? Now what?

2019-09-05 10:45 AM

I have a left hip that sticks on me and causes me severe pain i also have Asthma please pray that the Lord heals me.

2019-09-05 10:18 AM

Please pray for God to help me. Or someone God sends. I am disabled and not able to work. My insurance company withdrew all my money from my bank account without me knowing they were going to. I have credits to help pay for my insurance, but the marketplace dropped them bc of a paper error. I have to file an appeal just to maybe get it back. I normally pay $4.36. But they tried to withdraw $1100 from my account today!! Now I'm overdrawn $500 and its 3 more weeks till my Sept disability check comes in. I'm devastated. But I know others are probably worse off than me. Not sure how I can live or eat for the next 3 weeks without money. This is such a mess. I'm on disability for a fatal disease, but I claim Gods healing. God will provide, but I need prayers. Thank you Pastor Paul and sister Heidi, for listening and caring. GOD BLESS.

2019-09-05 08:19 AM


2019-09-05 07:21 AM

Pray for the protection of America, for Canada is taking 100k Palestinian refugees, from Lebanon and Syria. Lord we pray for Your protection for America, for we know sooner of those Palestinians will sneak into America and try to hit multiple targets at one time in an attempted to destroy America. And their plan is to do this so they can establish a one works government.

2019-09-04 11:52 AM

Please pray for my daughter, Traci son in law Justin and my grandchildren Makenzie, Jameson. They had 2 miscarriages, First daughter Halo~Rose after 19 weeks, She lived for 4 hours, it really took its toll on marriage.Especially my daughter.She still hasn’t had time to properly mourn. They were blessed & Had Jameson. Their marriage was strained. Justin has a Teen son who’s birth mother is now causing trouble after 14 years. My daughter raised him since he was 2. Pray the trouble goes away and their family gets in to Church counseling, My Son-in-law gets Saved, and my daughter rededicates herself. Keep their Family strong and finds Christ! Thank you so much. Your prayers and my prayer blanket for my health to heal, I’m keeping the Faith. Crohn’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis in spine, I stopped the chemo after 4 years, prednisone, and 2 others On Faith. My feet are supposed to be permanently damaged? it’s extremely painful, it’s going on 3 years straight 24/7 Hard to walk. I’m Keeping My Faith I will be able to wear shoes again with no pain. Sorry so long. I thank you

2019-09-04 09:22 AM

Asking prayer for my friend with the broken shoulder again. She is traveling by vehicle from Maine back to Canada in a lot of pain and a limited amount of pain pills. Also, prayer for her son's marriage which came apart at the same time as her trauma. They are all believers.

2019-09-04 09:16 AM

Please pray that my son Kirk gets off the streets he has chosen to be homeless there is no reason other than he is on meth and has a mental illness he is 39 and has been homeless for over 5 years I pray he will seek help he is a saved believer but refuses the help that’s available I do not understand why he doesn’t get Help!! I also have 2 daughters that get very defensive when I bring up the name above all names Jesus Christ I don’t understand the denial of Our Lord! Why? It breaks my heart so Please,Pray for them I don’t want them to be left behind! I’ve always believed I Jesus never doubted anything about the Word of GOD.....why oh why??

2019-09-04 08:37 AM

Hi Pastor Paul and Heidi! Please pray for my right wrist and hand. My fingers have a burning sensation and my wrist hurts when I'm at work using the mouse and typing. I work on the computer all day. Please pray that God will totally heal them in Jesus Name! Thank you!

2019-09-04 07:33 AM

I fell an broke my left upper arm and in alot of pain. (do not want to take any meds.) putting my trust in our. [Cherish your prayers}. Thank you

2019-09-04 06:00 AM

2770 49th Avenue, Vero Beach, Florida. Long story short I just came through Hurricane Dorian. One day we were ground zero and then we were not. Everyone knows how its playing out as I write this but PRAISES TO MY KING, MY PRECIOUS LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. We are still feeling the winds as I write this on 9/4/19 @ 6:40pm. I was so calm, never stressed out because I KNEW JESUS was protecting me and my household. I say all this to say I have a nagging need to write where my writing will be seen. GET SAVED PEOPLE, TIME IS RUNNING OUT, THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS. Because of prophecy, I am more than prepared for hurricanes and other disasters. The just suffer with the unjust. LOOK AT The Bahamas!! That should have been me living in Vero Beach, I was so calm ans believe so much in MY KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS--I NEVER filled up my car with gas. As a matter of fact as of 8/26/19 my mother had NO money, my father had $30, and I was NEGATIVE $67.15 in my banking account. We were looking at a Cat 5, 185mph with NOTHING except hurricane shutters. We had no money to evacuate, get food, water, gas, batteries, flashlights etc. BUT I BELIEVED IN JESUS CHRIST!!!! I wondered WHAT will the world see when the bible says "Mens hearts will fail them for things coming up upon the earth...the sea and waves roaring...…..As it were my disability check and my food stamp money got released early. I take care of my elderly parents (dad 70, mom 83-both disabled) I WAS able to obtain all the essential items to secure our lives, but......PEOPLE TIME IS UP-GET SAVED!!!!! what if ALL hurricanes from here on out are Cat 5 with OVER 185??? JESUS HEAL THE BAHAMAS, send them men who can supply their needs while hearing YOUR WORD!!!! Think about it??? Look at where we are in this world!!!! LORD, Bless Sister Heidi, Pastor Paul, Brock, all the kids and grandkids.....THANK YOU PRARYER TEAM/INTERSESSORS!!!! I was saved & protected by "NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS " when I am in danger such as this I always hear in my spirit, and sing this song along with the line, "There is POWER, POWER. wonder working POWER in the BLOOD OF THE LAMB"...……..get saved...bad days are coming, this is a warning from GOD of what is on its way....cover the Bahamas with your spirit LORD!!! RESTORE EVERYTHING LOST.

2019-09-02 01:24 AM

Can u please send me a prayer cloth. I have been turned upside down with injury, death and finnainlail ruin because of health. My girl whom I love so much, I need to get her a prayer cloth so she does not lose hope. I know sounds crazy but my faith is stronger then my girls. Thank you pastor Paul and dear sister Heidi! @Troy we sent you an email

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