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2019-02-25 02:17 AM

Please pray for my coworkers father Jeff. He has copd, pray for complete healing and restoration, he’s on the brink of death. His family doesn’t know how much longer he has to live. Pray for complete healing and restoration. Rebuking the copd in his body in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

2019-02-24 11:16 AM

Piease pray for my wife Barbara; their is an issue she needs to deal with.

2019-02-24 11:16 AM

Hi, I need prayers for a legal situation that threatens to destroy everything I’ve worked for. It is half settled but the final decision isn’t there yet but I need prayers for God’s favor in this situation. He has never failed me before and I don’t believe He will start now/

2019-02-24 10:19 AM

Please pray for my friend Stacie Smith. She just lost her father a few days ago, unexpectedly, and she is lost. She needs guidance and prayers.

2019-02-24 07:50 AM

Please pray for my son's Salvation - that his eyes will be opened to his early teaching and his ears will be stopped to the atheistic neighbors and friends he has and can hear God's voice.

2019-02-24 05:59 AM

Cancer in liver spread more. Medicine, opiates, do not take away pain. Difficult to walk. Satan wants to take my life very soon. I believe am needed this world. My beloved ones need me untiö Lord Jesus, Jeshuat Israel, returns. Believing daughter son is not believer Blessings to them, Holy Ghost rest upon them amen

2019-02-23 04:28 AM

Please pray for my grandaughter Samara, she has cerebral palsy. She will be operated on her spine in early May I’m believing for a miracle please join me

2019-02-23 02:38 AM

Please pray God will protect me in Barangi Hall in the Philippines from a neighbor who is maliciously accusing me of things to get large sums of money. Please let this issue end in barangi hall and not go to court. I need God's divine intervention and protection. Barangi hall is in March. @Daniel we prayed that all is well only God know the real situation you post this few times already and this will be the final post for this we wont post again.

2019-02-22 09:43 AM

My youngest daughter has a reoccurring abnormal smear test. This is high grade moderate abnormalities in her cells that are pre cancerous and requires further LLTEZ treatment. She is upset and worried. Please pray that God would heal totally and completely and that this healing would be a testimony tot the greatness of the King and his power and might. Please pray for healing and the conversion of her spirit.

2019-02-22 03:59 AM

Please pray for my brother Jules who has been told he has prostrate cancer.

2019-02-22 02:33 AM

I have a recurring sinus infection and am today starting on another round of antibiotics. Please pray for complete healing. Thank you

2019-02-21 06:16 AM

Please pray for miracle money today, teeth rent, moving expenses. Thanks amen

2019-02-21 06:01 AM

Please pray for my husband's health. His blood sugar is way out of control. Very high and must come under control soon. He has to pass his DOT medical before too long so he can keep working. He's very worried and I am also. Please pray for me and my blood pressure to stay in check and so that I may not loose any more feeling in my body from a spinal cord injury I have and that I may be able to be helped more to deal with it. Thank you. Blessing to all.

2019-02-20 08:43 AM

Pray for God to Heal my niece's husband, Steve, who is having constant hiccups, a distended stomach & is being check for infection now.

2019-02-20 07:57 AM

please pray for Shirley Fuentes that shoulder (humerus) does not have cancer...thank you

2019-02-20 07:10 AM

My family is torn. My niece is special needs, we see it her Theropist see it. But law enforcement doesnt or child services. She is being abused by her father, she keeps coming back to her mother covered in bruises, illness and she is acting out. We called out for help, nothing. We dont have money for a lawyer I taken another job to help we dont know what to do. My sister is starting to harden to our Savior.

2019-02-20 05:49 AM

Please pray for God's comfort and healing of the heart for my mother Miriam Shumaker, my brother Timothy Shumaker, and myself, Michael Shumaker, Sr. as we mourn the death of our son and brother Mark Shumaker, who passed away this morning.

2019-02-19 09:48 AM

Dear pastor Paul!! You do not no how you have change our lives!!!! You are the best! About 2 years ago I was on you tube looking for a pastor and I found you thank god!! You have made me open my eyes!! You are such a great person and I just love y'all and thank you for what you do... I am a patron it's not much but let me tell you by just giving the little I have given things have change my life!! Me and my wife just got approved for our home my job has gone up so much and they are throwing money at me by letting us work as much as we won't thank you pastor Paul.. I won't to give more so on Sunday I won't to send a monthly donation!! But I really do not know how much... I can go on and on you are such a great person and loving I won't to be you thank you pastor Paul for making me open up my eyes I love the show....

2019-02-19 07:28 AM

Our grown daughter had surgery on her arm today. We are praying for her quick healing and to be pain free.

2019-02-19 07:25 AM

Hi prayer warriors Need your prayers for husband Albert and myself. Albert has mild dementia , COPD, & great hearing loss. Is quite immobile . My blood pressure has sky rocketed and I am sole caregiver for my sweetheart . Need your prayers. My God is in control here and carries us in the palm of His hand. Thank you for holding us up in prayer. Your fellow prayer warrior. Carrolle

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