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2020-04-12 09:24 AM

Please pray for everyone in the path of the storms tonight and tomorrow. Pray that storms will dissipate and not cause damage.

2020-04-12 08:30 AM

I have had major knee replacement surgery and have an infection now need miracle giving power thank you God bless you and your family

2020-04-12 08:17 AM

I dont have any money but I want to offer my prayers and time for Easter! Also keep my Aunt and Mom in your prayers of healing and strength. They found multiple cancerous spots throughout her body and my mom has had multiple surgeries and still staying strong.

2020-04-12 07:18 AM

Hi Pastor Paul My Passover Offering And Prayer Request I Ask Pastor You Pray For Me And My Fiance To Get A New Home Soon For Our Family Also Pray For Us To Have Good Health...Pastor Keep Up The GREAT WORK I Love What Your Doing For This Beautiful Online Church I Love You Pastor And Sister Heidi Your Family Is In My Prayers I Pray God Blesses You Pastor And Sister Heidi And The Begley Family And This Wonderful Online Church I Love You All Thank You Jesus For Leading Me To This Online Church Amen Jesus Is Good All The Time...

2020-04-11 12:03 PM

Please pray for Larry Collins he had covid now has double pneumonia!!! He’s still on the ventilator and the doctors want to take him off but he can’t breathe every time they try to take him off!!! He’s not responding like they want him to and it sounds like they are ready to give up!!! Thank you!!! Many Blessings to you!!!

2020-04-11 01:18 AM

Please pray The Lord gives me a Godly Christian husband who will love honour me and we will be happy Who will love The Lord first thank you God bless @Kathleen grab bible and read.....But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Mat. 6:33

2020-04-10 11:25 AM

Please pray that I will always have custody of my son. If he falls in the hands of my ex, he will not have a Christian home. Please pray God will protect me from the schemes of my ex wife. If she is sincere, let it go through, if she is scheming, pray for God to put it back on her on head. This is an urgent prayer request. My ex has a long history of telling lies and doing things to try to hurt me and my family. Pray for God's protection over my family from my ex and all evil schemes.

2020-04-10 05:33 AM

Passover prayer - My Passover prayer is for Jesus to accept President Tump's Passover prayer, and prosperity for my family in all areas of our lives along with living in good health and wealth without sorrows. In Jesus name. Thank you in advance, Ana

2020-04-09 10:55 AM

Need salvation for 3 house members,need the tension in the house to calm down we have four small children also that are ill and teething. Relationships are suffering between two couples in our house we have ten people in our household.

2020-04-09 08:16 AM

Please pray for God to fist help me get my life right with God, then heal my relationship with my life and then have my son meet the Lord and become saved.

2020-04-07 02:46 AM

Please pray for my son Braiden Granzin. He has become so addicted to meth and uses other drugs. He has become dangerous to himself and others. He has ripped the walls out of his house saying the demons are talking to him through the electrical outlets and he says the demons are trying to kill him. He won’t let his family help him. God almighty is our only hope. Please pray for my son to have protection,deliverance and salvation.

2020-04-07 02:41 AM

Hey pasted Paul trying my best still it’s hard when u work 4am-1pm I mainly watch a half hour video of yours when I come back and listen to a virs from the Bible am doing my best and fighting as hard as I can I know god is with me but it’s hard to keep fighting these days please I need a bit more help I need someone to push to get all the way there things are still hard my family issues have gotten way worst and am sacred now and the feeling of still having no friends sucks I am fighting for change but I can’t keep fighting alone please help me hope everybody is doing well @Javier read Psa. 23 and 91

2020-04-07 02:24 AM

Please bring healing and restoration to my good friend bonnie and her son Bryan who is going through tough and trying times please send healing and strength to keep moving forward and over come addictions I’m requesting a prayer cloth to be shipped to my house for my friend and her son Bryan my friend bonnie is a wonderful person with a heart of gold who loves her family she has endured so much loss and health issues ravage her body she needs blessing her family needs blessings strength the armor of god to Pete t her and her family from principalities unseen causing her oppression and her family too Thank you pastor @Julie we will send out a few prayer Cloths

2020-04-06 10:14 AM

Need healing and restoration from mental health issues

2020-04-06 10:01 AM

healing and restoration from drug addiction

2020-04-06 08:25 AM

Please pray for my wife here in the Philippines that God would heal her. She has either a hernia or ovarian cysts. They are growing fast. We are afraid to go to the hospital because of covid 19. Pray that God would heal her immediately and directly where going to the hospital will not be necessary. Thanks for your prayers.

2020-04-05 11:21 AM

Please continue to pray for my Daughter, Stephanie and my Son in law, Michael for salvation and returning to the Lord.

2020-04-05 05:05 AM

im in need of prayer for housing and wisdom/guidance. I'm a nurse & injured from working in an extremely dangerous environment emotionally with ptsd & physically unable to work. My temporary benefits have run out. My lease was terminated for no other reason than due to my work continuing to harass me & drop lawsuits. I'm deeply traumatized & was ready to shelter in place, now having to look for housing in an area with little to none & expensive. Difficult to qualify for anything, even rental with no income. Trying all avenues of public assistance but everything in backlog or shut down due to CV. Please pray for my situation that doors open to a clear pathway & that I'm wise enough to make the best choices & connect to the right situation. Having to search for housing when I should be sheltering in place due to age & past bout with pneumonia. Just want a simple life growing organic food & maybe living off grid in a community. Thank you for your prayers.

2020-04-05 02:57 AM

Please pray for me as I have been passing blood since Friday.I went to hospital and received a cat scan and must call surgeon Monday. Also I have unsaved family needing prayers.Thank you Angela McAllister.

2020-04-05 01:42 AM

Pastor I am asking for healing of my leg. I have an open wound from being kicked. It has grown larger and nothing dr does is helping. I am a mild diabetic and prednisone dependent from asthma. I also ask for prayers that my family will be less stressed due to daughter's husband passing... 2 years ago. Granddaughter has not grieved and anger is building. We are locked down in wa state and help is hard to find. Our only hope is God's mercy. Love your sermons! Raised on preachers that really preach the word of God like you do. God bless you and Heidi

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