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2020-06-05 03:33 AM

Asking for prayers for my 1st cousin, Benjamin. Ben is 35 years old, he’s a kind, loving man of God who spends most of his free time helping friends in need and he does it without hesitation ❤️ Ben was in a terrible freak motorcycle accident just a block up from his house the evening before Mother’s Day. Ben has severe shredding on both sides of his brain and spent two weeks on life support. Please pray for continued healing & for strength & comfort to my aunt, uncle, & everyone who loves Ben. It is only because of the healing from Jesus that Ben is still with us & continues to improve & shock the doctors

2020-06-05 02:42 AM

Please pray for my son Ryan Brooks to return to his faith! He states he does not believe aim God because of all things going on in world. That when he was young he prayed but God never answered. He was raised with Hebrew roots and was had his bar mitzvah. Now he gets angry if anything g faith related is spoken.

2020-06-05 02:23 AM

Please pray for Glenn Kuhlman Who is 17 he was born with a muscle disorder and not expected to live this long he has a feeding tube and a trach and is in wheelchair in the morning at 8 AM he is having a surgery that will redirect his bladder to come out of his stomach. He really can’t move much anymore other than just he can speak and he’s very intelligent and he can move his hands some that’s about all these days as it progressively gets worse his mother is Tiffany Coleman they live in Ohio He is my great nephew he’s been through a lot of surgeries and this one particularly breaks my heart so everyone please pray and I thank you for your prayers God bless you all

2020-06-05 02:16 AM

Please pray for the protection of my grand babies, Taylor and Remy They are in an abusive situation and with 7 years of evidence and documentation, the corrupt legal system will not free them. They are suffering psychically Emotionally and spiritually their faith is wavering because no help ever comes Please pray for their deliverance and soon 7 years is too too long. Thanks everyone.

2020-06-04 11:30 AM

I had called this AM requesting God's protection during protest rally in Ellijay, GA. Prayers were answered. God sent a thunderstorm where the rally was being held. I live only about 7 miles away and it did not rain here. Praise the Lord.

2020-06-04 09:58 AM

I need god to healed my thyroids and my throat

2020-06-04 08:40 AM

Please pray for physical and spiritual protection my son Mike ;he is a police officer in NYC and things are quite dangerous there now.

2020-06-03 11:48 AM

Please pray that the owner of the apartment next door to mine who is a lawyer who has constantly accused me of wrong doing will sell his apartment next to mine so that I will have a new next door neighbor and I can enjoy a period of peace. Please also pray about the issue of the wall. The apartment next door used my wall as part of theirs and they are trying to claim the wall as theirs. This issue may go to court. Pray for God's intervention. Thanks. Please pray my son is promoted to the 4th grade. The school closing due to Coronia Virus was not my son's fault. Also please pray that I will be able to keep custody of my son and maintain control over his assets. If he is taken by his mother, she may sell my son's assets and will not raise him upright in the Lord. My son's salvation is at risk. Thanks for your prayers.

2020-06-03 02:35 AM

Our family is in such a snowballing freefall I don't know what to list this under. I will be very vague now because of the multitude of needs. #1 my father, Gene 79yr was supposed to begin Dialysis last month BUT he just got his stent put in his arm, this takes 2 months to become viable to use. He has Stage 5 Renal Disease, COVID 19 has really thrown off his treatments. Currently he has been seeking extra coverage (I hear him on the phone) for the dialysis. At the point in the convo he says I have Stage 5 CRKD the line goes click. He also has severe Spinal Stenosis and requires surgery at all 4 levels with the L-4, L-5 being a revision, post 30 yrs. He has been told to go as long as he can or he will become worse than my mother. #2 Speaking of mother (83yr) she just had a quadruple bypass 1 year ago and in short has problems surfacing as she went to ER Monday night. Her memory is getting very bad, she is very hard to live with!!!! NOT due to her forgetting things, she has become VERY VERY, VERY, NASTY, she talks to me and my dad like a XXXX, so much so my father asked me if he could have my credit ca5rds so he can leave. I QUIT PAYING MY CARDS SO HE COULD NOT LEAVE NOW I AM IN A BIG HOLE. I am all alone, moved back home to be their live in nurse, I have a FULL plate. I need much prayer but I guess for my mom to quit being a Drama, Diva, treating me like a maid, butler, we are ALL at each others' throats with bitter talk. my dad also has replaced the septic tank 2x sincve 2018 and we were just told he needs to fix the ENTIRE drainfield and they have no money to do it. I am on Disability, they only have Social Security and collectively they have an income of about 3,100.00 monthly. They also cannot find anyone to do ….final expenses or pay for their burials, cannot find a plot. ALL OF THIS and much more is breaking all of us down. I DO NOT know what to pray so I rely on the HOLY SPIRIT to pray for me. I just really need some support because I basically moved outside on the porch. I WILL NOT sit inside!! My father stays in the "computer room/spare bedroom to stay out of my mother's screaming way, I like I said am on the outside porch, and my mother is in the Livingroom by herself. I go inside to tinkle, get the dogs, wait on mom, and back out I come. Me and dad talk on the intercom phone if need be. MY PARENTS NEED PRAYER FOR HEALTH HEALINGS, A MIRACLE FINANCIAL BLESSING so the two septic tanks can be dug up and an entire new drain field put in, THEY NEED A BURIAL PLOT, FINANCIAL COVERAGE FOR FINAL EXPENSES.. they claimed and have done bankruptcy but obviously things will still be left to pay. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

2020-06-03 01:59 AM

I ask that you pray that I receive an abundance of financial blessings today in Jesus name. This is what God has promised me, do not want the devil to delay, block, nor hinder it any more. @Elle pick up the bible and turn to Mathew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Mathew 6:33

2020-06-02 08:32 AM

I am requesting a prayer blanket and a bible. Please pray for my family as we are going through terrible financial problems and illness . @Tammy Prayers! we sent you an email we have sent out several prayer blankets,Bibles already please allow others to request thanks

2020-06-02 03:11 AM

Please agree with me in prayer for my 15-year-old granddaughter, Dylan Elizabeth to have a closer relationship with God, in Jesus, by the power of the Holy Ghost.

2020-06-02 01:03 AM

Hi pastor I called into work yesterday and luckily am off today and tomorrow but for the first time ever scene I lived here scene 2008 my town is having riots where not even really a big town as this goes on and work stress gets worst am doing my best to stay strong and get better and repent but it keeps getting worse am doing my best to put my faith in god I have the Bible playing as I write this prayer by with all the family stuff going on the lock Of human support and freinds it’s just rough I have a job place to stay and god love but I still feel alone I need advice please paster Paul and I hope are Leaders start leading soon and I hope everyone will be okay as this riots go one and that everyone stays strong @Javier read Pslam 23 and Pslam 91

2020-06-01 12:50 PM

Please pray for my brotherJames, he might have torn his retina and will find out today. Please agree with me that Jesus will attach and strengthen not only that area on that eye, but on both eyes.

2020-06-01 10:31 AM

Thank You for the prayer blanket. What a blessing I felt instant peace and comfort. Since i was dx with tumors the pain can be hard to bear. I held the blanket and felt God's touch through your ministry. Thanks again. Blessings

2020-05-31 11:34 AM

Please pray for my brother Zavian Bryant, my sister Priscilla Bryant, and my nephew Amir Bryant.

2020-05-30 03:00 AM

I recently was diagnosed with cancer and I will be starting 6 weeks of radiation and 2 cycles of chemo. I am battling severe pain to the point it makes me cry. Please pray for me and thank you for my beautiful blanket. I would love to receive a chemo hat from you guys if possible. My mother in law sent you guys 100.00 yesterday and she request that 50 would go towards helping pay on the shipment on things you send out. Please pray for her as well she is 74 and she is having shoulder problems on her right shoulder. Will be taking communion with you guys tomorrow and will call in my Pentecost offering tomorrow. Thank you so much for your ministry. Penny @Penny we will place you for a Chemo Cap and few prayer cloths

2020-05-30 02:11 AM

Hi Pastor. My name is Jeromy my wife and I have been married for 16 years now and we have 2 kids a daughter 16 and son 14 and I have moved my family into a place that's covered in evil. I say this because I have literally stood face to face with them in my home and did this to hopefully protect my family. I have prayed and asked for help here. My wife has been Choked in the bed beside me Sexually Groped in the bed beside me and told she wi die here and will never leave this property. I'm in complete fear for her safety and my kids safety. If there's ever been a time in my 41 years on this earth now is a time we need prayer and as much prayer as possible. We are fighting for our marriage and sanity but we all know prayer is the only true hope when dealing with the devil.. Thanks and we continue to pray to our all mighty lord Jesus Chri.. @Jeromy demon's flee at the name of Christ Jesus

2020-05-29 10:36 AM

Hey paster Paul am still fighting a lot of family drama going on and work is extremely stressful the Wal-Mart customers are treating us worst everyday so is management sometimes I just wanna quit a associate almost quit on the spot because how bad the customers got they didn’t even care anymore they wanted to leave but only didn’t because someone talk to and my family drama is much worse thanks to how my sisters are behaving and everyone being at each other’s throats and talking about each other I need to move out of here and I still have no freinds and sign is still kinda high am trying to walk with god buts it’s so hard I still kinda feel alone and I feel like a strong Christian friend would help for some reason I need all the support I can get email if you can pastor any advice would do also I pray for the safety For the people in Minneapolis I believe the governor should be impeached for failure to uphold the Constitution this is a disaster what’s happening there in a failure of that state government for the people in Minneapolis I believe the governor should be impeached for failure to uphold the Constitution this is a disaster what’s happening there in a failure of that state government and people need to be hold responsible for what they’re doing have a good day everyone

2020-05-29 08:57 AM

I am asking for prayers for my wife of 27 yr, today is may 28 2020 and at 4pm we received a call from her Doctor with a breast biopsy report and she stated my wife has stage 3 breast cancer. So right now I know satan is trying to be a field day with this report but I'm gotta believe the report of God and not man . But I am feeling scared and afraid...So with that can I have you folks pray for my wife her name is Leilani Anderson-Kaisa and she is a God fearing women and she knows that God is her healer so with that thank you and God bless.

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