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Coming Apocalypse Live Show

Check out Pastor Paul's show the "Coming Apocalypse" LIVE on Live Stream and Blog Talk Radio.
The call-in number to listen in to the show or to be on the air with Pastor Paul is 347-324-5208.
If you missed the LIVE Show, you can listen to it on Blog Talk Radio in the archives.

To view the Live Stream video, please make sure that you have the newest Adobe flash player.
For iphone, ipod, and ipads--please download the Live Stream app or the Google Chrome app.
For andriods, please download this Google Chrome app. (view larger video)

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the guest in their
private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Pastor Paul Begley.

Paul Begley Prophecy
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Souls saved for our
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2011 - 638
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2014 - 906

Total number of souls saved
as of March 2, 2014 is 6,178
Paul Begley Prophecy
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Pastor Paul LIVE Stream Video

Pastor Paul's 14 Apocalyptic Signs for 2014

1. Increased Meteor Activity on the Earth & Space
2. Nasty Event Due to Peace Process
3. Winter Olympics Terror & Fear
4. Violent Storms on Earth
5. Hosea Prophecy Increase Dead Birds, Fish, Large Animals
6. Idol Worship will Increase
7. God will reveal Holy Ghost Power Miracles
8. Israel is betrayed
9. Mark of the Beast technology advancement
10. Christian bloodshed will rise
11. Raging waters kill many
12. Major Earthquakes around the globe
13. Middle East fighting / conflicts / peace
14. Blood Moons will cause turmoil

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