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Coming Apocalypse Live Show

Check out Pastor Paul's "Coming Apocalypse" LIVE Show on LIVE Stream and Blog Talk Radio
every Monday-Friday from 12noon-2pm EST and Sunday nights from 7-10pm EST.
The call-in number to listen in to the show or to be on the air with Pastor Paul is 347-324-5208.

Be sure to also check out "The Coming Apocalypse" every Friday night at 11:30pm EST
online at World Harvest Television and on Direct TV Channel 367.
If you missed the LIVE Show, you can listen to it in the ARCHIVES.
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Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the guest in their
private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Pastor Paul Begley.

LA Marzulli

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Paul Begley Prophecy
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Paul Begley Prophecy
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Pastor Paul's 2016 Prophetic Look Points

1. A new Middle East leader (nation) will rise
2. The United Nations New World Order Agenda will kick into gear
3. The American election will shock the world
4. Isis will strike the "heart" of the world
5. Moral standards in Europe will get ugly
6. Global currency will have a scandal
7. Russia will secure Syria
8. Big news from the Vatican
9. Immigration woes will continue among nations
10. Extreme weather will cost many lives and destruction
11. The Illuminati will choose a leader…NOT the Anti-christ
12. Hosea Prophecy will get worse
13. Planet X will not show this year…another time to come
14. Big earthquakes
15. Christian freedoms will become politically incorrect and
laws will be passed or Supreme Court will rule against Christians
16. Israel will be standing alone on a major decision

Pastor Paul LIVE Stream Video

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