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About Pastor Paul Begley

Pastor Paul Begley

Pastor Paul Begley is excited about salvation. His gifting lies in evangelizing, and bible prophecy,
and he has seen over 2,000 salvations in the last two years. A fourth generational preacher,
Paul was ordained by Dr. Lester Sumrall in the LeSEA organization South Bend Indiana and
studied at Indiana Christian University as well as under Pastor Charles Begley at the
Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, IN.

Paul married Heidi and they have three sons--Brock, Bart, and Paul Andrew, and five grandchildren.
Paul is reaching the world through his internet ministry on Youtube as Paulbegley34 which has over
12 million views and over 19,000 subscribers. Paul's story on the Hosea Prophecy was covered
by Time Magazine and CNN.

Texas Blood Lake was also covered by The Christian Post, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, Yahoo News,
ABC News, CBS News, the Moscow Times, and multiple newspapers such as LA Times, Chicago Tribune,
and NY Times. Paul has also been featured on World Net Daily, The Drudge Report, and Huffington Post.

As an internet radio talk show host, Paul broadcasts, "Coming Apocalypse" on the Blogtalk Radio
Monday through Friday. He also hosts Sunday Night Live show through BlogTV, Livestream, and on his
website PaulBegleyProphecy. These outlets allow him to reach the world with the message of salvation
and Bible Prophecy as it relates to current events. Many nations are represented including Italy, Canada,
UK, Scotland, Russia, Poland, Japan, Israel, Germany, Peru, Chile, Honduras, France, Spain and Mexico
just to name a few. Salvations continue to increase exponentially.

As an evangelist, Paul holds revivals across America and internationally with multiple salvations.
Paul has held crusades as far away as Orissa, India as well as in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky,
Illinois, New York, and Virginia.

As a pastor, Paul's first congregation was Blue Sea Church which exploded in growth and led to
Paul founding an International Christian Center in Knox, IN. Paul currently co pastors with his father,
Charles Begley, at the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, IN. Paul also sings praise and
worship and has recently recorded a gospel CD called "Pastor Paul Begley Country Gospel".

As an author, Paul has written four prophetic books, Hosea Prophecy, Texas Blood Lake,
Mark of the Beast RFID, and Zombie Apocalypse. Paul is currently working on Jerusalem Jihad
which he plans on completing after returning from his journey to Jerusalem in May this year.

Meet Pastor Paul's Family

Heidi Begley

Heidi is Paul's wife of 30 years. Heidi and Paul are high school sweethearts. They
grew up together in the small town of North Judson, IN. Heidi was born into a
Catholic family and baptized into the Catholic faith as an infant. She later was born
again at the Free United Baptist Church and even later was ordained with her
husband under Pastor Lester Sumrall at LeSEA. Heidi and Paul have been blessed
with 3 sons, two of whom are married and 5 amazing grandchildren. Heidi runs the
prayer group Rachel's Heart based off of Jer 31:15-17 where Rachel weeps for
the return of her children to their borders. Please check out Heidi's blog.

Meet Our Pastor Charles Begley

Charles Begley was saved as a young man and soon answered his call to the
ministry. He has founded three churches in his lifetime and has seen many souls
saved. He is also a great man of healing faith by the laying on of hands. Charles
continues to pastor the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, IN. He leads
his flock with compassion and wisdom in the midst of one of the cornfields of IN.

Henry "Bud" Fields

Bud Fields was Paul's great- great-grandfather. He was a simple country preacher
from the Appalachian mountains of eastern KY, but he was quite an anointed
minister. He was well known around Hazard, KY and in particular Mason Creek.
In the midst of the Azusa St revival that was taking place in California, Bud Fields,
desire for the presence of God sent him on a cross country trip. He was touched
by the Holy Spirit and brought that fire back to the hills of KY. He was said to have
traveled by horseback throughout all of eastern KY. He preached on porches of
homes, school houses, and churches in a powerful way during the early to mid 1900's.

Myrtle Fields Begley

Myrtle was the granddaughter of "Bud" Fields. Myrtle had a life of adversity being
orphaned at a young age. This life of adversity, although filled with hardships, gave
Myrtle the determination, tenacity and boldness that moved the mountains in her
life. She was a licensed ordained minister by the Full Gospel Church with an
emphasis of laying on of hands and praying for the sick. She was a frequent visitor
of emergency rooms and intensive care units where she would bring her oil for the
anointing of the sick. Many miracles of healing took place after she would pray.

Thank you for visiting Paul Begley Prophecy for End Time Holy Bible Prophecy.